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2019 TFEA - Social Media Marketing: Understanding the Landscape, Benefits and Challenges


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2019 TFEA - Social Media Marketing: Understanding the Landscape, Benefits and Challenges

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing: Understanding the Landscape, Benefits & Challenges Cassie Dispenza Sr. Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Saffire
  2. 2. I’ll send a link to the slides! NO NEED TO WRITE IT ALL DOWN
  3. 3. Travel Adam Layla
  4. 4. WEBSITES
  6. 6. Print-at-Home Tickets Include sponsor logos Include advertising
  7. 7. Advance Tickets
  8. 8. Scanning Pre-Sold Tickets
  9. 9. Selling at the Gate
  10. 10. First-This is our Smiirl. facebook.com/teamsaffire
  11. 11. How many of you manage your organization’s social media?
  12. 12. How Do People Get News?
  13. 13. Marketing Priorities 1. Have a great website that’s mobile-optimized & a revenue generator for your organization (Read: ONLINE SALES) 2. Use digital means to get people there-because that’s where their eyeballs are looking!
  14. 14. Most popular social media apps, by monthly users in US 2018 (in millions)
  15. 15. What’s Missing?
  16. 16. What’s Missing?
  17. 17. No New Accounts: April 2, 2019 Completely Shut Off: August 2019
  18. 18. Social Facebook 2019 Facebook Messenger Facebook Contests & Giveaways Instagram Snapchat Social Content
  19. 19. FACEBOOK IN 2019
  20. 20. Facebook Priorities 1. Share fan content & utilize ambassadors 2. Show your personality 3. Video & more video 4. Ads & how to make the most of them
  21. 21. Share Fan Content, Utilize Ambassadors
  22. 22. People Value Peer Opinions
  23. 23. User Generated Content 92% of consumers trust online content from friends and family above all other forms of brand messaging 50% of consumers find UGC more memorable than brand produced content
  24. 24. 50% posts are UGC-LaCroix
  25. 25. Ben & Jerry’s
  26. 26. #ShareaCoke
  27. 27. am·bas·sa·dor amˈbasədər/ noun •a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.
  28. 28. Brand Ambassadors • Include an element of testimonial & review • Customers trust peers more than brands • Can be a great way to get video of someone enjoying your brand!
  29. 29. 1. “Moms of the Festival” 2. Begin 6 weeks prior to event 3. Must post something each week (example) “In 2019, one particular key area where you can expect social ad spend to increase is in influencer marketing and creator utilization.” -Social Media Today Example Ambassador Program
  30. 30. “Have you purchased your mega pass for the Super Fun Festival? $35 for 5 days of unlimited rides! My kids can’t wait to see what the carnival has in store this year! I got my tickets on their website!” Example Ambassador Post
  31. 31. Sponsored Ambassador Events • Host an event before or during your main event • Invite local ambassadors-local “celebrities” or even fans who have a lot of followers • Create a VIP atmosphere that attendees will want to share
  32. 32. Negotiate Number of Posts • Include the number of social posts in which the ambassador will mention you • Give away tickets, food vouchers or whatever you can in exchange
  33. 33. Brand Ambassador-YouTube
  34. 34. Show Your Personality
  35. 35. GIFs & Other Fun • Check out the list of things you can do when you click “publish” on Facebook • Use popular GIFs, or GIFs that represent pop culture in your post to speak the language of your audience
  36. 36. Augmented Reality • Facebook, like Snapchat and Instagram, of course has plenty of AR & interactive options- they just redid it to look like Instagram • Go to create a post & add a photo-see the choices! • Use these to also seem like a real person as you’re posting!
  37. 37. Polls • Ask a yes or no question • Instagram also has this feature for stories • Example Question Ideas • Which food item do you miss more from the festival? • Which performance was better last night at the Grammys? (Doesn’t have to be about your festival!)
  38. 38. Keep content fresh and current • Insert yourself into current conversations and trending events to keep your brand fresh and top of mind. • Example: Netflix pokes fun at the Ihop debacle earlier this year.
  39. 39. Why Go Live? • Builds trust • Increases Authenticity-Feels “real” to customers
  40. 40. Facebook Ads
  41. 41. What Makes a Good Facebook Ad? https://karolakarlson.com/best- facebook-ad-examples/
  42. 42. Tip #1: Use a CTA Button • Put a Call to Action (CTA) Button in your image • Make it easy to see what you’re selling • Use an Original Graphic or Photo- generates higher CTRs • FREE is a magic word in any ad
  43. 43. Tip #2: Limited Time Offer • Offer a deal that can only be redeemed for a limited time • Tickets $5 off, free T-Shirt with purchase of 2 tickets, sign up now and get free parking/free t-shirt, etc.
  44. 44. Tip #3: List Product Benefits • Gives people the information they really want to know • Use emoji to feel more real—The check mark instead of a bullet can be more effective! ✓
  45. 45. Carousel Ads • One ad can include multiple links/landing pages • Can use a combo of photo and video – or chop up one picture to make a slideshow • 30-50% lower Cost per Conversion than single image link ads
  46. 46. Apps to Slice Photos Panorama Crop – Google Play Store Free Panora – iPhone Can remove ads for $2.99
  47. 47. Upload Emails- Have You Done This?
  48. 48. Facebook Messenger
  49. 49. Easier Communication • “Native” content without having to develop your own app • Reach people where they already are • Automated/instant “bot” communication • Allows push notifications (aggressively)
  50. 50. MOST Getting the From Facebook Messenger
  51. 51. Set Your Welcome Greeting Having an informative “Welcome Greeting” will lower the number of messages that you receive. Limit of 160 characters so use wisely 1. Click Settings at the top of your Desktop FB Page. 2. Click Messaging 3. Click Response Assistant 4. Change your Messenger greeting
  52. 52. Instant Replies You can have your instant reply cover your most frequently asked questions, and give someone a response a few seconds after they write 1. From your Desktop Facebook Page, Click Inbox at the top 2. Click Automated Responses (With Atom Symbol) 3. Update any Automated Responses you’d like, including Away Message (You can even schedule your away message to be off & on based on when you are available to respond)
  53. 53. Saved Replies-Response Assistant For remaining FAQs or questions that need more explanation, you can create and save personalized responses, that then you can send back to someone based on their question 1. Click Settings at the top of your Desktop FB Page. 2.Click Messaging 3.Click Response Assistant 4.Change your Messenger greeting
  54. 54. ChatFuel https://chatfuel.com
  56. 56. Top 5 Contest Tips 1. SET GOALS • What are youtrying to achieve? Ex: likes, comments, email addresses 2. CONSIDER THE AUDIENCE • Important in determining your prize package Ex. Moms, teenagers, etc. 3. DETERMINE THE CONTEST TIME FRAME • Run daily small contests for Likes & Comments or longer timeframe for more info
  57. 57. Contest Tips, Cont. 4. CREATE A PRIZE PACKAGE • If your prize is bigger, you can ask for more information 5. PLAN THE FUFILLMENT • Know how quickly you can deliver & make sure it’s within the expiration date
  58. 58. Get Comments • Pair with going live! • Great to show event set up in the background! • Pair with “friend tagging”—becoming super popular with Facebook’s algorithms
  60. 60. EXAMPLE
  62. 62. Even “Onsite” at Other Events!
  63. 63. A Good Rule Of Thumb Create a sense of urgency • Set a deadline • Use a countdown • Make contests holiday-specific—feels like a natural deadline
  64. 64. EXAMPLE
  65. 65. VS. Holiday Specific
  66. 66. CAPS. You may have noticed the We see more interaction!
  67. 67. Prize Ideas • Gate admission tickets • Unlimited ride wristbands • Season passes • Experiences/meet and greets • Behind the scenes tours (on a golf cart!) • T-shirts and/or other promotional items • Giveaways from sponsors NOTE: We’ve found that 70—80% claim prizes.
  68. 68. Smaller Contests Two posts: 1. Announce contest 2. Announce winners
  69. 69. Example
  71. 71. Bigger Contests Four posts: 1. Announce that you’re going to have a contest “4 MORE DAYS! We'll be giving away 1 sheet of 24 carnival tickets to 5 lucky people later today! #FinalCountdown” 2. Announce contest 3. Announce that you’re going to announce the winners “We just drew the name of the first winner of the ULTIMATE FAIR EXPERIENCE! Are you ready to know who it is?” 4. Announce winners
  72. 72. Best Tools to Create Social Contests • Woobox: create user-generated contests, landing pages, interactive games and more! • Shortstack: Integrates with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to easily track and measure contests • Rafflecopter: Very simple – only takes 2 minutes to create engaging giveaway contests
  73. 73. BREAK-JOIN US FOR PART II 1:15-2:45p Today
  74. 74. Instagram
  75. 75. Who Doesn’t Have Instagram? (For their Festival?)
  76. 76. In the US
  77. 77. Instagram Active Users
  78. 78. • 71% of Snapchat users are under age 34 • 68% of Instagram users are under age 34 Age of Users
  79. 79. Why do Brands Love Instagram?
  80. 80. Your Audience is Already Here! • Create story content without building a Snapchat following • Connections with Facebook mean most brands already have more people following them on Instagram • Easy to incorporate ads— you build them in the same tool!
  81. 81. Most Popular For Stories
  82. 82. Poll Your Audience 1. Snap a photo 2. Find the poll sticker in the stickers tab 3. Ask your followers to vote 4. Post your results!
  83. 83. Ask a Question • Snap a picture and find the ? sticker • Host a Q&A that allows your followers to ask you anything about your company, product, event, etc. • Post the questions you receive and include your answers!
  84. 84. Capture Behind the Scenes Shots • Show your personality • Be real and candid • Capture scenes that would spark interest and give insight into a new product not released yet, or set-up for a festival.
  85. 85. Share Music • Choose songs for artists performing at your event • Ask attendees to tag you while they’re sharing songs of artists they want to hear • Host fun dance parties while Live!
  86. 86. Connected App-Boomerang
  87. 87. Connected App-Hyperlapse
  88. 88. Follow Hashtags • Follow a hashtag and it will show up in your feed • You can “teach” Instagram what type of posts you want to see by telling it not to show certain images for a hashtag • Encourage fans to follow your festival hashtag along with your festival!
  89. 89. Link in Bio • You’ve got one link on Instagram you can tout without an ad • Mention it in your posts & update it often to advertise sales
  90. 90. Advertising & Ecommerce
  91. 91. Instagram Quick Ad Adoption • $6.8 billion in Ad Revenue from Instagram in 2018 75% of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a post • Uses Facebook ad targeting- all benefits repeat
  92. 92. Set up Through Facebook
  93. 93. Ads in Instagram Stories
  94. 94. What Ad? -Authenticity • Ads on Instagram have a “native” feel so play to that • Showing real people feels more authentic Remember what you know about User Generated Content—it’s more believable! • Include your hashtag—it is clickable
  95. 95. Keep ads interactive- fun to use “pinch and zoom” feature
  96. 96. Instagram Ecommerce: Easy A/B Testing
  97. 97. Shoppable Posts
  98. 98. Snapchat
  99. 99. Who has Used Snapchat (For their Festival?)
  100. 100. What about Snap Ads?
  101. 101. (The ONLY way I’d recommend using Snapchat for your Festival!)
  102. 102. Why? Best Attention Span Snapchat video ads capture over 2X visual attention than Facebook video ads, over 1.5X than Instagram, and 1.3X than YouTube
  103. 103. Audience Exclusivity
  104. 104. Snapchat Ad Options Snapchat ads used to be EXPENSIVE! • A one-day “discovery” pane ad- $50,000 • Sponsored lenses can be as much as $700,000! • NOW—there are much better options
  105. 105. Snap Ads • Newest available offering from Snapchat • Two pricing structures: • CPM-Cost you’re willing to pay to have your ad displayed 1000 times • Goal Based Bidding-how much do I want to pay to have 100 people click, etc. • Swipe-up rate for Snap Ads is 5X higher than the average click-through rate for comparable social platforms.
  106. 106. forbusiness.snapchat.com
  107. 107. Sponsored Geofilters • Cheapest option of all ad offerings • Offers “Annual” geofilters, where you can buy a certain amount of geofilter time “in bulk” • Users are very familiar with the offering, and so often times not seen as “in your face” as other ad options • Downside: Snapchat can charge you more during key events at key locations 
  108. 108. Easier than EVER to Set Up on your Phone!
  109. 109. Paid is the Only Way
  111. 111. Video Marketing
  112. 112. Facebook is the #1 used social media • Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 • Instagram launched Video Sharing • Increased video length to 60 Seconds • Added Live Video • Added stories with video Do you think FB thinks video is important? The Family Tree Facebook Instagram
  113. 113. • Google is the #1 used search engine • Bought YouTube in 2006 • YouTube became the #2 search engine • YouTube is the most used search engine by Generation Z • Do you think Google thinks video is important? The Family Tree Facebook Instagram Google YouTube
  114. 114. 64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month. Why it Matters Video watchers are 12 times more likely to purchase. Source: Animoto 84% of consumers watch on mobile devices.
  116. 116. Micro Moments • When creating videos, think about the reason consumers turn to YouTube: • I Want to Go • I Want to Know • I Want to Do • I Want to Buy
  117. 117. Video Marketing Advice from Google
  118. 118. Is Longer Stronger?
  119. 119. Use Vertical Video • No more vertical video shaming! • Big brands, like AT&T & NBC have noticed an 80% increase in ad completion when videos are vertical • Snapchat users watch 3 Billion vertical videos daily • YouTube recently updated its interface to allow forfull-screen play of vertical videos
  120. 120. What to Skip • Long intros to your videos—no one has time for that (Think of TV show opening credits now vs. a long time ago!) • Shaky Camera Shots—A Stabilizer may be worth the investment! $75-150 (We use the one on Amazon called a Gimbal~$99) • Videos that are too long without real content
  121. 121. Tips for Video Advertising • Grab attention immediately • Create a compelling offer – Early Bird, Limited Time Only, etc. • Doesn’t require sound • Captioned video increases view time by an average of 12%! • Use iMovie or Movie Maker to add call-out text to your video • Include a call to action
  122. 122. Fun Tours
  123. 123. In-Stream Video Ads • “Ad starting Soon” messaging on Videos • Facebook claims impression is 92% of the people watching the video in the first place. Hmm… • These placements are ideal to generate brand awareness, but are not as useful for direct response as you will not be able to provide a link for users to click
  124. 124. How To Use In-Stream Video • Utilizes Facebook Audience Network • In-stream ads are available as a placement in Ads Manager and Power Editor. In-stream ads are available for the Video Views, Brand Awareness, Reach and Post Engagement objectives.
  125. 125. Can Exclude Certain Brand Categories
  126. 126. How to Make Good Videos Expectation for ads to have higher video quality than live www.slide.ly/promo
  127. 127. Add filter and music to videos!
  128. 128. • Includes Stock Photo/Video options-links with iStock • Can easily piece together photos & videos of your own with the stock options
  129. 129. Clips • iPhone users are in luck with Clips—it’s probably already on your phone! • String together photos, short video clips, text blocks, etc. with cool effects • Even includes automatic transcription if you want users to be able to read your video rather than watching (GREAT for “sound off” viewing)
  130. 130. Hire a Pro! • Find a friend—ask on Facebook if any of your friends do video editing • Find a student—many colleges have Film Departments, even some high schools! • Consider the cost/benefit for having good videos to use in your marketing
  131. 131. If All Else Fails… • Download your stories from Instagram and post them to other platforms as your video marketing! • Don’t skip out on video because it’s too hard!
  132. 132. Videos Near Buy Button!
  133. 133. “Email and owned platforms will see a resurgence, as social media platforms continue to deliver declining and even questionable results.” SCOTT MONTY – Scott Monty Strategies
  134. 134. Most Cost-Effective Top Revenue Generator Fastest Results
  135. 135. 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.
  136. 136. 74% of U.S. adults think content that contains data is more trustworthy than content without data. Including data in content will become a requirement for brands looking to build trust with their readers. MORGAN MOLNAR –Survey Monkey
  137. 137. Quantifiable Benefits
  138. 138. “Content marketers need to find their brand voice, and stick to it. Consistency is key in a saturated market, as it helps consumers to remember your brand across different platforms & campaigns.” CASSIE DISPENZA -- Saffire
  139. 139. IDENTIFY YOUR BRAND IN WORDS • Think of your brand as a person. What would your brand say? • If your logo wasn’t with your content, could your audience identify the content as coming from your brand? • Wordclouds can help! – www.wordclouds.com
  141. 141. SAFFIRE CORE VALUES 1. Smart and creative innovators (Upcoming, Success, Digital, Launches, New, Future) 2. Make nerdy fun (Launches, Summit, Educational, Presentations, Fun, Exciting) 3. Dedicated team players (Together, Tips, Join, Team, Us) 4. We treat clients like family (Love, Shout Out, Clients, Friends, Family)
  142. 142. In 2019, content marketers will realize the power of frequency (which has been a necessary approach since the dawn of advertising), especially when coupled with useful, well-executed content. The most effective content marketers in the future will adhere to the motto, “Quality content, often.” SEAN CALLAHAN --LinkedIn
  144. 144. Narrow Down Your Content • Mimic what you see on the platform. Content is King, but context is even more important. • Don’t interrupt or be intrusive. Talk about what your audience is sharing • Show customers you love the music, shows, etc. they do • BE READY when something happens you can leverage
  145. 145. What’s Important for Your Social Media?
  146. 146. SUMMIT SLIDE
  147. 147. Thank you. cassie@saffire.com More Online Marketing Tips Website www.saffire.com Facebook TeamSaffire Twitter @TeamSaffire Instagram teamsaffire YouTube saffirestudio