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Dragon Gold Cup 2010

  1. The Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club 1860 - 2010 150 th anniversary
  2. GKSS and the Dragon Class First public printings of the Dragon or at that time called the "Ankers suggestion" from GKSS Seglarbladet, 25 December 1928 In 1928 GKSS loosened the purse-strings and ordered three one design yachts from the Hjalmar Johansson shipyard located in the Club’s marina at Långedrag, Sweden. The yachts were built after drawings by Johan Anker who had won GKSS’s design competition that year with his "Anker’s suggestion”. In 1930 and 1931 GKSS built two more yachts per year as lottery boats. The yacht became a very popular GKSS class and was named the Dragon. The rest is history.
  3. Application for The BMW Dragon Gold Cup 2010 August 5 th - 13 th Marstrand
  4. Experience Previous events organised by GKSS Dragon Gold Cup 1991 (-39, -49, -53, -58, -63, -69, -75, -83) Swedish Match Cup 1994 – 2009 Match Racing Grade 1 World Championship Dragon 1997 World Championship Match Racing 1997 IMS European Offshore Championship 2001 Volvo Ocean Race Stopover Gothenburg 2002, 2009 X –Yacht Gold Cup 2002 Finn Class European Championship 2003 Volvo Ocean Race Finish 2006 World Championship H-boat 2006 Swedish Championship Dragon 2006 (-98, -00, -02, -04) ORC international European Championship 2008
  5. GKSS Board Lennart Svantesson Commodore Matts Agélii 1 st vice Commodore Robert Casselbrandt 2 nd vice Commodore Anne Kolni Secretary Bert Isaksson Chairman of Race Committee Sture Christensson Chairman of Rules Committee Klaes Mattsson Chairman of Junior Committee Catharina Jedenius Chairman of Social Committee Vendela Santén Chairman of Training Committee Magnus Igel Chairman of Marketing Committee Lars Nyström Chairman of Harbour Committee Richard Hammarvid Chairman of OS Club committee Principal Race Officer Kerstin Holmberg _____________________ Dep. PRO Anders Andrén GKSS Managing Director Peter Klock Swedish Dragon Federation Chairman Patrik Salén International Jury Thomas Kresse International Race Officer Bert Isaksson Race Office Jessica Grahn Security Officer Anders Andrén Measurement Günter Ahlers Tommy Andersson Press / Media Anne Kolni Social Events Lars Ahlström Pär Nordstrand Results Jan Sjögren IT Homepage Fredrik Hanson Harbour GKSS Board
  6. Race venue - Marstrand fjord Marstrand 2,5 nm
  7. Distance from harbour 1,5 nm Ca. 70 % Wind and current
  8. Race office, GKSS’s Club house Moorings Ferry landing Regatta venue Racing area
  9. Moorings GKSS Club house
  10. Car parking Launching, Marinas Moorings Sail maker GKSS Club house Ferry landing Hotel Boarding-house
  11. Gothenburg to Marstrand 55 Km or 34 mile
  12. Program August 5 – 13, 2010. Int. Swedish Championship for Dragon July 28 – July 31, 2010 Social program for non-sailing participants YTD Owners’ meeting YTD Thursday 5 Registration, Measuring Friday 6 Registration, Measuring Saturday 7 Tune up race Opening Ceremony Sunday 8 Race 1 After sail, Dayly first prize Monday 9 Race , Race After sail, Dayly first prize Tuesday 10 Lay day Wednesday 11 Race After sail, Dayly first prize Thursday 12 Race Regatta dinner, Dayly first prize Friday 13 Race Prize Giving Ceremony
  13. Swedish Championship 2006 in Marstrand
  14. Marstrand at its best
  15. After Sail in the club house garden
  16. Prize giving ceremony
  17. They make it possible – volunteer officials
  18. A crowded day; ”sailing expertise” on the rocks
  19. Swedish Championship 2006 in Marstrand
  20. Looking forward to the BMW Dragon Gold Cup 2010 in Marstrand