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Linear park

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Linear park

  1. 1. INEAR PARK-by SIMPLICITY Phares Phung Adam Pandor Su Bang Zheng Ng Chuan Kai Farah Hanisah Binti Zainol Brandon Liaw Jun Quan Chong Yi Hui Tutor: Shazreene Nurjanna Shamsuddin
  2. 2. What is a 
 Linear Park? - A park that is substantially longer than it is wide - Usually found next to rivers, canals or highways - In Cities, found in residential areas
  3. 3. Taman Jajar George Town, Penang Local Case STudy:
  4. 4. Location Map
  5. 5. HISTORY 8/17/15 - Founded by Francis Light when he founded Penang. - After Francis died, the public neglected to keep the park clean. - Was restored in 1990’s and maintained by Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP). - Open to public in 2004
  6. 6. CHARACTERISTICS - Approximately 250m long - Area of 3,500m² - Located along Air Itam River.
  7. 7. CONTEXTUAL STUDY 8/17/15
  8. 8. 8/17/15 SJK(T) Ramakrishna, Primary School Sri York Condominium, Residential Suffolk House Terrace Houses, Residential Methodist Boys’ School
  9. 9. Landscape features Bridge Jogging path Playground Tennis court
  10. 10. Natural ELEMENTS 8/17/15 Ornamental plants (Heliconias) RiverTropical rain trees
  11. 11. Activities Jogging Table tennis Cycling Playground Photographing Tennis
  12. 12. 8/17/15 International case study: Alexandra Canal Linear Park Singap ore
  13. 13. -Entrance
  14. 14. LOCATION Queenstown, Singapore
  15. 15. History - Launched by late Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 11 Nov 2007 - Opening ceremony on 19 Mar 2011. - Reconstruction of Alexandra Canal between Tanglin Road and Kim Seng Road ( 1997-2008 ). - Improve structural condition and avoid flood. - Maintained by Public Utilities Board(PUB) of Singapore.
  16. 16. Characteristics - 1.4 km long flat path - Approximate area of 112,000 m² - Built on top of a canal
  17. 17. CONTEXTUAL STUDY 8/17/15
  18. 18. Queenstown MRT Church of the Good Shepherd Masjid Jamek Queenstown Strathmore Green, Residential Queenstown Primary School Skyville Dawson, Residential Skyterrace Dawson, Residential Queenstown Secondary School
  19. 19. Landscape features Jogging path 5 unique playgrounds Butterfly garden Cycling trail
  20. 20. Play equipment -Echoes sound Rest place Dawson water terrace Skate park Landscape features
  21. 21. Natural Elements Heliconias Canal Golden Penda Dwarf Geometry Tree
  22. 22. Activities Cycling Playground Jogging Picnic Tai Chi Skateboarding
  23. 23. Reflection -Based on both case studies, both linear parks consist of unique elements such as canal and heliconia sp. -Both linear parks serve for functions such as recreation and to avoid flood. -Public should be more considerate and take care about the parks.
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