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Cardiff University FTS presentation 2011 (MS Word plug in)

  1. Microsoft Word ‘07 application plug-in A hands-on demo Shada Alsalamah
  2. Structure • What is a plug-in/ add-in? • Why is it important? • What do you need? • How to start off? • Demo • Examples • Help & support
  3. What is a plug-in? • Asoftware able to be added to an application or system. • A standard way to extendtheir behaviors. • Give extracustomfeatures or functions to specific applications and/ or across them.
  4. What is a plug-in? • Are bundles whose code is loadeddynamically into the runtime of the application. • Development is supported in differentplatforms o Windows: versions of Microsoft® applications o Macintosh: iTunes and Final Cut Pro
  5. Why is it important? • Saves time and effort. • Increases usability. • Attached to the hosting application. • Can be easily added and removed by the user.
  6. What do you need? 1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2. Programming experience 3. Programming language: (Visual Basic, C #, or C++)
  7. How to start? • Step 1: Create project and choose language. • Step 2: Create a User Interface and add controls. • Step 3: Add code to the event handler of controls. • Step 4: Run the program to test its functionality.
  8. Demo MS Word plug-in
  9. Examples • EndNote • Acrobat • Information Labeling Palette • AraDict
  10. Help? 1. MSDN • 2. Ribbon • •
  11. Conclusion • Plug-ins are software that can be added to an application. • Used to extend the existing features.
  12. Conclusion • Demonstrated the What, Why, and Howquestions about creating an MS Word plug-in. • Examples. • Help & support.
  13. Thank you! ShadaAlsalamah e-mail: Tweets @alsalamahs

Notas do Editor

  1. Happy new year everyone, hope you had a pleasant holiday.I’ll start this year with a nice topic which I personally have interest in, which is plug-ins.But before I start I’d like to see how many of you have experienced that before? Just to know where to start from.
  2. My presentation today will be divided into two sections: theoretical and practicalThe first part will probably answer the basic what, why, and how questionsIn the other half I will demonstrate it and showing some examples.And I’ll end up telling you where you can find help and support.
  3. It is a SW to be added to a sys or application TO extend its behaviour BY giving extra custom features tot hat specific application
  4. 1 ... Becausethey are loaded dynamically, they can be added and removed by the user.2 .. It can be developed in different Platforms (for example Windows and Mac) So you can create plug-ins for several window-based applications, including the previous and current versions of Microsoft® applications (Word, Excel, etc)
  5. 1.MS Word is one of the most word processors for detailed text formatting and editing...By creating a Word-specific add-in, someone can create a program (EndNote) that adds references Microsoft® Word document without the need to develop a whole word processor.3. loaded and terminated. This meansu’ll have the features available from hosting application will always be there.4. Loaded dynamically at runtime.
  6. If we say u’ll create a MS Word plug-in: what would you need?3... A little bit of experience in programming in general and one of these programming languages.
  7. 1... By choosing a project type.2... Create a Ribbon (Visual Designer) by customise the Ribbon.. At this step we can add controls to the form to create the user interface program.
  8. I’ll demonstrate how these steps can be followed to create a MS Word plug-in
  9. StandsforMicrosoft Developer NW
  10. Where to get