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Winnipeg As Business Destination

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Winnipeg As Business Destination

  1. 1. Bon Voyage Hotel Winnipeg Report By: Jiachen Xi Jingyun Wang Preeti Bidwai Sachin Pandey Xuejie Chen Yufei Sun
  2. 2. ContentProfile of Tourist Attractiveness Access Recommethe city Destination To Business To ndation Travelers Infrastructure
  3. 3. Profile of The City Largest city & capital of Manitoba Seventh largest municipality of Canada Population of 730,000 plus One of the largest cities to of aboriginal people Highest Filipino population (10.2%) Extreme hemi boreal or humid continental climate Temperatures range between -12 degrees to +26 degrees Celsius Shares border with US
  4. 4. Tourist Destinations Popular destination for leisure, business, sport, art, history and cultural. Most tourists visit Winnipeg for leisure purposes (81%) which includes, visiting family and friends (40%), shopping (13%), other leisure purposes (28%) and for business travels (6%). Winnipeg’s tourism sector supports approximately 12,000 jobs and 900 businesses. Visitors activity in the pie chart 2009: (Winnipeg’s Visitors Profile, 2009)
  5. 5. Popular Attractions Canada Inns Winter Wonderland Winnipeg Art Gallery The Manitoba Museum Royal Canadian Mint Assiniboine Park Fort Whyte Alive McPhillips Station Casino
  6. 6. Attractiveness To Business Travelers Ranked third in a national survey of 25 city economies (Ross Romaniuk, 2011). Third-fastest growing economy among Canadas major cities Winnipeg was ranked as one of the least expensive locations to do business (KPMG, 2012) Economic base and regional Centre Known as an outstanding location for national and international conventions TIACs Rendez-vous Canada Canadian Tire Dealers Associations National Conference Canadian Psychological Associations Annual Convention Crystal Casino - first casino of Canada
  7. 7. Access To Infrastructure Transportation system is developed and well organized 1720 lane-kilometers of Regional streets, 5030 lane- kilometers of Local and Collector streets, 900 lane- kilometers of backstreets, and 196 bridges and structures. City generates 5 billion vehicle kilometers of travel, and 40 million urban goods movement trips per year (Transportation Services, 2012).
  8. 8. Transportation Airport - James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, St. Andrews Airport & Winnipeg/Lyncrest Airport. Winnipeg is served by different companies who provide railway transportation such as CN, CP and Central Manitoba Railway. Transit system serves to about 6000 bus stops in Greater Winnipeg through 68 routes. Main bus terminal Winnipeg Bus Terminal is located near the international airport Taxi services are one of the most preferred transportation as one-half of Winnipeg residents use taxi services
  9. 9. Recommendation Winnipeg to be first city for Bon Voyage Hotel’s expansion. There will be increase in tourism by 3% every year till 2015 (Winnipeg’s Visitors Profile, 2009). Winnipeg was ranked as one of the least expensive locations to do business (KPMG, 2012) One of the fastest growing economy among Canadas major cities Has lot to offer as tourist and business destination
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