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Break Through the Noise: B2B Social Media Marketing - #SMBMSP94 Event

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With a limited budget and so many new ways to leverage social media, how do you break through the clutter and get your message in front of the people that matter, the people that convert? In this session, we’ll explore a hyper-targeted B2B content strategy that stems from months of social listening, weekly reporting, and loads of testing.
In this session you will learn:
Techniques to find your target audience
How to drive results with a scrappy budget
How to effectively launch an employee advocacy program to drive additional site traffic and awareness
When to ask for a budget increase based off clear data

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Break Through the Noise: B2B Social Media Marketing - #SMBMSP94 Event

  1. 1. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena B2B Social Media Marketing Driving results through organic, paid, and employee advocacy 01
  2. 2. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena
  3. 3. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena WHO DAT?
  4. 4. SocMed PRO - Presentation Name Goes Here About MentorMate A Complex Software Development Company B2B COMPANY Creating software solutions globally for clients since 2001. Working with small to large organizations. WE CAN’T BRAG Most of our cool projects can’t be discussed publicly. Everything is custom. SOCIAL WASN’T WORKING Leadership couldn’t see the value in social - needed a lot of convincing. Who wants this job!? 02
  5. 5. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena The Mission Likes/Followers Impressions Traffic/Leads Used to be great for reach until we entered pay to play A mysterious number that sounded amazing but meant blah Language everyone speaks and fills the ROI bucket 03
  6. 6. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena HOW HOW
  7. 7. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Create a content strategy centered around THEM… not YOU. 04 1
  8. 8. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena EBOOKS Define Your Content Strategy BLOGS VIDEO Once a quarter Primary CTA Trending topic Value based SlideShare Once a week Ties to CTA Repurposed Authored Researched Once a week Ties to CTA Trending topic Facebook/YouTube Humanizes brand 05
  9. 9. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena
  10. 10. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena 13
  11. 11. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Content Marketing Model Plan Produce Publish Promote 1 2 3 4 Leverage social listening, search trends, market info, and your staff to determine future content needs Create high quality content that’s centered around value while ensuring your maintain a consistent production strategy Keep your audience coming back by sticking to a publishing schedule. Weekly is usually best for most orgs Dedicate at least a day/week to promote. This includes paid, organic, and employee advocacy 06
  12. 12. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Identify a custom distribution model that fits YOUR audience. 08 2
  13. 13. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Distribute Like a Boss Medium 10,000 reads & 150+ contacts LinkedIn 4,600 visits & 400+ contacts Twitter 2,025 visits & 70+ contacts Google+ 1,400 visits & 50+ contacts Facebook 1,100 visits & 10+ contacts Other Channels 2,500 visits 09
  14. 14. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Other Tools Tons of free communities to engage in. slofile.com is a site to find communities based on your interests. slack 10
  15. 15. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Other Tools Answer questions that tie to your blog content. After providing value, include CTA link to learn more Quora 11
  16. 16. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Other Tools Give your employees access to a simple tool to share content and reach a broader organic audience Employee Advocacy 12
  17. 17. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Brand Organic Reach in 2016
  18. 18. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Employee Advocacy Organic Reach in 2016 14
  19. 19. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Launching Employee Advocacy 15 Findthe righttool Givefood Be transparent
  20. 20. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena
  21. 21. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena
  22. 22. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena Track everything. Seriously…track everything! 16 3
  23. 23. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena
  24. 24. Dark Social accounts for 70% of social media sharing activity
  25. 25. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena URL Site you’re driving to Campaign Source Targeted social network Campaign Medium “Social Media” Urchin Tracking Module 18 Campaign Name “Unique identifier description”
  26. 26. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena
  27. 27. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena REWIND
  28. 28. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena 🔑 Create a Content Strategy Keep your audience engaged with valuable content 1 2 Distribute Content Masterfully Combine organic, paid, and employee advocacy for maximum results 3 Track everything Don’t allow your efforts to be filed into “Direct” vs “Social” as a source. Use UTM tracking
  29. 29. #SMBMSP94 - @iRyanPena This is the end 22 @MentorMate @iRyanPena