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Get your teeth straighten | Dental Courses in India

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Dental Lasers makes painless dentistry a reality. It is a miracle tool when it comes to handling soft tissues and can also be selectively used technology for hard tissues.


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Get your teeth straighten | Dental Courses in India

  1. 1. Braces are a collective term used for orthodontic treatment comprising of three components which are brackets and wire and elastics. Brackets are small, square shaped clips that are attached to the superficial surface of tooth, and wire is inserted between these brackets and elastic hold wire to the brackets which apply the pressure to align the teeth. There are different types of bites when it comes to dentition aspect which should be harmonious with the appearance of a person. In ideal bite, the upper front teeth are slightly in outward position which overlaps the lower front teeth in both horizontal and vertical position when they meet is termed as Occlusion. What are braces?
  2. 2. When this isn’t present in a person, it’s considered to be a Malocclusion, and there are several divisions explaining different types of Malocclusion. CLASS I is generally for ideal occlusion. CLASS II is where front teeth are in far outward position with the lower teeth with far back position and gives a protruded look. CLASS III upper teeth are in too back position and lower teeth are in forward position giving edge to edge look.
  3. 3. There are other types of bite other then these, namely CROSSBITE where one or more lower teeth overlap the upper teeth in front or in back, DEEP BITE where upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth far too much and lower teeth touch the palate, OPEN BITE where sometimes back teeth meet and front teeth are apart or front teeth meet and back teeth are apart from lower teeth. Figure: Cross bite Figure: Deep bite
  4. 4. There are many reasons for the Malocclusion including genetic disorder, result of an accident, sometimes bad habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting etc. Facts: Orthodontic care is for everyone with good bone support. It was considered that only teenagers and children can benefit out of it but it’s not true. Anyone not happy with their smile can go for orthodontic treatment. If your dentist asks you to go through few extractions and you are not sure about it, consult another dentist for your satisfaction.
  5. 5. Always be well informed about the treatment, its limitations and precautions. Braces are small brackets attached to the front surface of the teeth with a bond and it is accompanied by a stainless steel wire with elastic attached to it to apply pressure on teeth to give results. When the treatment is done, an appliance made of acrylic is given to wear for a certain amount of time to sustain the result for long period of time. There are plenty other options in braces itself designed for the convenience of the patients, so you can ask your dentist and choose the option according to your wish.
  6. 6. The brackets are metal in nature and the wire itself is also metal so hence they are known as Metal braces. They are most conventional and least expensive orthodontic treatment compared to other options that is why it’s more the popular and chosen orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth. Metallic braces
  7. 7. Ceramic braces are known for their brackets color being same as teeth color so they are partially not visible. The wire is inserted into these brackets held by elastics to apply the pressure. These are most widely accepted and favorable choice of treatment. Ceramic braces
  8. 8. Lingual braces totally invisible as they are placed on the inside of teeth irrespective of other braces which are placed on outside of teeth. These types of braces are completely invisible but it comes with its own disadvantages and advantages. These braces are irritating to tongue as they are on inside and only few people opt for Lingual braces. Lingual braces
  9. 9. Invisalign Braces are new concept in the field of orthodontics. These are actually not braces but plastic clear trays those are removable and causes very less discomfort to the patient. They generally go under the name of ALIGNERS and patients having simple cases of crooked teeth are easily treated by them. Invisalign Braces/ Smile aligners
  10. 10. For more information, you can book an appointment at  Dr Sachdeva’s Dental Aesthetic And Implant Institute , I-101, Ashok Vihar Phase 1, Delhi- 110052 Contact us at Phone : +919818894041, 01142464041 Our Websites: www.sachdevadentalcare.com www.dentalcoursesdelhi.com www.dentalimplantindia.co.in Email :- drrajatsachdeva@gmail.com , surgicalmasterdelhi@gmail.com