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Lessons from Gorgias: How to Close your First 1000 Customers Based Solely on Data

Gorgias helps brands automatically respond to basic questions, and track the impact of customer service on sales so support becomes a profit center. Join CEO Romain Lapeyre as he walks you through how to close your first 1000 customers based solely on data.

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Lessons from Gorgias: How to Close your First 1000 Customers Based Solely on Data

  2. 2. Closing your first 1000 customers solely based on data Romain Lapeyre CEO Gorgias @Romain_Lapeyre
  3. 3. The goal Where to find 950 new customers?
  4. 4. Build a growth engine INPUTS Trade shows Email campaigns Partnerships Content OUTPUTS Value ARR
  5. 5. Find who should buy from you TOTAL 600k accounts QUALIFIED 60k accounts READY 1k accounts Outbound to warm leads Trade shows Partners
  6. 6. Result: a repeatable lead-gen machine Expected ARR $250k $50k outbound $175k trade shows $25k other TIPS ● Find buying intent data, store it in your CRM ● Measure input+output of marketing initiatives, or stop the initiative
  7. 7. Sales: tailor the closing process Deal size $20,000 Previous Zendesk helpdesk Status Trial Apps Shopify, ReCharge Source Events Sunski San Francisco → Suggest integrations → Adapt the pitch → Marketing gets credit → Assign right AE
  8. 8. Result: 3x close rate 50% close rate TIPS ● Enrich leads before the demo ● Assign deals to the right AE ● Automatically move deals in your CRM
  9. 9. Product & Success: personalize onboarding Apps Shopify, ReCharge Engagement Low CSM call Not booked Sunski San Francisco
  10. 10. TIPS ● Tailor onboarding ● Put your sales team in the product ● Focus low churn marketing channels Result: 95% of customers activate
  11. 11. How does it work behind the scenes? Sunski San Francisco Database Growth dashboard 4m ARR 70% revenue from trade shows
  12. 12. Result: Get unified view of the customer Visited our booth at Shoptalk 2018 Installed competitor app Created an account on Gorgias Started a subscription Apps Shopify, ReCharge Source Events Previous Zendesk helpdesk Est deal size $20,000 Engagement High Sunski San Francisco
  13. 13. $5k ACV 50 NPS Negative churn → double down 🚀 $2k ACV 30 NPS 2% net churn Result: full pipeline analytics Expected ARR $250k $25k other $50k outbound $175k trade shows
  14. 14. That’s how we got to 1000 customers
  15. 15. Build a data-driven culture Start today Track everything, build a company-wide data hub Empower your team to decide using data • Analytics tools are for everyone • 1 employee dedicated to the growth stack • Kill spreadsheets → Learn SQL (auto-refresh!) • Each team’s OKRs are on a dashboard 1 2 3
  16. 16. THANK YOU We’re hiring → romain@gorgias.io