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The Beginner's Guide to Sales Analytics

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While a data-driven approach to achieving business
results is a new trend for departments like marketing
and service, it’s nothing new to sales professionals. Sales
departments have always had data at the core of all their
actions and activities. With so many numbers available, it can be difficult to prioritize which metrics should be tracked. The purpose of The Beginner's Guide to Sales Analytics is to show what you should be tracking and how metrics contribute to your success.

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The Beginner's Guide to Sales Analytics

  1. 1. The Beginner’s Guide to Sales Analytics
  2. 2. Don’t worry! This isn’t your average beginner’s guide
  3. 3. It’s actually a game
  4. 4. I’ll describe a metric and you guess which it is! ? Learn More!
  5. 5. Ready? Learn More!
  6. 6. Go! Learn More!
  7. 7. This metric shows you how productive reps are at dialing prospects Learn More!
  8. 8. If you guessed Dials Per Day . . . Learn More!
  9. 9. You’re correct! Learn More!
  10. 10. Tracking dials per day shows how productive reps are at dialing prospects Learn More!
  11. 11. Some companies even implement dialing quotas for their SDRs Learn More!
  12. 12. Ready for another? Learn More!
  13. 13. This metric is the amount of revenue in a rep’s opportunity pipeline, if all open opportunities are closed Learn More!
  14. 14. If you guessed Opportunity Revenue . . . Learn More!
  15. 15. You’re correct! Learn More!
  16. 16. This metric is the best way to quantify the potential of a rep’s pipeline Learn More!
  17. 17. If you’d like more beginner’s analytics to track Learn More!
  18. 18. Check out the new Ebook: The Essential Guide to Sales Analytics Learn More!
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