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BAME Apprentice Network - DEI Pledge

A pledge to increase ethnic diversity, equity and inclusion across the apprenticeship sector.

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BAME Apprentice Network - DEI Pledge

  1. 1. www.BAMEApprenticeNetwork.com info@bameapprenticenetwork.com 0121 708 0731 DEI PLEDGE
  2. 2. Introduction Unemployment impacting young people’s future employability and wages arising from the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic are well documented. As organisations look to restore their services it’s important that they embrace the need to become diverse and inclusive, that they transform their approach to talent attraction by drawing in people from the widest possible pool. Focusing not only on the workforce and leaders of today, but how they can inspire and provide opportunities for our talent of tomorrow. We believe that young people, no matter their background, should have equal access to the outstanding opportunities that Britain has to offer. This is why the BAME Apprentice Network is committed to being the conduit between education and business, promoting the importance of apprenticeships. In particular, highlighting the skills and talents of young people among the BAME communities. We believe that every organisation has a role to play in promoting apprenticeship diversity, and our Diversity Pledge is just one way in which employers can commit to creating more inclusive and progressive pathways into employment.
  3. 3. Our Vision We aim to level the playing field for people of all backgrounds to have equal opportunities within employment through the positive promotion of apprenticeship opportunities. We plan to transform how employers reach out, recruit, and progress their diverse workforce. Creating sustainability within diversity building culturally intelligent employers who have a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.
  4. 4. Rally corporate organisations and the business community to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace and wider community through focusing on advancing opportunities for talent. To publicly demonstrate a commitment to support the progression of people from BAME backgrounds by focusing on talent pipeline through apprenticeships. To provide a platform to share success stories that inspire future generations and initiate change. To acknowledge the importance of intersectionality through recognition that every individual has a unique difference and unique talent contribution to make. To raise awareness of the practical steps an employer can take to increase diversity, tackle social mobility, and narrow the skills gap, by providing more career opportunities. To build a powerful collective of employers who sign up to the Pledge, acting as agents of positive change. Our DEI Pledge Aims The aim of our pledge is to:
  5. 5. Pledge Principles Signatories of the Diversity Pledge commit to SIX core principles: 1. Take stock and take action Diagnose your DEI position and develop a clear strategy and take action to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. Be open, honest and transparent but willing to change, appoint DEI champions to encourage action across the organisation. 2. Engage in positive action and training Employers agree to take positive steps to engage in activities that will assist them in making a difference. Examples of positive action include setting up initiatives within your organisation to raise cultural awareness as well as DEI staff training and management training. 3. Recruit from and engage with BAME communities Get involved in initiatives that take place in local communities, speak to your existing diverse talent, identify new opportunities. Use the BAME Apprentice Network Jobs board to reach out to a BAME audience when marketing new vacancies. Reach out to schools in diverse communities. Run BAME engagement events and use the network to advertise them.
  6. 6. 4. Create BAME role models within your organisation You can’t be, what you can’t see, so it is important for organisations to promote their existing BAME talent. Nominating your existing talent for awards such as the BAME Apprenticeship Awards are a fantastic opportunity to create role models for your organisation. It is an opportunity for them to share their journey with a wider audience. 5. Support BAME talent with progression and training Provide extra internal support for your BAME talent or encourage them to actively participate in the network and attend professional development and networking events. Create a mentor scheme internally or support the BAME Apprentice Network mentor scheme. 6. Collaborate and share best practice Engage positively with other organisations and share best practice. The network provides an opportunity for peer to peer networking. Use the network’s news page to promote success stories and editorial pieces with guidance for other employers to follow.
  7. 7. Act steadfast in championing the Pledge Principles. Work positively towards implementing Pledge Principles in their organisation. Share best practice and engage in network activities. SIGN UP TODAY AND MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN By signing up to the DEI Pledge, employers agree to:
  8. 8. 1. Build relationships with schools and colleges, creating more visibility of employment pathways and skills requirements within your sector so that young people can make informed decisions about future careers. Recommendations for Success Creating an Inclusive culture that inspires the future generation and values people’s unique different requires a holistic approach together with the implementation of a range of inclusion initiatives. We have listed TEN steps organisations can take to create a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive workforce. 2. Provide access to structured work experience opportunities and/or quality apprenticeships. 3. Review the attraction processes to ensure that language, imagery and tonality are not discriminatory or inadvertently dissuade any groups applying. 4. Ensure that anyone involved in the hiring process has received appropriate training and understand the role they play in supporting the organisations' commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  9. 9. 5. Provide constructive feedback to all applicants who are unsuccessful at interview stage. This will serve to help the candidate to understand their strengths and areas of continued development. 6. Participate in opportunities to raise awareness of their business through community engagement. 7. Create platforms for role models to share their career journey, inspiring young people and encourage internal applications for more senior posts. 8. Develop reverse mentoring and peer to peer mentoring program to learn from the experiences of those of different ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or faith and from a different socio-economic background or living with a disability. 9. Create clear company values, placing people at the heart of what you do and bring them to life through everyday operational practices. 10. Create internal transparency about your company’s commitment to inclusivity and ensure that everyone understands the role and contribution that they play in shaping an inclusive culture.
  10. 10. Sign up and get involved The BAME Apprentice Network aims to change the landscape of DEI within apprenticeships, the Pledge has been designed to encourage and support employers with practical steps in becoming more Diverse, Equal, and Inclusive. We not only give you guidance to follow but also provide you with practical tools to use that will enable your organisation to meet the outcomes of the pledge. By signing up to our DEI Pledge, your organisation will be at forefront of change, making a meaningful difference to the lives of thousands of individuals from diverse backgrounds. You are showing the business community, your employees and those you are looking to recruit you are committed to the cause and are actively partaking in initiatives that will bring about change. To sign up to the Pledge, simply choose from our wide range of membership packages. Our packages provide added value options that will give you more opportunities to get involved with our activities and further advance your journey. For more information, or if you are interested in taking part in any of our programmes, please contact: kasim@thinkfest.co.uk
  11. 11. This Pledge has been created by Teresa Boughey, bestselling author of ‘Closing the Gap’ and Diversity & Inclusion Thought-Leader in partnership with the BAME Apprentice Network, a division of Thinkfest Limited. For guidance and instructions on how to increase DEI in the workplace please feel free to reach out to Teresa for more information and support. t: +44 1952 301302 m: +44 7970 778874 e: teresa@inclusion247.com w: www.inclusion247.com Teresa Boughey CEO Inclusion 247 TEDx Speaker | Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leader | Bestselling Author| Non-Executive Director| Media Commentator
  12. 12. www.BAMEApprenticeNetwork.com info@bameapprenticenetwork.com 0121 708 0731 It's time to act, time to unlock talent and time to close the diversity gap.