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How to Tap Into Your Manager's Sales Coaching Skills

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Some sales managers neglect sales coaching because they don’t know how. However most managers already have the skills to become great coaches.

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How to Tap Into Your Manager's Sales Coaching Skills

  1. 1. TIPS for Tapping Into a Sales Manager’s Coaching Abilities
  2. 2. Many sales managers neglect to coach their sales reps because they don’t know how
  3. 3. However most sales managers already have many of the skills needed to become great sales coaches
  4. 4. First, they need to make sure they have a drive to see others succeed
  5. 5. Because their success is based on the performance of their team
  6. 6. For sales managers, their sales experience can be their greatest attribute
  7. 7. They have the credibility to offer insights and guidance as a coach
  8. 8. Particularly when it comes to Opportunity Coaching
  9. 9. Which involves helping sales people implement strategies for specific sales opportunities
  10. 10. A bigger challenge for managers is when it comes to Skills Coaching
  11. 11. Where they must help their reps develop better selling skills
  12. 12. This involves determining what skills to coach on, and following a defined coaching process
  13. 13. The Defined Coaching Process Create a coaching plan1 2 Observe sales calls Debrief following a sales call3
  14. 14. Create a Coaching Plan1
  15. 15. Identify 2 – 3 areas for improvement
  16. 16. Such as identifying priorities or managing objections over a reasonable time period
  17. 17. This keeps the plan highly focused and actionable
  18. 18. Observe Sales Calls2
  19. 19. Managers often confuse joining reps on sales calls with coaching
  20. 20. In a coaching call, the manager observes the customer interaction
  21. 21. With emphasis on specific areas identified for improvement
  22. 22. Debrief Following a Sales Call3
  23. 23. The debrief should take place as soon as practical after the call
  24. 24. Offer a few encouraging words about something that went well
  25. 25. Then lead the sales rep in self-discovery as to the areas for improvement
  26. 26. This allows for more ownership of the improvement by the sales rep
  27. 27. and more productive coaching conversations
  28. 28. Sales Coaching can drive revenues up by 20% or more. Help your Managers become great coaches. Download White Paper COMPLIMENTARY OFFER
  29. 29. By Norman Behar @NormanBehar