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test plan

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test plan

  1. 1. Test Plan
  2. 2. IEEE TEST PLAN TEMPLATE:-  Test plan identifier:- A unique name by which the test plan may be identified and may include version information.  Introduction:- Summary of the test plan, including type of testing, level of testing any references to other documents, scope of testing and so on.  Test items :- The artifacts that will be tested.  Features to be tested :- The features or items of the specification that will be tested.
  3. 3.  Features not to be tested:- The features or items part of the specification that will not be tested.  Item pass/fail criteria:- This could be viewed as the criteria for completion of testing per this plan.  Suspension criteria and resumption requirements:-List the criterion for pausing or resumption of testing.  Test deliverables :-The artifacts created by the testing team that will be delivered as per this plan.
  4. 4.  Testing tasks :- The testing tasks involved, their dependencies if any, time they will take and resource requirements.  Environmental needs :- List needs such as hardware, software and other environmental requirements for testing.  Responsibilities :- List the people responsible for the various parts of the plan.  Staffing and training needs :- The people & skill sets needed to carry out the test activities
  5. 5. Schedule:- List the schedule dates when testing will take place. Risks and contingencies:- Identify the risks, likelihood and impact as well as possible mitigation steps. Approvals:-Sign-off by the stakeholders denoting agreement
  6. 6. Test Plan For Mobile Application  Introduction : o The document is to test the operating characteristics of an application that runs on mobile.  Test Plan and Strategy : o Following tests will be conducted in the process :  Unit Testing  System Testing  Regression Testing  Pass/Fail Conditions  Test Report
  7. 7.  Schedule : o Schedule will be decided in consultation with the project manager.  Risk : The following may impact the test cycle o Device Availability o Any new feature addition/modification to the application which is not communicated in advance.
  8. 8. Entry/Exit Criteria : Entry Criteria : o Development of the application is complete. o Resources are allocated. o Test environment is up and working. Exit Criteria : o All test results have been evaluated and accepted. o There are no high criticality defects unresolved or outstanding.
  9. 9. Deliverables :  Test Plan  Test Cases Document – Description and expected result for each test case.  Test Results – The Pass/Fail status of each test cases and the list of issues.