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Salon für kunstbuch Vienna (AT) - June2012

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Laurence Aëgerter & Ronald van Tienhoven
Tristes Tropiques: Illustrations hors texte

On June 17, 2012, Salon für Kunstbuch, a Viennese venue dedicated to the presentation and distribution of artist's books, presented 'Tristes Tropiques: Illustrations hors texte' at the Museum 21er Haus. My lecture revolved about the perception of westerners vis ä vis 'The Other', and vice versa.


Publicada em: Design, Negócios, Tecnologia
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Salon für kunstbuch Vienna (AT) - June2012

  1. 1. AHUT
  2. 2. (OTTO FINSCH)
  3. 3. Bronislaw Malinowski(the sexual life of savages in northwestern melanesia)
  5. 5. THEOTHER:
  6. 6. ISBN 978-1-84467-416-9
  7. 7. The film unit of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies documenting a restricted men’s ceremony (The image has been overlain with a 21st century sensibility)
  8. 8. J O HNFRUM
  9. 9. J O HNFRUM
  10. 10. THEOTHER:
  11. 11. Tristes Tropiques is a memoir, first published in France in 1955by the anthropologist and structuralist Claude Lévi-Strauss.It documents his travels and anthropological work, focusingprincipally on Brazil. Although ostensibly a travelogue, the workis infused with philosophical reflections and ideas linking manyacademic disciplines, such as sociology, history, and literature.Lévi-Strauss’ reflections regarding the life of Brazilian indiansin a rapidly changing society, and the transformation in people’sperception vis-à-vis other cultures throughout the 20th centuryled us to use Tristes Tropiques as conceptual and visual point ofreference for our art project in Kunsthuis SYB, in the Frysianvillage of Beetsterzwaag.Thursday, September
  12. 12. tupi-kawahib nambikwara bororo caduveofour tribes visited by Lévi-Strauss during his travels through Central Brazil
  13. 13. tupi-kawahib caduveo bororo nambikwara four brasilian tribes ‘relocated’ in the Frysian village of Beetsterzwaag
  14. 14. Claude Lévi-Strauss - Tristes Tropiques Éditions Plon, Paris, 1955
  15. 15. Claude Lévi-Strauss 1908-2009
  16. 16. The making of
  17. 17. THEOTHER:
  18. 18. Text ‘written’ by a Nambikwara man - mimicking Claude Lévi-Strauss’ notes Brasil, 1935
  19. 19. Nambikwara suffering from eye inflammation, a few days after the notes written by the Nambikwara man Brasil, 1935
  20. 20. Fin