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Do Your Sales Reps Need Coaching?

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Sales Metrics are the key to determining how well your sales reps are performing and discovering problems that may arise. We share 3 metrics that are crucial to accelerating your sales conversation and bringing more accounts into your pipeline.

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Do Your Sales Reps Need Coaching?

  1. 1. 3 Metrics that Determine if Sales Reps Need Coaching
  2. 2. “What you don’t measure, you can never improve.”
  3. 3. Measure these metrics to determine how your sales reps can improve their prospecting process
  4. 4. Measure “Average Outbound Call Duration”
  5. 5. Time spent on calls often indicates how effective your reps are at selling the product Learn More!
  6. 6. A short average call duration for a rep may indicate additional coaching is needed Learn More!
  7. 7. Measure “Voicemail Return Rate” Learn More!
  8. 8. A low voicemail return rate can indicate which reps need to improve their messages Learn More!
  9. 9. Tracking this rate overtime for under performers can help determine if coaching initiatives are helping Learn More!
  10. 10. Measure “Dials-to-Connection Percentage” Learn More!
  11. 11. There may be reps that are dialing less but are simply more efficient at connecting with customers Learn More!
  12. 12. Call volume does not always translate to success. Learn More!
  13. 13. Though these metrics are slightly more complex Learn More!
  14. 14. They add more clarity to your sales operation Learn More!
  15. 15. Check out the new Ebook: The Essential Guide to Sales Analytics Learn More!
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