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7 Facebook Ad Secrets to Supercharge Your Business

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Download Dennis Yu's Webinar presentation on the 7 Facebook Ad Secrets to Supercharge Your Business.

May 9th, 2013

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7 Facebook Ad Secrets to Supercharge Your Business

  1. 1. 7 Facebook Ad Secrets toSupercharge Your BusinessPresented byDennis Yu: dennis@blitzmetrics.com / @dennisyu
  2. 2. 2Facebook is an addiction Photo byStewart Quealy@dennisyu
  3. 3. 3“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range ofthought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, becausethere will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever beneeded, will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly definedand all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. … Every year fewerand fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller.- George Orwell, 1984@dennisyu
  4. 4. 4@dennisyuMarketers have unprecedentedcapabilities in targeting & measurement
  5. 5. 5@dennisyu1CUSTOM AUDIENCE TARGETINGLet the CAT Out!Let the CAT out of the bag!
  6. 6. 6Target your opportunities with CAT.@dennisyu
  7. 7. 7@dennisyu2FACEBOOK EXCHANGE (FBX)Remarketing bridges the gap from visitor to customer.Dennis Yu on Ads Impact on Organic, Facebook Retargeting, and Local Business
  8. 8. Recapture users who visited your site,but didn’t enter their zipcode.@dennisyu
  9. 9. Show your site visitors your ads on the web.@dennisyu
  10. 10. How Facebook Exchange (FBX) Works:@dennisyu
  11. 11. 11@dennisyu3FACEBOOK SEARCH ADSGo search Facebook for “LogMyCalls”.Facebook Ad Optimization Tips with Dennis Yu
  12. 12. 12Target people by the companies they work for…Dental Equipment Manufacturer:Software Technology Start-Up@dennisyu
  13. 13. And by job title.13@dennisyu
  14. 14. 14311,940 people who live in the United States who live in New Orleans, LA age 18 and older40 people who live in the United States who live in New Orleans, LA age 18 and older who work at Entergy Services, Inc.Workplace targeting is the most unparalleled featureFacebook marketers have at their fingertips.@dennisyu
  15. 15. 15Carri BugbeeSocial Media MarketingStrategist/OwnerBig Deal PR, Inc.“You cant get very far starting out on Facebookright now without spending $$ on advertising.Its no longer possible to build critical masswithout that. Its pay for play. And dependingupon the type of business, youll probably needto offer deals now and then. FB definitelyrequires a bigger investment.”@dennisyu
  16. 16. 16@dennisyu4PAGE POST ADS +SPONSORED STORIES COMBOHow I Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns In 15 Minutes Per Day
  17. 17. 17Holly wood is asking:“Is Facebook worth it?”Read the LA Times article here.@dennisyu
  18. 18. 18We analyzed 9 billion page posts over a 60-dayperiod before and after the change.@dennisyu
  19. 19. 1972% of movies and network TV shows have experienceda drop in the number of people who see their posts.@dennisyu
  20. 20. 2023% of the biggest studio pages sawa reduction in “engaged” users.@dennisyu
  21. 21. 21The largest pages lost 45% of their traffic,followed by 36% for medium sized pages.@dennisyu
  22. 22. 22Facebook Expert Dennis Yu on BreakingEdgerank & Creating Kick-A** AdsBreak Through EdgeRank Organically@dennisyu
  23. 23. 23What we know for sure:Running ads gives an organic algorithmic boost…Sponsored Story – Page Likes Sponsored Story – Page Posts@dennisyu
  24. 24. 24By increasing the organic and viral components.@dennisyu
  25. 25. 25Nathan LatkaCo-Founder, CEO at Heyo"The best word of mouth comes from tangibleevents where consumers connect with yourbrand. Use these events as catalysts to drivesocial world of mouth and amplify engagement.@dennisyu
  26. 26. @dennisyu26For example, during a live webinar, we ask ourcommunity to engage with us through comments on apinned Facebook status update therefore increasing thereach of the page and PTAT. As follow up, theyll thenvouch for the thought leadership we provide through aFacebook milestone which serves as world class socialproof for the webinar and the Heyo product."
  27. 27. 27@dennisyu
  28. 28. 28Ali MostofianFounder | CEO at Orange Marketing:Digital Marketing and Strategy“Now you can manipulate any sponsored postsright through your Ads Manager on Facebook!You can change duration, time and also set upyour own budget! Just click on boost post onyour fan page, choose any budget, go to AdsManager and edit your ad...Pretty nice and works well!”@dennisyu
  29. 29. 29@dennisyu5NEVER PROMOTE A POSTIMMEDIATELYWhy search PPC marketers are short-term thinkers
  30. 30. 30Mari SmithTop Social Media Influencer,Author, SpeakerYou want people to see that interaction is organic,not have the "sponsored" label. I typically wait afew hours since the last comment.@dennisyu
  31. 31. 31How Rosetta Stone optimizedfrom $21 a fan to $1.40 a fan andmillions in revenue.@dennisyuC A S E S T U D Y
  32. 32. 32@dennisyuOBSERVATION #1Use in-line likes.OBSERVATION #2:Write short wall posts.OBSERVATION #3:Ask questions.Don’t just make statements.
  33. 33. 33@dennisyuOBSERVATION #4:Run your acquisition,retention, and organiccampaigns at the same time.Observation #5:Branding is great,but revenue is better.
  34. 34. ROIAwareness: Amplifywhat actually worksto engage fans.Engagement: Onceusers are engaged,collect emails to increaseconversions.Conversion:Increasing socialvisits to your websiteincreases sales.34Social media is at the top of the funnel, so you are aligning yourmessaging with the levels of engagement along the way.@dennisyu
  36. 36. 36Dramatically increase conversion rates with this one trick:@dennisyuHave a like box next to the button.The world of open authentication is upon us – log in with your Google, Facebook, etc.
  37. 37. 37@dennisyuEmail Has a Counterpart
  38. 38. 38An email list subscriber is a fan.An open rate is newsfeed coverage.A click is a click. A share is a share.@dennisyu
  39. 39. 39@dennisyuTim AshREALLY LIKESBasecampCollect email and user info in one click.
  40. 40. 40The Most Amazing Thing You’ve Never Heard Of OnFacebook, If You’re a Direct Marketer@dennisyu7OFFSITE PIXELTrack Fan Behavior
  41. 41. 41@dennisyuMeasure the ROI and success of ad campaignswith the offsite pixel.Create pixels that trackconversions, then add them to thepages on your website whereconversions happen.Conversion tracking also helpsshow ads to people most likely toconvert off Facebook.
  42. 42. 42How Marketo has seen their CostPer Lead drop to under $1.@dennisyuC A S E S T U D Y
  43. 43. 43Drive Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership@dennisyu
  44. 44. 44@dennisyuMicro-target B2B
  45. 45. 45Page Posts Drive Conversions@dennisyu
  46. 46. 46Drive Higher Quality Actions with Conversion Specs@dennisyu
  47. 47. 47@dennisyuExtra CreditTOP TIPS FROM BLITZ
  48. 48. 48Blitz Tips:• Search ads run to an iframed page with retargeting.• Search ads to steal competitor traffic.• Offsite pixel for CPA bidding.• Conversion specs used with Optimized CPM to optimize ad delivery forspecific actions.• Place ads in mobile for maximum engagement.• Onion Targeting is smart interest multiplication.• Prune ads with broad category targeting.• Partner Targeting to run ads based on user’s shopping behavior.• PTAT to detect competitive ad spend.• Facebooks Power Editors special features.• Target users by the companies they work for and by job title.
  49. 49. 49• Let the CAT out of the bag!• Dennis Yu on Ads Impact on Organic,Facebook Retargeting, and Local Business• Facebook Ad Optimization Tips with Dennis Yu• How I Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns In 15 Minutes Per Day• Is Facebook worth it? Film execs confide they may cut movie ads• Facebook Expert Dennis Yu on Breaking Edgerank & Creating Kick-A** Ads• Why search PPC marketers are short-term thinkers• The Most Amazing Thing You’ve Never Heard Of On Facebook, If You’re aDirect MarketerA Few Dennis Yu Articles
  50. 50. 50Tips from the Pros:• You can’t get very far on Facebook without spending money onadvertising. It’s pay or play. FB definitely requires a bigger investment.– Carri Bugbee, Big Deal PR• The best word of mouth comes from tangible eventswhere consumers connect with your brand.– Nathan Latka, Heyo• Now you can manipulate any sponsored postsright through your Ads Manager on Facebook!- Ali Mostofian, Orange Marketing• Never promote a post immediately. You want people to see thatinteraction is organic, not have the “sponsored” label.- Mari Smith, Top Social Media Influencer
  51. 51. 51Grab your copy of ourFacebook Training GuideAND beta Social Dashboard!Join Blitz at ConversionConference Chicago!June 11th – 13th 2013Dennis YuCEO of BlitzMetricsdennis@blitzmetrics.com@dennisyu