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  2. WHAT IS The art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing. It involves selecting typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space within letters pairs (kerning). Graphy Typo ?
  3. TYPOGRAPHY IS EVERYWHERE Type is a component of design that's ever-present in the world around us. Road signs, magazine covers, posters, TV ads, film, etc.
  4. LETS GO BACK IN TIME Pictographs Early Alphabets Phoenician Early Alphabets Roman
  5. BLUNDER!!!! Typeface Is a set of typographical symbols and characters. It's the letters, numbers, and other characters that let us put words on paper (or screen). A typeface is a family of fonts Font Is basically a complete character set within a typeface, often of a particular size and style. A font is one weight or style within a typeface
  6. Serif typefaces have small strokes/stems attached to the main strokes of characters. Serif typefaces are most often used for body copy in print documents, as well as for both body text and headlines online. Sans Serifs typefaces, on the other hand, lack serif details on characters. They are often more modern in appearance than serifs. SANS SERIF SERIF
  7. SERIF Old Style: Times New Roman, Garamond Transitional: Baskerville Modern: Bodoni Slab Serif: Rockwell SAN SERIF Grotesque: Franklin Gothic Transitional: Helvetica Humanist: Tahoma, Gill Sans Futura SCRIPT (formal & Casual): Edwardian Script ITC, Brush Script MT DECORATIVE: Merry Chritmas, STENCIL ORNAMENT: 2VABon,中x四%卫x四%6。
  8. Kerning: The space between two letters. Tracking(Letter Spacing): The space between words. Leading(Line Spacing): The vertical spacing between lines of text
  9. ROLE OF TYPOGRAPHY IN DESIGNING Helps clarify a message that the designer sends to an audience The properly selected font has a huge impact on getting a message across to an intended audience A poorly chosen font or bad typographic layout can detract from or even block the message all together
  10. Poor typography will prevent a reader from connecting with a design, and at worst may make your message illegible!
  11. BEST PRACTICES TO FOLLOW FOR GOOD TYPOGRAPHY DESIGN  Choose the right typeface and font  Do not use too many typefaces and fonts  Pay attention to space  Create a clear visual hierarchy  Use visual contrast wisely
  12. CHOOSING AND PAIRING FONTS Selecting and pairing fonts for a graphic design are two skills and art forms in and of themselves. The chosen font or fonts should fit the mood and tone of the message and be easily legible. Pair two different fonts within the same typeface CHOOSE TWO DIFFERENT TYPEFACES THAT CONTRAST WITH ONE ANOTHER
  13. Creativity is all about bending rules