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  1. 1. Text 1 Singapore April 29, 2005 Dear Readers, Ever since I became Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Reader’s Digest six months ago, I’ve been dying to share some exciting news with you. After being based in Australia for almost a decade, our editorial office has moved to Singapore, bringing it back to Asia in these exciting and important times. Over the coming months you’ll see the difference our move makes in a hundred little ways. We’ll still deliver the window on the world you’ve come to expect, but being in the heart of Asia will allow us to make our local content more … well … local. The magazine will continue to be an engaging mix of inspirational and informative stories, but the local stories will be more chicken rice than spaghetti and meatballs. Starting with this month’s poll on the things that irritate us – we traveled all the way to Shanghai to get a truly pan-Asia view point – we plan to put more Asian voices into the magazine in 2007. My personal new year’s resolution is to meet as many of you, our readers, as possible this year to hear what type of magazine you’d like to see each month. Reader’s Digest is all about the basic things that make us human – our thirst of knowledge, our emotions, our desire to make a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. I am excited about being able to bring all these things and more home to you each month; to help you rediscover the joys of life in Asia. Sincerely yours, Hans Editor in Chief (Source: Reader’s Digest, January 2006 Edition) Answer with suitable verb! 1. 2. 3. 4. Who is the sender of this letter? a. Han,s b. Hans c. Han d. Har e. Hars Who is the letter dedicated to? a. writers b. singers c. audiences d. listeners e. readers When did he officially become editor-in-chief? a. six months ago b. seven month ago c. eight months ago d. nine month ago e. ten months ago Where is the editorial office located? a. Australia b. Shanghai c. Singapore d. Asia e. Jakarta 5. What is Reader’s Digest all about? a. important things b. cruel things c. basic things d. tyranny things e. unimportant 6. What is the a. b. c. d. e. 7. Diery a. b. c. type of the text? Narrative Descriptive Recount Procedure News item and Fikri _____ shopping yesterday. They _____ shopping last Monday. didn’t go – went go – go went – go
  2. 2. d. e. didn’t – go don’t – went 8. It _____ rain right now. The rain _____ a few minutes ago. a. wasn’t – stopped b. isn’t – stopped c. isn’t – stopped d. didn’t – stopped e. isn’t – stop 9. We _____ late for the movie last night. The movie _____ at 7, but we _____ a. was – started – will not didn’t arrive b. were – started – didn’t arrive c. are – started – will not d. weren’t – started – e. were – starts – didn’t arrive 10. Tom _____ not in his office yesterday. He _____ not go to work. a. did – was b. is – do c. do – was d. does – was e. was – did Boulder : (11) you at the meeting yesterday? Brian : What meeting? Boulder : (12) you forget about the meeting? Brian : I guess so what meeting. Boulder : The meeting with the president of the company. Brian : Oh, now I remember. No, I (13) there, (14) you? 11. a. did b. were c. do d. was e. are 12. a. were b. do c. was d. are e. did 13. a. wasn’t b. didn’t c. weren’t d. don’t e. am not 14. a. did b. were c. do d. was e. did Gaby : Where __(15)__ you yesterday? Pita :I (16) at the zoo. Gaby : (17) you enjoy it? Pita : Yes, but the weather (18) very hot. I tried to stay out of the sun. Most of the animals (19) in their houses or in the shade. The sun (20) too hot for them, too. They (21) not want to be outside in the hot sun. 15. a. did b. are c. do d. were e. was 16. a. did b. are c. do d. were e. was 17. a. did b. are c. do d. were e. was 18. a. did b. are c. do d. were e. was 19. a. did b. were c. are d. do e. was 20. a. did b. were c. was d. do e. are 21. a. did b. were c. was d. do e. are Text 2
  3. 3. Diary of a student name Tyra June 3rd, 2006 Dear diary, Today is my first day as a college student at UNCLA. I feel really excited, it seems like just yesterday I started my high school, but now is my time to begin my new life in college. I really hope that everything will be okay today, because I don’t expect something bad will happen and ruin my day. Oh, I really hope NOT… June 4th, 2006 Yesterday wasn’t a good start for me. Something came up and ruined my entire mood for that day. I wasn’t pleased with my new beginning of college’s life. Honestly, I doubted whether I could survive in dealing with people in this college. But, HEY, I have to survive, right? Although the are cruel and ignorant, but I can do this! P.S: I really miss my hometown buddies… wish they were here… June 7th, 2006 Dear diary, Sorry I skipped telling stories these few days. It’s because I have a bunch of assignments to do. Well, I guess the old saying is right; college is fun and also tiring. Yeah right… now I know why they said so. But, the good news is… I have made some friends. Thank goodness they’re nice and friendly. 22. Where is Tyra studying at? a. Oxford b. Yale c. UNCLA d. UI e. UNJ 23. When did Tyra started her first day as a college student? a. June 3rd, 2006 b. June 1st, 2006 c. July 3rd, 2006 d. July 1st, 2006 e. June 4th, 2006 24. How did Tyra feel about her first day at college? a. pleasant b. unpleasant c. terrific d. awful e. great 25. What was Tyra hoping at her first day in college? a. something terrible b. something unpleasant c. something ruin d. something pathetic e. something nice 26. According to Tyra’s opinion on June 4th, what kind of people that she’s dealing with in the college? a. ignorant and cruel charismatic b. ignorant and cute c. ignorant and calm d. ignorant and e. ignorant and charming 27. When did Tyra miss her hometown best friends? a. June 4th, 2007 b. June 5th, 2007 c. June 5th, 2006 d. June 4th, 2006 e. June 7th, 2006 28. How did Tyra feel about her college life lately? a. cute and friendly b. charming and friendly c. charismatic and friendly d. nice and cruel e. nice and friendly 29. What’s the good news that Tyra shared to her diary on June 7th? a. She had made some friends b. She have made some friends
  4. 4. c. d. e. She have made some friends She has made some She is has made friends 30. What is the type of the text? a. narrative b. recount c. descriptive d. procedure e. news item Text 3 The Legend of Minos, King of Crete Once upon a time there lived a very famous king, named the King of Crete. He had a monster, which was half bull and half man. He ordered Daedalus, a craftsman from Athens, to build a labyrinth in order to house the monster. When Daedalus finished his work, he wanted to leave Crete. But the king would not let him go. Daedalus escape through the air by using wings fixed to his body with wax. He also made wings for his son, Icarus and made him fly behind himself. But the son was so glad and excited that he soon went too high. As he flew nearer to the sun, it got warmer and warmer until at last the wax melted and his body fell down into the sea near Troy. The 31. a. b. c. d. e. sea is now called the Icarian Sea. Who was Deadalus? a monster from Athen a king from Athen a craftsman from Athen The King of Crete a man from Athen 32. a. b. c. d. e. What happened to him? He was ordered to build a labyrinth He was ordered to build a house He was order to build a labyrinth He was order to build a house He was orders to build a labyrinth 33. a. b. c. d. e. How did Deadalus escape from the king? by car by plane by water motorcycle by air 34. a. b. c. d. e. Who was Icarus? His daughter His son His step son His mother His father 35. a. b. c. d. e. What is the type of the text? narrative descriptive recount procedure news item Answer the question with suitable pronoun! They own these books. These books belongs to These books are (38) . (36) . These are 36. a. Theirs b. Thems c. Them d. Their e. They 37. a. Theirs b. Thems c. Them d. Their e. They (37) books.
  5. 5. 38. a. Theirs b. Thems c. Them d. Their e. They Everything is going fine. I like (39) new apartment very much. Its large and comfortable. I like my roommate, too. (40) name is Emil. You will meet (41) when you visit (42) next month. He is from Colombia. He is studying English, too. (43) classmates. (44) classmates last semester, too. We share the rent and the utility bills, but (45) don’t share the telephone bill. 39. a. me b. mine c. I d. My e. My self 40. a. He b. His c. him d. He is e. His 41. a. Them b. Her c. Him d. Me e. Us 42. a. Me b. Mine c. I d. My e. My self 43. a. we were b. we are c. They were d. They are e. We 44. a. we were b. we are c. They were d. They are e. They 45. a. Our b. us c. we d. ours e. ourselves 46. Diery : Hello, I’m Diery. I’m a new here. Anggi : _____, Diery. I’m Anggi. a. Pleased to see you b. How are you c. Thank you d. I’m fine e. How do you do 47. a. b. c. d. e. It was a boring weekend. I _____ anything. weren’t doing don’t do didn’t do doesn’t do wasn’t do 48. a. b. c. d. e. Ryan looks helthier _____ surgery. since while after until before 49. I fall a. b. c. d. e. Please stay with me _____ asleep. since while after until before 50. Check your assignment again! _____ you give it to me. a. since b. while c. after d. until e. before