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Open day presentation 2

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Open day presentation 2

  1. 1. Room 13’s InquiryJourneyx Come share it with us
  2. 2. CitizenshipCultureVisual Art
  3. 3. Haka
  4. 4. Our Cultural Family Room 13 children come from all over the world and have a variety of cultures. We celebrate the fact we are all different. Some of us can speak 2 languages We link ourselves to the following countries, China, South Korea, Philippines, Samoa, Canada, Sout h Africa, India, New Zealand, Fiji. Every morning we call the roll in a different greetings.
  5. 5. Our Place in Society Welearnt about society and how we fit in to it. Webelong to many groups like our family, our school, Auckland and New Zealand.
  6. 6. Roles & Responsibilities We studied some jobs in society and talked about why they were important to us. We also made lists of what we thought their responsibilities would be. We chose children, mums, dads, teachers, fireme n and policemen We realized how important it is to have people who will care for us and look after us. It’s what makes our community important and special
  7. 7. Roles & Responsibilities Photos
  8. 8. NZ a-Thon Willowbank School held a NZ a-Thon to help us learn about this beautiful country of ours. Everyone in the school was so excited and worked hard to find out the answers. Some of the children in Room 13 even won prizes for their efforts Watch out! We would like to quiz our parents on our open day to see how much they know about New Zealand
  9. 9. 2011 Rugby World Cup Rugby has been a favourite New Zealand game. It is part of the kiwi culture. This year the Rugby World Cup was held in Auckland, New Zealand. There were 20 teams and the All Blacks won! We are now the world champions! The All Blacks have the NZ silver fern on their jumpers and we used this on calendar art.
  10. 10. Indian Culture One day my mum came in and put some henna on to Miss Ross. Everyone looked at it and liked it. Henna is made out of a greenish colour plant
  11. 11. Rangoli Patterns Rangoli patterns are used in the Indian culture for parties. They are put in the door way to welcome others. They are said to bring good luck.
  12. 12. Manderin One of our mum’s came in and wrote some words in Manderin on the white board for us to learn. We found this fun, but tricky.
  13. 13. Chinese celebrations China uses lanterns and fans in their parties. We made some of our own and had fun. We will be happy to teach you.
  14. 14. Korus  Korus are often used in Maori and NZ art. It is curly and green. It is about new life Room 13 made some of our own koru art. You can see them around our room.
  15. 15. Buddhist Temple Team 1 wanted to learn more about other cultures so we visited the Buddhist Temple. It was so peaceful, had beautiful gardens and lots of bells. We learnt all about Buddah, and our guide suggested that we do good, think good and say good each day. We had lunch there. Some of us thought we were eating chicken, but it was actually crispy soy. We felt proud that we had tried something new. When we came back we made some of our own temples. You can see our photos displayed in our room.
  16. 16. Buddhist TemplePhotos
  17. 17. Taking Action –Our Big Idea We had a walk around the school. We saw there was not enough children’s art on display, so we decided to make some more. We came up with the idea of making tiles. They would show a piece of culture that is close to our hearts.
  18. 18. Cultural Tiles We brainstormed all the pieces of art we had done this year. We made a easy and tricky list of what would work well. We made our own picture and tried it for a few days on paper. We did the same picture each time to make sure it always looked the same. We decided we would use outside tiles and paint them. We wanted to display them on a wall for people to see. We couldn’t get hold of the tiles we wanted so we brainstormed some new ideas.
  19. 19. Making Decisions We thought we could use material tiles instead. We ordered in some material and copied our designs on to it. We were very careful. We used 2 main colours for our base. The next day some of us used material felts to draw finer detail on in a 3rd colour. We used the projector to look at different ways we could display our work. We found a quilt. Miss Ross said she could sew all our tiles together to make one.
  20. 20. Making our tiles
  21. 21. More brainstorming &decision making Our next problem to solve was, how we could hang our work up in order to display it. We brainstormed some more and decided to look at some ideas on the projector. Our solution was to sew material loops on to the top our quilt and put in a piece of wood to hold them on to.
  22. 22. Our completed work. We love it. It is now displayed in the office for everyone to enjoy during our 10th year celebration.
  23. 23. Reflection We were happy with our pictures but if we did it all over again we would put more effort into them. Most of us were careful when we used the paint and paintbrushes so our work turned out well. Most of us were happy with using material for our tiles. We learnt lots about NZ and other cultures during this inquiry and had fun.