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Rubber Internal Mixer Selection Questionnaire

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This criterion identification list is not exhaustive however it is definitely a good start if you are considering an internal rubber mixer purchase.

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Rubber Internal Mixer Selection Questionnaire

  1. 1. www.rubbermachineryworld.com Internal Mill Selection Questionnaire Page 1 of 1 INTERNAL MIXER SELECTION QUESTIONNAIRE Criterion Please Answer as Descriptively as Possible Production Requirement: ___________________ Tons/Hour ; ___________________ of 8 hour Shifts/Day What is your compound requirement? (Please tick)  Single Stage Mixing  Double Stage Mixing  Others If Others, please specify: Type of Mixer: (Please tick)  Tangential (Banbury® Type)  Intermeshing (Intermix® Type) Mixer Capacity: (Optional) ___________________ Liter Rotor Type: (if Tangential)  2-Wing  4-Wing (usually for >160 Liter Mixers Only)  6-Wing (usually for >270 Liter Mixers Only) Proposed for: (Please tick)  Master Batch  Finals  Both  Others If Others, please specify: Rotor Speed for Mixing: (RPM) (Please fill and tick) ___________________ RPM;  VFD Motor Required for variable speed Hopper Preference  Pneumatic Ram  Hydraulic Ram Gearbox (Please tick)  Unidrive (Gearbox to have single input shaft/double output shaft)  Semi Unidrive (Connecting Gear on Mixer) If you have any Service Factor (SF) specifications, note here or discuss with the manufacturer without fail. Details on any major components that are of abrasive or heat sensitive nature in your recipe (Required for correct material selection and wear protection technology) Any other inputs you wish to share on your need. (For example, brands of electrical, hydraulic components, or lubrication requirements, etc - Optional)