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Internship presentation

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Internship presentation

  1. 1. Event Management Internship Summer 2012
  2. 2. Sam‟s History 2005- Started working at Lickety Split as a dishwasher 2006- Trained to become a waitress (2006 at North Adams Chowder Cook-Off) 2007- Learned how to work in the kitchen (Make sandwiches, cater, etc) 2011- With networking, landed an internship at MASS MoCA 2012- Became the Event Management Intern at Lickety Split
  3. 3. Internship Experience Learned a lot more than I already knew Networking Comfort zone Relationships Professional Knowledgable Time Management Flexible company
  4. 4. Lickety Split History 1996- Opened with ice cream their main focus (Williamstown, MA) 1999- Moved to the lobby of MASS MoCA, and added food to the menu (North Adams, MA) 2000- Started doing catering 2012- Hired a head chef for the first time
  5. 5. Mission Statement Our mission is to serve our guests in the best way possible, whether local or tourists. With our space that has tons of history behind it, we want our visitors to feel at home while enjoying our food. Endless sandwich selections, fresh quiche and soup daily, and home-made ice cream keeps everyone healthy and happy. We pride in using local products for our everyday projects.
  6. 6. Organizational Chart Owners Chef & Manager Interns Waitresses
  7. 7. Intern Tasks Prep catering orders Deliver catering orders Set-up and clean-up at venue after meals Serve artists that perform at MASS MoCA Manage Grab „n Go Cooler to increase revenue
  8. 8. Grab „n Go Project• Creative?• Time/Last?• Sellable?• Price?• Quantity vs. Quality?
  9. 9. Catering Project Time Management Phone number/Contact Information Double Check Supplies Easy to transport
  10. 10. Professional Skills Time Management  On time, if not early, every shift  When had multiple tasks, planned my time wisely Organization  Kept lists  Organized work space Multi-Tasking  Made sure I got everything done
  11. 11. Coursework vs. Internship Layout (Dining Service Management) Time Management (All) “Customers are always right” (All) Organization (All) Strategic Management (Senior Seminar)
  12. 12. Personal Reflection Great experience Flexibility Professionalism Knowledgeable Hard work Work way up
  13. 13. THE END!!!