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Making the leap from execution to strategy

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Talk given at The Lead Developer conference, London, June 2017.

Focusing on making websites is bread and butter for many, but what happens when you start to think beyond frameworks and APIs and into the realms of strategy? Switching from day to day development to a higher level can be hugely rewarding, but is also not without its challenges, both in terms of personal identity and emotional hurdles, as well as knowledge gaps.

In this talk we’ll look at:
The different levels of focus that we can work at
Why you might want to begin to focus more strategically
The challenges that you might face on the way
Examples of how having a technical brain in more strategic activities can be beneficial.

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Making the leap from execution to strategy

  1. 1. Making the leap from execution to strategy The Lead Developer, June 2017 Sally Jenkinson @sjenkinson recordssoundthesame.com
  2. 2. Hello! @sjenkinson
  3. 3. Placement student Junior developer Developer Lead developer Head developer (dev & manager-y bits) Technical architect (dev & architect & manager-y bits) Solutions architect (architect & strategy & manager-y bits) Head of Technology (sales, consultancy, management, strategy) Self-employed
  4. 4. @sjenkinson Working at different levels
  5. 5. Seniority Time
  6. 6. How experienced a developer you are How much you ask for responsibility How well you can speak to people Whether you enjoy detective work and thinking, or doing How much people like, respect, and trust you Your changing interests and passions
  7. 7. @sjenkinson Why move to management or strategy?
  8. 8. A specific opportunity
  9. 9. The lure of different types of focus
  10. 10. More power to make things better
  11. 11. Better benefits
  12. 12. Seniority Time DEMANDS ON
  13. 13. Seniority Time DEMANDS ON
  14. 14. @sjenkinson What can make it difficult?
  15. 15. New responsibilities and challenges
  16. 16. Embracing a new identity
  17. 17. Coming to terms with your own prejudice
  18. 18. Cutting yourself some slack
  19. 19. Not burning out
  20. 20. @sjenkinson The best of both worlds
  21. 21. Experience of day-to-day development has helped me become better at my strategic work
  22. 22. Experience of working non- technically and strategically has helped my developer brain
  23. 23. http://recordssoundthesame.com/blog/2017/01/27/a-practical-guide-to-pwas/
  24. 24. splasho.com/upgoer5/
  25. 25. @sjenkinson Advice for anyone making the leap from execution to strategy
  26. 26. Gradually expand your responsibilities. Make new friends in different circles. Learn to communicate to different people in different ways
  27. 27. Stupid side projects are good.
  28. 28. recordssoundthesame.com/labs/teatracker/
  29. 29. recordssoundthesame.com/labs/teatracker/
  30. 30. Bin day reminders
  31. 31. Smash the technical/non-technical boxes. Teach others the basics. Watch for burn out.
  32. 32. Sally Jenkinson @sjenkinson sally@recordssoundthesame.com recordssoundthesame.com sallyjenkinson.co.uk Thank you! Credits: Swing photo by Peter Dutton CC BY 2.0 flickr.com/photos/joeshlabotnik/2384490016