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Bannerstand Abb

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116.5" x 82.75" Bannerstand for ABB to use at Tradeshows.

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Bannerstand Abb

  1. 1. This was a 3 section bannerstand 116.5” x 82.75”. It was printed on thin fabric, and rolled in a tube for easy storage and transportation. Itʼs purpose was a backdrop for the Tradeshows that ABB attended. The clouds were painted. All other parts were taken from various photos. You can see the original photos on page 2. After arranging the subjects in photoshop, they were taken into illustrator for illustration. Then brought back into photoshop for final lighting effects.
  2. 2. These are the original pictures used to create the bannerstand artwork. Some pictures were very low quality, however the illustrated effect was very forgiving and allowed the usage of practically any size photo. Each of these photos was clipped out and placed in photoshop on separate layers.