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Social Networking 101 - PA

  2. SIT BACK AND RELAX Give us your business card at the end of the presentation; We’ll send you our slides AND a chance at this gift basket!
  3. CAN’T GET ENOUGH SAFFIRE? Come by our booth: L301 Another chance at the gift basket AND a chance to meet Cassie! NEW TIME for Trends in Online Marketing: Friday, 2:15-3:45 in Cocoa 4-5 Social Media @ Cyber Café Thursday, 2:30-4 in Confection Lobby
  4. SOCIAL NETWORKING Our working definition: • Social networking is the practice of connecting your customers through social media outlets to facilitate positive relationships that grow your brand.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA VS. SOCIAL NETWORKING Social media and social networking are not synonyms. Social media are the OUTLETS like Facebook, Twitter, etc. • Use social media outlets to create your social network. The social NETWORK is what you create to bring value to your event.
  6. Your social media outlets are only as good as the network you build on them.
  7. PRESENTERS Kendra Cassie Wright Roberts • First job managing events • Received BS Public for non-profit Relations, & Masters Sport • Began building websites in Management, The 1995 for Fortune 1000 University of Texas company • Born in Central City, NE • Started own company in • United States Olympic 1998 Committee • Brings big-company • Rodeo Austin
  13. Our goal is to elevate the event industry by enhancing its most important virtual front door – its online presence.
  14. WHY USE SOCIAL NETWORKING? Traditional Networking Model Local Radio Ad: 5,000 people/ Local TV Ad commercial Campaign: 200,000 people/commercial Print: Varies based on Send *Based on midsized market
  15. WHY USE SOCIAL NETWORKING? Social Networking Model ME: 1 My Friends’ My Friends: Friends 500+ 250,000+
  17. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRIORITIES • Spend 70% of your time on Facebook • Use an app that posts tweets when you post on Facebook (adding 0-10%) • Spend 15% on YouTube • Spend 5% between Pinterest and Instagram (photo sharing)
  18. WHICH OUTLETS DO I USE? Focus your attention on key players. DON’T try to have a presence on every social media outlet. From the marketer’s standpoint, it’s much more effective to have a solid presence in one or two channels than
  19. WHAT TO SHARE & WHERE What to Share Where Short blurbs Facebook, Twitter Longer stories Facebook (and/or link to website or blog) Photos Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Videos Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Contests Facebook, Twitter (website)
  21. POLL How many of you have a personal Facebook account? How many of you have a Facebook account for your event?
  22. FACEBOOK Over 1 BILLION monthly active users One in every seven humans on earth is active on Facebook The most important way to spend your social networking energy Facebook trends to know • People use it on mobile • People use it for photo sharing
  23. FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO  Be creative! Use this space to make big announcements, i.e. event dates and upcoming performers.  Change it daily during your event to highlight the day’s activities.  You can’t put links on your cover photo.
  24. FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE  Don’t forget the profile picture!  It will appear “solo” throughout Facebook; it needs to be able to stand alone and represent your brand.
  28. FACEBOOK MILESTONES  Facebook’s timeline automatically creates a history of your event.  Call out important photos and events by clicking the star on a post to expand the photo to a widescreen view.  You can even
  29. TAGGING IN FACEBOOK Let’s do an experiment. Smile!
  30. TAGGING IN FACEBOOK Take pictures of the crowd at concerts, post them and encourage them to tag themselves Your photo appears in their Facebook feed!
  31. DEEP THOUGHT Ask questions that get people to talk about themselves in relation to your event
  32. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION • Consider funny – posts from mascot, etc. • Personal/human interest stories get a lot of hits • Posts with photos get more views! Think about what YOU would want to click!
  34. POLL How many of you have a personal Twitter account? How many of you have a Twitter account for your event?
  35. TWITTER Your 2nd priority for social media 530 million accounts 340 million tweets a day 1 million accounts added to Twitter every day
  36. WHY TWEET? Twitter is current on up-to-the minute important news and cultural happenings. Ramp up your publishing frequency, and make timely content the focus of your Twitter activities in order to satisfy
  37. STEP 1: SET UP TWITTER No more than 15 characters in Username Example: Amador County Fair • Too many characters: @AmadorCountyFair • Use: @AmadorFair • Use your real business name so search engines & customers can find you SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Include your state in your username if you need to differentiate yourself!
  39. WHO TO FOLLOW IN SET UP When you set up your account, just follow the minimum - Industry associations & businesses • IAFE @IAFE • IFEA @IFEAworld • State/regional organization • Saffire Events @SaffireEvents
  40. STEP 2: CUSTOMIZE YOUR PAGE Edit Profile • Add a photo (logo) o Get 10x more followers • Add a bio (mission – make it fun) o Get 8x more followers Customize your design • Use your website background
  41. NEW! ADD A HEADER Make a file that is 1200px wide by 600px tall It will be a background behind: • Twitter name • Bio • Location • URL Just another way to convey your brand Upload it to Profile/Design
  42. Amador header
  43. STEP 3: DO A FEW RE-TWEETS Re-tweet people you follow • Look through your timeline • At first, this is just to get your feet wet • Give people a taste of what’s to come
  44. STEP 4: FOLLOW SOME PEOPLE Events similar to yours Big events People involved in your event Local businesses Just for fun SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Don’t follow too many until you have tweeted and have a branded page!
  45. PEOPLE INVOLVED IN YOUR EVENT Sponsors Vendors Entertainers Volunteers Exhibitors Board members SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Follow people on a Tuesday morning; there may be better chance they’ll follow you back.
  46. LOCAL BUSINESSES Local businesses • Amador (county) • Plymouth (city) Local press SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Pilfer from those we are following & our followers!
  47. FINDING MORE PEOPLE TO FOLLOW Who to follow – View All (based on interests) Find friends – if you have: • Gmail • Yahoo • Hotmail • AOL People you may know (who your
  48. STEP 5: WRITE SOME TWEETS It’s a chicken and the egg: people don’t follow people without tweets, but you’ll get better bang for buck once you have more followers Tweet what you think will be helpful to your target audience • Don’t be too self-serving
  49. “ADVANCED” TWITTER MANEUVERS Deleting tweets Favorites (from Profile page) Replying to tweets • People can track “conversation”
  50. WHAT TO POST Website changes/blog posts/email articles Testimonials Photos/Videos “Insider info” News of weird/human interest stories Contests Questions
  51. SPECIFIC IDEAS Send opening day congrats to other fairs Judiciously promote big sponsors for retweet Same with vendors and entertainers Post thanks to people/groups;
  52. TRICKS & TIPS FOR TWEETS For the highest click-through rates: Tweet between 120-130 characters. Write tweets containing “via,” “RT,” “please” and “check.” Post weird/human interest stories. Tweet on the weekends. SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Use: or to schedule social media in advance.
  53. WHAT IS THIS? #
  54. THE ART OF THE HASHTAG A hashtag is how Twitter users organize themselves. People start including a hashtag when tweeting about a topic. It becomes easier to find that topic in search. It is more likely to appear in Twitter’s
  56. WHAT YOU CAN DO POST it – relevant places on your website/blog PRINT it – event materials, signage, scoreboards, et c. SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Make it easy and enticing for customers to find, adopt and – Twitter PUBLICIZE itpromote hashtags.
  57. AN RECENT EXAMPLE Many also use hashtags to add something parenthetical/funny at the end of a tweet Manti Te’o hashtag: #catfished
  58. JIMMY FALLON EXAMPLE Jimmy Fallon tweets out a hashtag, and people tweet funny responses #FactCheck
  61. STEP 8: GO ABOUT YOUR DAY Install Firefox extension • While you are online reading articles, don’t just post them; highlight text and click Buffer icon at bottom right to tweet
  63. STEP 9: TWEET ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE Now you follow “your people” You may have even retweeted some of them Now start writing original tweets about them • Be ruthless: Keep track of how many followers THEY have, and tweet about those who have the most followers – include @ (Twitter name)! e.g., @saffireevents • Your goal, especially while you don’t have many followers, is to get retweeted. So
  65. STEP 10: TWEAK & REPEAT Check BufferApp or Twitonomy analytics. Write down topics that had the most reach. • Do more of those. Write down topics that had the least reach.
  66. what is the fastest growing website of all time?
  67. PINTEREST Pinterest was the first site to get 10 million unique visitors in a month. Pin event photos (and more) and invite your customers to follow your boards! Not your highest priority,
  70. 50% of all web content is…
  71. YOUTUBE Customers exposed to videos are 437% more likely to engage in your brand. • Engagement = Purchases SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Make your videos raw and not too produced to help customers identify with your brand.
  72. YOUTUBE 3rd in your social media priorities 4 billion videos/day viewed 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  73. Reach younger customers with…
  74. INSTAGRAM • Mainly for mobile • Known for image “doctoring” • Trends younger • Ease of use lowers barriers to content creation and helps fuel posts
  76. 2. TAKE A PHOTO
  77. 3. PICK A FILTER
  78. 4. POST!
  79. FUN FACTS ABOUT INSTAGRAM • Social media users plan to increase their use of Instagram at a rate higher than that of any other network. • 85% of Instagrammers use the platform at work, way above any other social media format.
  80. USE HASHTAGS ON INSTAGRAM TOO! SAFFIRE RECOMMENDATION Use the same hashtags that you use on twitter so people (and you) have less to remember.
  81. FINAL WORD ON INSTAGRAM The most important thing you can do for your Instagram community is to remain active, engaged and provide value by responding to comments.
  82. Where is the best place to maximize your social media presence?
  91. THE GOAL you must be able to market your event on your website in real time
  94. MAXIMIZE SOCIAL MEDIA ON WEBSITE Facebook or Tweet a PHOTO of an event/feature
  96. MAKE PEOPLE FEEL LIKE INSIDERS • Be the first to know about X via social media! • See behind-the-scenes looks at our event! Your customers feel special, and they are more likely to be long term followers.
  97. MULTIMEDIA • Photo contests on website and Facebook • Caption that photo • Funny video upload Photos and video are naturally VIRAL and give you more event photos!
  98. GET PEOPLE TALKING Show live tweets on concert side screens Have a vote or quiz • Answer on text, app, QR code, etc.
  99. CONTESTS WITH PUBLICITY BONUS Have a contest for front row concert seats • Text, tweet or post on FB page NOW = publicity Do giveaways with charitable tie-in
  100. GETTING RETWEETS Judiciously promote big sponsors for retweet Same with vendors and entertainers Post thanks to people/groups; they’ll repost
  101. RECAP Don’t try to spread yourself too thin over social media outlets-pick a few and be successful Don’t prioritize social media at the expense of your website
  102. BULLS EYE Leave your business card, and we’ll send: • These slides • A free subscription to The Dirt • Invitation to educational webinars • Chance to win the gift basket!

Notas do Editor

  1. We are going to give you lots of great info today you’ll be able to use to immediately increase revenue for your event. But you don’t need to take notes. Just come up afterwards and give us your business card, and we’ll send you a link to the slides right after the conference.
  2. We are going to give you lots of great info today you’ll be able to use to immediately increase revenue for your event. But you don’t need to take notes. Just come up afterwards and give us your business card, and we’ll send you a link to the slides right after the conference.
  3. Saffire Events was founded by Kendra Wright, who has been building websites since 1995, when the internet began.In 2000, she joined forces with Aaron Pederson, Saffire Events’ technical director, and Jeremy Emerson, Saffire Events’ creative director.
  4. Besides their work in the event industry, their team does work for large consumer companies in a lot of industries. This gives a breadth of experience that they bring to marketing events online.
  5. Monika- can you put a slide here, like the graphic on the next page, but for traditional media…start it with Me: 1 and then some stats on how many people each one may reach? Like TV ads, Radio ads, direct mail pieces…you can kind of make up the #’s or just find an example. Obviously direct mail’s going to vary per campaign, so just guesstimate what you think…-Graphic from
  6. Cassie does website, mobile and social networking.
  7. Cassie does website, mobile and social networking.
  9. Troy, I had to unfollow Saffire Events so we can show these people how to do a follow. 
  10. Since we do the Amador website, we’re the perfect people to supply these graphics, so we’re going to add a heading now; it’s basically a background for the top part of the page.
  11. Looks pretty snazzy, doesn’t it, Troy?
  12. Don’t follow too many until you have tweeted and have a branded page!
  13. Troy, do any of these look legit, like you’d want to follow them?
  14. 1.    Share your Blog postsDoes your company blog? Why not take the time to share that wonderful content with your audience on Social Media? Sharing your blog posts with your Facebook and Twitter followers will not only help you engage with them, but it will also increase web traffic to your blog. If you increase this traffic you can then convert them into paying customers.2.   QuestionsAsk a question on Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora or Facebook and then share the answers you get. Create thought provoking and engaging questions based upon your area of expertise or industry that will produce great responses. Then share those answers with everyone on your company’s page. You can generate great feedback and start interesting discussions.3.   Highlight Customer Stories and TestimonialsLet your customers do the marketing for you! Share the stories and experiences that your customers have had with your company for all to see. This will show your company from different perspectives and show others what they can expect when doing business with you.4.   Local ActivitiesA great way to get people involved with your business and the community is to let them know about the things that are happening locally. Keeping your fans engaged with what’s going on in the community will not only look good for you but when they tell others where they heard about the event, they will be reminded of your company and that they heard it from you first! A good way to do this is to run a contest and give away something relevant to your community.5.   Fill in the BlankThis is a great way to get some conversations started. By creating fill in the blanks, you are setting yourself up for some interesting responses. These types of comments/ posts really get people to participate because when people see them they just can’t help themselves and feel the need to chime in with their two cents.6.   Organize a contestCreate a Contest that is both engaging and simple, but make sure that the prize is enticing as well! Simplicity goes very far when it comes to online contests. The fact of the matter is that people want to enter to win something for free, but are more reluctant to do so when they have to give out their information in fear of being spammed and contacted for services or products that they don’t need or want. Therefore use contests to create more visibility for your company and attract more followers and fans rather than trying to sell them something!7.    Top 10 ListsCreate top ten lists for different topics related to your industry. This is a great way to give your professional opinion on what you think is more important along with creating some discussion and engagement. Top ten lists usually draw a lot more attention because they are easier to read and people like to see how things rank in a list. This is why whenever you can create a list about a specific topic, you should. It’s also great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!8.   How-to VideosShow a video on how to do something specific that’s related to your business or industry. By making a step-by-step video, you not only improve SEO, but you’re also helping your online credibility. Just make sure that you pick something that you are an expert in and make sure it is done right. No one likes watching a how to video and not being able to do what it is you set out to show him or her. Since video is very popular on the Internet, it makes sense to be one step ahead of the competition and take the time to film out exactly what you are trying to show them.9.   Post Funny Photos or SayingsPeople love to laugh, so if you have something funny to say or something funny to show, then share it! Just make sure it’s appropriate for your audience and doesn’t pull in politics or religion. You don’t want to lose credibility for something you thought was funny but offended your audience.10.  Customer ContentDon’t put the entire burden on your own shoulders all the time. Let your customers and clients do the work for you! Allow them to upload and share their content with their friends and followers. Make sure that you respond accordingly to any negative content that may arise! Encourage your audience and provide them a place where they can share their content, to get all around engagement! Just be sure that it doesn’t turn off topic or become spammy.Leave us a comment below and let us know what has worked for you! We’re always curious to learn about what strategies work for particular businesses! You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.
  15. Source Mashable.
  16. Source Mashable.
  17. Source Mashable.
  18. - media section, event section, etc
  19. Schedule up to 10 posts for each account you set up for FREEFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn“GO AWESOME” and for $10 a month, you can schedule up to 100 posts per account
  20. Different for weekends and weekdays
  21. Videos account for 50% of all online traffic as of January 2012
  22. In the past, we all had a “guy.” Someone to keep our site updated.
  23. Sometimes, however, your guy isn’t available.
  24. #1 we all know nothing sells an event like photos. Photos are also an EXTREMELY personal way to share an event, especially if the photo is of them. This is one of the great things about localized eventsAbout half of young Americans find their news through Facebook. Do you make it easy for people to share content and articles?