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Pathway Group AGM 2019

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Pathway Group AGM - All staff meeting that took place on the 19/09/2019 in Walsall

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Pathway Group AGM 2019

  1. 1. Outline… Chairman’s Welcome • Introduction to the Day • Review of 2018-2019 • New Mission Statement, Vision & Values • Breakout Session • Lunch • Photographs • Strategic Plan 2019-2021 • Themes/Aims/Objectives • Employee Survey Results – Feedback Session • Employee Recognition Awards Chairman’s Close
  2. 2. Chairman’s Welcome
  3. 3. Burslem Centre - Burslem Our Beacon Centre’s… the way forward
  4. 4. Chatha House – Walsall Our Beacon Centre’s… the way forward
  5. 5. Whitechapel - London Our Beacon Centre’s… the way forward
  6. 6. Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility……. ……Lean, Agile & Effective
  7. 7. Introduction & Review of the Year
  8. 8. A personal review of the year and what I have learnt as well as my beliefs: Safaraz Ali
  9. 9. • We don’t have to predict the future, we just have to remain, lean, agile, focused and responsive • Focus on what we can control, not necessarily on what we can’t • Wishful thinking/ positive thinking will not do the trick, it needs to match with the right actions Safaraz Ali
  10. 10. • Intention is not the be all and end all! It is the actions or the lack of actions, that always count • If you’re not a little confused, or unclear then you don’t fully understand what's going on! • Ignorance isn’t bliss, it can lead to pain, and it can lead to disaster. Knowledge is our first defence Safaraz Ali
  11. 11. • There’s the truth and degree’s of truth. Strive to get the single version of truth • It’s not going to be different unless we do something different • It’s not easy to put effort into things that will make us feel unsuccessful – quality is everyone's responsibility Safaraz Ali
  12. 12. • It’s important to be self aware. Often my chief problem and possibly my worst enemy is likely to be myself. • Its easy to talk about survive and thrive, in reality its about doing the right thing at the right time. • We will always get our estimates and our best guesses wrong. Its about getting it not too wrong. Safaraz Ali
  13. 13. I want to be in a position, to have a lot less fear - not because I'm in denial, because I have the knowledge and clarity of mind that we are in firm footing. That is about making the right decisions at the right time and all of us working in the same direction. It just becomes a lot less easier all round when that happens. Saf’s Sermon: Safaraz Ali
  14. 14. The secret: • Being fulfilled • Making a difference • Progress / Growth Safaraz Ali
  15. 15. So, how are things? • Certainty has risen, however uncertainty has also risen as well • There is little difference to the sector overall, however it’s a world of difference to providers that operate in our sector Safaraz Ali
  16. 16. Context Change in Funding, the rules and Ofsted guidelines Change in Strategy Change in Plans Change in ways of working
  17. 17. So what difference does this make and what do we need to do or focus more on and where should the focus be? Effective Management Teaching and Learning Customer Satisfaction/IAG Safaraz Ali
  18. 18. So, how are things? • The thinking that got us here, will not get us any further yet alone to remain here • Change & Inevitability of change, yes its quite cliché, the reality is, its getting faster and it doesn’t happen necessarily in a linear way, its our ability to respond to the situation that differentiates us Safaraz Ali
  19. 19. Mission, Vision & Values
  20. 20. What is a Mission?
  21. 21. Mission Statement Old Promoting and Encouraging Education and Training, Improving and Advancing Employment Prospects for Individuals and thereby contributing to the success of Small and Medium employers New Enhancing Knowledge, Developing Skills and Changing Behaviours to Transform Communities
  22. 22. What is a Vision? Your vision should give you a clear goal, something to aim towards. It should be inspiring and leave people with a strong idea of what it is they are trying to achieve. However, there are some practical questions your vision should answer too. These are:
  23. 23. Vision Changing Lives through Skills and Work Values
  24. 24. Strategic Plan 2019-2021 Core Strands: • Apprenticeships • Adult Education • Adult Education Budget • Advanced Learner Loans • European Social Fund • Commercial
  25. 25. Our Vision for Apprenticeships • Our Apprenticeship Offer will be transformed through the introduction of new programmes and more flexible models of study. With our local and national employer partners, we will have developed and introduced new standards in priority sectors including Engineering, Digital, Healthcare, Business, Management and Professional. • An increasing percentage of our Apprentices will follow careers in priority sectors.
  26. 26. Our Vision for Apprenticeships • Employers will continue to play a significant role in our Apprenticeship provision. Our efficient and effective ‘business to business’ services will ensure employers, particularly small businesses, successfully navigate the levy and other national reforms. • Our Apprentices will understand how to best conduct themselves, professionally and socially, to keep themselves safe. They will enjoy their training, benefiting from teaching which is active, exciting and inspiring which focuses on their individual needs and which makes best use of learning technologies.
  27. 27. Our Vision for Apprenticeships • Employers will continue to play a significant role in our Apprenticeship provision. Our efficient and effective ‘business to business’ services will ensure employers, particularly small businesses, successfully navigate the levy and other national reforms. • Our Apprentices will understand how to best conduct themselves, professionally and socially, to keep themselves safe. They will enjoy their training, benefiting from teaching which is active, exciting and inspiring which focuses on their individual needs and which makes best use of learning technologies. • Our Apprentices will prosper in their careers, improving workplace productivity, contributing positively to the regional economy and helping to narrow the skills gap.
  28. 28. What We Will Do: We Will:- 1) Use labour market intelligence to identify specific gaps in the market and proactively design new Apprenticeship Programmes to meet the identified needs. 2) Involve employers and their supply chains in the design, delivery and the quality assurance of our Apprenticeship Programmes
  29. 29. What We Will Do: We Will:- 3) Develop greater flexibility in the provision of ‘off the job training’ moving to more block training release models. 4) Create new arrangements to attract and retain industry specialists to deliver on new Apprenticeships through enhanced Conditions of Service.
  30. 30. What We Will Do: We Will:- 5) We will upskill and reskill our existing staff 6) We will continue to work with select specialist partner providers to offer provision
  31. 31. What We Will Do: We Will:- 7) Set individual, high and stretching targets for all of our Apprentices, both from an academic perspective and aspirational targets for their next career steps. We will closely monitor the progress with the aim of ensuring their learning develops as quickly as possible and Apprentices reach their goals as set out in the Individual Learning Plan. 8) Develop and extend our ‘Learner Voice Strategy’ to ensure our Apprentices’ voices are heard 9) We will enhance information, advice and guidance for Apprentices and their Employers, providing a ‘Learner Journey Pathway’ on their progression opportunities
  32. 32. Our Vision for Adult Education By 2021 there will be a very close and effective working relationship with the Combined Authorities and the Company. Our Adult Education provision will have been carefully planned and developed in partnership with Combined Authorities, Local Authorities, Job Centre Plus, Employers and Community Groups. Pathway Group will be recognised for the valuable contribution we make to changing the lives of adults in the local communities we operate in.
  33. 33. Our Vision for Adult Education Adult participation in learning will increase during the life of this plan, supported by our Adult Education allocation, Learning Loans and European Social Fund. An extensive network of Academy and Community based Essential Skills Programmes will support ‘hardest to reach’ adults. An increasing number of adults will engage in this provision, improving their essential and employability skills, gaining functional skills qualifications. Teaching and learning on our Adult Education programmes will be active, exciting, challenging and most of all inspiring.
  34. 34. What We Will Do: We Will:- 1) Be committed to supporting the learning needs of local adults 2) Be in “partnership” with Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Employers, Job Centre Plus and Community Groups we will develop and deliver an adult education programme which meets the needs of local people and local employers
  35. 35. What We Will Do: We Will:- 3) Launch a Business and Management Academy, Teacher Training Academy, Beauty School, Engineering Academy and continue to develop our Sector-Based Academy delivery to include Health and Social Care, Hospitality, Cleaning, Employability, Functional Skills and Warehousing and Logistics. 4) Further develop our destination and impact assessment methodologies to better assess the career impact of adults participating in our programmes
  36. 36. What We Will Do: We Will:- 5) Offer an extensive programme of English and Mathematics from Entry Level to Level 2. 6) Continue to support our community and reduce unemployment by working closely with Job Centre Plus to deliver employability programmes and sector based training 7) Use the expertise we have in our initial advice and guidance team to put in effective exit strategies for adults at the end of their programmes to ensure we maximise progression into positive outcomes
  37. 37. Our Vision for Commercial • By 2021 we will have developed an extensive library of regulated and non-regulated skills development programmes that are available to Employers and Individuals irrespective of their eligibility for funding. • We will provide high quality, cost effective, value added training and development opportunities to meet the needs of the local and regional economy.
  38. 38. Our Vision for Commercial • We will “partner” with Secondary Schools, Sixth Form Colleges and Further Education Colleges to develop and provide a suite of ‘soft skills’ development to ensure young people leaving education are equipped for the working world. • We will “partner” with local and regional Job Centre Plus to develop offers that remove barriers many long-term unemployed young people and adults face such as mental health, disabilities, disadvantaged backgrounds, care leavers, ex-offenders.
  39. 39. What We Will Do: We Will:- 1) Work closely with employers to develop skills development programmes that address the skills gaps identified 2) Launch a Leadership Development Programme addressing the shortage of leadership skills within businesses
  40. 40. What We Will Do: We Will:- 3) Develop a suite of Mandatory Training Units that are not eligible for delivery through funding streams and ensure these are cost effective and delivery is flexible for employers and learners alike 4) Effectively communicate the Commercial Training Strategy to all staff to ensure awareness and promotion 5) Collaborate with Partner Training Providers to create a comprehensive and flexible delivery offer
  41. 41. Developing Our People • We commit to developing our people internally for the majority of key positions and have key processes and programmes to do just that. Developing our people and building their skills is essential for the success of our business. • Effective Succession Planning
  42. 42. Developing Our People • Ingage – A Leadership Development Programme for all Leadership roles and ‘next steppers’ within the business • Staff Development Programme which begins at Performance Appraisal
  43. 43. Developing Our People • OTLA system to continue and evolve to a process that is more reflective and developmental • Staff development will be provided within curriculum areas which will address the bespoke requirements
  44. 44. Developing Our People • All teaching and learning staff will be upskilled to Level 5 • Quarterly Staff Development Days will be scheduled
  45. 45. Safeguarding and Promoting British Values • We will maintain our current effective arrangements to ensure we fully meet our statutory responsibility in relation to safeguarding. At the heart of this are comprehensive arrangements which enable staff to quickly identify any learners, or groups of learners, who are at risk. • As the company continues to grow, we will continue to develop and review safeguarding resources and procedures to ensure we are keeping our learners safe and we are effectively addressing the Prevent agenda.
  46. 46. Safeguarding and Promoting British Values • We will continue to promote positive and harmonious relations within our local communities and build on the excellent practice that exists. We will engage positively and energetically in local and regional initiatives such as the Prevent agenda. • We will ensure, through staff development that all staff will be confident in promoting equality and diversity, British Values and to be able to confidently address opposing views. • We will make better use of our e-learning platforms (in particular our virtual learning environment) to provide support for our learners and further training on keeping themselves safe.
  47. 47. Strategic Risks Funding We have no direct control over Government funding allocations but will continue to promote the value of funding further skills development. We will revise our plans in line with any reductions in public funding. We have a strong financial position and track record in responding to such changes Recruitment & Retention We will create new arrangements to attract and recruit industry specialists to deliver on key technical and professional programmes, through enhanced conditions of service. This will include a programme of dedicated recruitment activity targeted at specific shortage areas such as advanced manufacturing, advanced building technology and science and at higher skills levels.
  48. 48. Strategic Risks Leadership & Management Succession planning is in place to ensure that governance and executive leadership and management are highly effective. We will ensure our leaders, are well equipped to progress through the provision of structured opportunities for further development. Furthermore, our Ingage Programme equips our current and future leadership team with the confidence and competence to effectively manage in a turbulent sector. Curriculum Development We will continue to develop our curriculum offer to address the skills needs of the local and regional community.
  49. 49. Strategic Plan and Overarching Aim Strategic Plan Theme Strategic Plan Aim Learners To provide our Learners with the highest quality education and training and an experience to match Staff To recruit and retain high quality staff from within and from outside the sector Develop a comprehensive Workforce Development Strategy To establish a culture based on an excellent working environment that will in turn deliver safety, efficiency, productivity and sustained organic growth To promote positive attitudes of staff towards the company from an individual perspective To create a high-performance culture through regular and fair review and objective setting and creating the necessary linkages to financial and non-financial reward and benefits
  50. 50. Strategic Plan and Overarching Aim Teaching, Learning & Curriculum To provide a robust education and skills offer for local communities and beyond To support the economic regeneration of local communities through the development of an academic and vocationally relevant curriculum To be responsive to the rapidly changing education and skills world so that all of our students are equipped for the future. To provide our students with the highest quality education and training and an experience to match To achieve external recognition for the quality of teaching, learning and outcomes for learners The Learning Environment To provide inclusive learning environments for all our learners. To provide a safe and friendly environment for all
  51. 51. Strategic Plan and Overarching Aim Equality, Diversity & Safeguarding To foster a culture of respect, equality and safety for all Governance, Management & Value for Money To provide a service for local communities and beyond that provides value for money. To work effectively with all stakeholders to promote a culture of ambition and continuous improvement. To improve and grow through mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.
  52. 52. Employee Recognition Awards
  53. 53. Nominations: Keeley Shuttleworth Moshin Moosa Clare Stewart Michelle Hogg “You Make a Difference Award”
  54. 54. “You Make a Difference Award” Winner Moshin Moosa
  55. 55. “Certified Smile Maker Award” Nominations: Bob Clarke Hannah Patel Moshin Moosa Solomon Wenlock-Smith Michelle Hogg Ramiz Rafiyev Molly Bolton
  56. 56. “Certified Smile Maker Award” Winner Michelle Hogg
  57. 57. “People’s Choice Award” Nominations: Kevin Ly Ahsan Husain Michelle Hogg
  58. 58. “People’s Choice Award” Winner Ahsan Husain
  59. 59. “Service Excellence Award” Nominations: Shirley Etheridge Rachel Wild Nosheen Akhtar Tracey Smith
  60. 60. “Service Excellence Award” Winner Rachel Wild
  61. 61. “Excellence in Leadership Award” Nominations: Ahsan Husain Mohammed Arfan Keeley Shuttleworth Jill Sheard Tracey Smith Kevin Ly
  62. 62. “Excellence in Leadership Award” Winner Keeley Shuttleworth
  63. 63. “Commitment to Changing Lives Through Skills and Work Award” Nominations: Andrea Carroll Moshin Moosa Rachel Wild Kevin Ly
  64. 64. “Commitment to Changing Lives Through Skills and Work Award” Winner Andrea Carroll
  65. 65. “Shining Star Award” Nominations: Mohammed Arfan Tamsin Waring Nick Bolton Kevin Ly Tracey Smith Ramiz Rafiyev
  66. 66. “Shining Star Award” Winner Nick Bolton
  67. 67. “Dream Team Award” Nominations: Employer Engagement Burslem Academy MIS & ILT HR Finance
  68. 68. “Dream Team Award” Winner Burslem Centre
  69. 69. “Executive’s Choice Award” Winner Ahsan Husain
  70. 70. Chairman’s Close