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this presentaion about kingfisher air

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  1. 1. Contents:kingfisher brewing(UB)Kingfisher airlinesVijay mallaya’sinvestment in IPL&Horse clubskingfisher yachts
  2. 2. The UB(United Breweries)group wasfounded by a Scotishman,Thomas leishman in1857vital mallya was elected as the company firstIndian director in 1947king..,the group most visible and profitablebrand,made a modest entry in the 60after vital mallya death in 1983,his son vijaymallya took up the mantle of the group
  3. 3. 1948-mr Vital mallya became thefirst chairman1950-registered office moved tobanglore1974-ub beer exported to Aden andMiddle east1981-canned beer was introduced1982-ub kingfisher hit parlors inEngland and USA2000- associated breweries anddistilleries ltd .and manglor breweriesand distilleries ltd.were acquired
  4. 4. Factory of alcohol
  5. 5. Kingfisher Airlines Limited is anairline group based in India. Its head office is in Andheri(East), Mumbai and RegisteredOffice in UB City, Bangalore. Kingfisher Airlines, through itsparent company United BreweriesGroup, has a 50% stake in low-cost carrier Kingfisher Red
  6. 6. Share market of kingfisherKingfishers position in top Indian airlines on the basis ofmarket share had slipped to 5 from 2 because of thecrisis.By early 2012, the airline accumulated losses of over7,000 crore (US$1.27 billion) with half of its fleetgrounded and several members of its staff going on strike
  7. 7. AwardsMallya has received several professional awards both inIndia and overseas.[citation needed] He was conferred anhonorary degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in BusinessAdministration, by the Southern California University forProfessional Studies of Santa Ana,California (a correspondence school since renamed toCalifornia Southern University, and not to be confusedwith the University of Southern California orthe University of California, Irvine) in 1997.[16] He hasalso been nominated as a "Global Leader for Tomorrow"by the World Economic Forum.[citation needed] He has alsoreceived Frances highest civilian award
  8. 8. Bangalore team was won by Vijay Mallya, who paid US$111.6 million for it
  9. 9. Auction purchasesMallya has bought some items at auctions thathave substantial value in the history of India. In2004, he bought the sword of Tipu Sultan at anauction in London, and brought it back toIndia.[14] In March 2009, Mallya bought fivepersonal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi (hisiconic eyeglasses, a pocket watch, leathersandals he had made by hand, and a plate andbowl from which he had eaten his last meal) forUS$1.8 million in a New York auction that hadcaused an uproar in India; the government ofIndia had tried and failed to prevent the sale.[15]
  10. 10. Kingfisher Airlines troublesincreased on Monday asover 200 pilots decided toprolong their two-day-oldstrike after dialogue with themanagement, led by chiefexecutive officer SanjayAggarwal, to resolve thesalary issue failed to makeheadway.
  11. 11. Flight crashedOn 10 November 2009, Flight 4124 operated by ATR 72-212AVT-KAC, skidded off the runway after landing at ChatrapatiShivaji International Airport. The aircraft suffered substantialdamage, but all 46 passengers and crew escapedunharmed.[35] In November 2010, the Directorate General ofCivil Aviation released its final report into the accident. Itrevealed that the cause of the accident was pilot error, withthe aircraft landing at too high a speed and too far downRunway 27A, which was the designation given to Runway 27whilst it was being operated at a reduced length due to theclosure of Runway 14/32 for maintenance
  12. 12. GP.Kingfisher is asponsor of Force
  13. 13. Financial crisisEver since the airline commencedoperations in 2005, it has beenreporting losses. After acquiring AirDeccan, Kingfisher suffered a lossof over 1,000 crore (US$181 million)for three consecutive years.By early 2012, the airlineaccumulated losses of over 7,000crore (US$1.27 billion) with half ofits fleet grounded and severalmembers of its staff going onstrike.
  14. 14. Kingfisher yacht