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How to Assess Your Sales Coaching Effectiveness

Are you a good sales coach? Learn three methods to assess your effectiveness as a sales coach. View this presentation to review and improve your sales coaching skills.

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How to Assess Your Sales Coaching Effectiveness

  1. 1. Ways to Assess Your SALES COACHING Effectiveness
  2. 2. Sales coaching is a key sales management ability
  3. 3. So how do you know if you are a good or effective sales coach?
  4. 4. Formal Assessment1
  5. 5. Self-assessment is a highly effective tool for rating your key skill areas in sales coaching
  6. 6. However for a more insightful assessment of your coaching effectiveness...
  7. 7. ... consider having your team assess you anonymously, and then compare the results
  8. 8. Look at these results as a collective assessment of coaching areas so that you see trends across your team
  9. 9. Informal Self-Assessment2
  10. 10. A very simple self assessment involves asking yourself the question: Would I want to be coached by me?
  11. 11. Other Questions to Consider: Do your team members ask you to coach them on sales calls? Do you have a coaching focus so the salesperson does not feel ‘beat up’ at the end of the call? Do you use selling "mistakes" as learning experiences, or are there repercussions? Do you practice examples of the coaching focus before the call? Do you follow up with the salesperson on skills that they are developing?
  12. 12. Tracking Behavior Change3
  13. 13. While the assessments described above measure coaching related behaviors
  14. 14. Determining your effectiveness as a coach shows in how well your sales team’s skills improve as a result of your coaching
  15. 15. This means you have specific behaviors that you target and track for improvement through coaching
  16. 16. Example: One of your sales professionals performs well until it comes to closing the sale
  17. 17. You observe that when your sales rep gets resistance after asking for the close, she wraps up the sales call rather than probing to uncover the objection, and ultimately loses the sale. Example
  18. 18. In this scenario ‘probing to uncover the objection’ is the behavior that you want to coach and track. Example
  19. 19. Practice the skill before the sales call, observe during the call, and give feedback after the call. Next sales call, the sales rep performs better, and by the fifth sales call, she is probing and uncovering objections without your guidance. Example
  20. 20. Becoming a great sales coach takes hard work and commitment
  21. 21. Start by assessing your current coaching effectiveness and use this as a basis for improvement
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  23. 23. By Marlaina Capes @MarlainaCapes