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PPP for our Canadian penpals

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PPP for our Canadian penpals

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PPP for our Canadian penpals

  1. 1. CEIP Al-Andalus, Córdoba (Spain) For our penpals in Canada
  2. 2. Our school  The name of our school is Al-Andalus. We are 700 students and 39 teachers. It is a bilingual school. We study German, English, Social and Natural Science, Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Mathematics.  We have Sonia twice a week, and we have Emilio all the week.  It is a big school. There are 3 buildings, a gym and a huge playground.  It has from kindergarten to grade 6, like your school.  Some students come from the countryside, Santa María de Trasierra.
  3. 3. Our school
  4. 4. Class 5ºA  Top row: Estrella, Sergio, Fran, Carlos Ruiz, Adrián, José, Laura Rosa and Natalia.  Middle row: Gemma, Mario, Alejandro, Laura Noci, Anabel, Laura C., Juan Luis and Rubén.  Bottom row: Ariadna, Gloria, Alicia, Lucía, Lidia, Teresa and Sara.
  5. 5. Class 5ºB  Top row: Andrea, Santiago, José y Julián.  Bottom row: Ana, Rafael y Carlos.
  6. 6. Class 6ºA  Top row: Nerea, Flavio, Valentina, Pablo, Juan Carlos y Samuel.  Middle row: Alejandra, Ángela, David, Antonio, Ángel, Miguel y Hugo.  Bottom row: Mari Carmen, Marina, Manuel, Iván, Rafa y Fernando.
  7. 7.  Córdoba is a beautiful town. It is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain. We are 330,000 inhabitants.  In the 8th century, Córdoba became the capital of the Islamic Emirate. In the 10th century, Córdoba was the most populous city in the world.  Córdoba has the warmest summer high temperatures in Spain and Europe  The most important monuments are the Great Mosque of Córdoba and the Roman bridge. Our town: Córdoba
  8. 8. Some pictures of Córdoba
  9. 9. Our region  Our province is Córdoba and our region is Andalucía, in the south of Spain. We speak Spanish. Its population is 8,402 millions.  Our country is Spain. It has four official languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque. The population of Spain is 46,77 millions.
  10. 10. The Weather  It is sunny along the whole year in Córdoba. The temperatures are soft. We have 4 seasons:  The spring is rainy, but the temperature is very nice, around 25ºC.  The summer is very hot, we reach 45ºC.  The autumn has soft temperatures, around 15ºC. It rains.  The winter is not very cold. It can be 5ºC and it does not snow.
  11. 11. We hope you enjoy our Presentation.