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Hci Presentation - PETIproject 0.1

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The team:

Alexandru Lucian Gînscă
Emanuela Boroș
Adriana Florea
Alexandru Metzak

Blog for project: PETI (Patient Eye Tracking Interface) for Human-Computer Interaction laboratory.

Publicada em: Tecnologia
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Hci Presentation - PETIproject 0.1

  1. 1. Patient Eye Tracking InterfaceThe team:Adriana Florea (ISS)Alexandru Metzak (ISS)Alexandru Gînscă (MLC)Emanuela Boroș (ISS)
  2. 2. ● patients with various motor and speech impediments or paralysis ● a system that helps them communicate with these kinds of patients ● the medical staff wants to determine where the pain is on a patients body ● an implementation of this system on a mobile device ● a protective application ● a new languagePatient Eye Tracking Interface
  3. 3. Principles ● Design for people with special conditions ● User-centered interface design ● The users expectations are considerably respected ● The human task of speaking is simplified for both types of personasPatient Eye Tracking Interface
  4. 4. ● Persona type: Patient with difficulties in both speech and movement.● Abilities: Understands the applications alphabet. Patient Eye Tracking Interface
  5. 5. ● Persona type: Medical staff● Abilities: Knows how to use the application and understands the main operations offered.● Job title: Nurse, doctor Patient Eye Tracking Interface
  6. 6. ● Persona type: Patient (with difficulties in both speech and movement) family/relatives● Abilities: Needs to communicate with the person and to learn how to use the app Patient Eye Tracking Interface
  7. 7. ● fast and reliable way for the disabled patient to communicate with the outside world ● two different interactions 1. grouping the letters of a specific language by their frequencies and by using just the patient’s blinking getting to the desired letter in just a few steps 3. an original language based on 6 possible eye gestures: eye open, eye closed, eye looking left, eye looking right, eye looking up, eye looking downPatient Eye Tracking Interface
  8. 8. Patient Eye Tracking Interface
  9. 9. Patient Eye Tracking Interface
  10. 10. Patient Eye Tracking Interface
  11. 11. Patient Eye Tracking Interface
  12. 12. Patient Eye Tracking Interface