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Fa tconvo

  1. 1. [22:17] <FaT_SmOkE> well first off im sorry the way that all went down the other day.I had the liststuck in my head, and finn was thinking it was going to be the higher lvl will get now. with lani thopeople have been waiting for her for months and i know you work hard in getting up there so you can befirst on the list which any new list you will be like now you will be first to get a lich, you will be first[22:17] <FaT_SmOkE> to have a albron sitting in your locker for lvl 56.sorry that you had your hopes upfor her. I personaly felt the people who been the bigger 1 and because of the fact that lani isnt in her lairluckly 4 times a month. should still get what they was promised. I didnt promise anything to anyone,I wsjust told that lani was in, and because she sutch a rare thing i put my plans on hold and had[22:17] <FaT_SmOkE> people waiting on me. i have been slacking in getting kss and what not causecouldnt even fill the work load i had with her. I got my KS on laz at lvl 50 didnt get a Lani till lvl 70 and iwas 1 of 4 killing it and it was one hell of a fight of course like i did alot i wa sthe 1 to die thought wasgoing to get my unreplacveable nll armor poped but she wont pop it anymore. but anyhow know[22:17] <FaT_SmOkE> that it was nothing personal just i agree on hard work paying off but not when itcause someone to wait longer who as alrdy been promise this turn and been waiting patient for months. 01[22:20] <Ofc-Wrath> no big deal. whatever you wanna do... do.. itswhat you want in the end... not what the guild chose... so its fine ill try and see if kill or KAM can hookme up someday ill live..[22:20] <FaT_SmOkE> ill show you what i said in chat 01[22:20] <Ofc-Wrath> its fine no need[22:22] <FaT_SmOkE> ok be a kid about it bro have KAM kill it for you, how you feel i will nvr killanother think for you i help you all get the best gear to your lvl and thats really how you talk to me dam isee all my time has been wasted just to grow a future KAM 01[22:23] <Ofc-Wrath> no just the point is no matter how big i get orhow long i wait... i am still waiting for a ks... so that means of course i will always be last on the list andof course they will wait longer 01[22:24] <Ofc-Wrath> you have taken them and you keep forgetingwhen its time to do laz for me 01[22:24] <Ofc-Wrath> just like when you logged without a wordinstead of helping me 01[22:24] <Ofc-Wrath> and left lani to rot 01[22:25] <Ofc-Wrath> by time i am actually taken to get lani i wonteven need it anymore... 01[22:25] <Ofc-Wrath> plus i gave up my ks to crazy FOR YOU! loland i am paying the price lol 01[22:25] <Ofc-Wrath> i figured youd help me later but ya never did?
  2. 2. [22:25] <FaT_SmOkE> i did that shit months ago you dont understand i dont even fucking gain doingwhat i do everyday im lucky if i get a quirk but yet i am there not for me but for everyone else[22:25] <FaT_SmOkE> i had people sitting here 01[22:26] <Ofc-Wrath> and whats funny is herc dont even care about thedang lani lol 01[22:26] <Ofc-Wrath> he dont care one way or the other[22:26] <FaT_SmOkE> i tried to tell you but all i got was she mine she mine im the biggest im thebiggest 01[22:26] <Ofc-Wrath> where as im working my ass off and want it bad 01[22:26] <Ofc-Wrath> lol[22:26] <FaT_SmOkE> yea[22:26] <FaT_SmOkE> but im only 1 person[22:27] <FaT_SmOkE> i cant give my life to grow not myself and help myself but help others 01[22:27] <Ofc-Wrath> but my point is why give it to someone whodont even care to have it? and hes on like 2 or 3 times here and there at most[22:28] <FaT_SmOkE> cause point in matter is. they have been there and didnt have time to get you a KSyet[22:28] <FaT_SmOkE> i was in a hurry 01[22:28] <Ofc-Wrath> but my point is... how am i ever suppose to geton this list if i am never taken? 01[22:28] <Ofc-Wrath> its a flawed way of doing thing 01[22:28] <Ofc-Wrath> things[22:28] <FaT_SmOkE> you will tookin 01[22:28] <Ofc-Wrath> i cant even do anything to help? 01[22:29] <Ofc-Wrath> im just sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting toget what almost everyone else has O_O[22:29] <FaT_SmOkE> but now i guess KAM need to take you since thats who you want to kill for you.Like i dont do shit for you[22:29] <FaT_SmOkE> i gotr you one of the hardest things to get at lvl 50 to go on and just handed it toyou
  3. 3. [22:30] <FaT_SmOkE> str ignopt[22:30] <FaT_SmOkE> but i guess i dontr do a fucking thing for wrath 01[22:30] <Ofc-Wrath> i never said that, what im saying is id like to geta chance to get a lani robe eventually but instead we give it to people who dont even care to have it?[22:30] <FaT_SmOkE> i didnt know they didnt care 01[22:30] <Ofc-Wrath> this is why finn brought this up during themeeting 01[22:31] <Ofc-Wrath> noone wants this ks stuff but you 01[22:31] <Ofc-Wrath> thats why we brung it up 01[22:31] <Ofc-Wrath> but i thought it was handled? 01[22:31] <Ofc-Wrath> so did finn[22:31] <FaT_SmOkE> i just go by what i know and thats by who i took to get ks. i couldnt even getthose a lani why would i say hey wrath wann a get ks to wait 2 months for robe[22:31] <FaT_SmOkE> who takes on ks, you? finn? 01[22:32] <Ofc-Wrath> who takes on what?[22:32] <FaT_SmOkE> cant i catch a fucking break 01[22:32] <Ofc-Wrath> im going by what was said in meeting O_O[22:32] <FaT_SmOkE> who kills the laz lair? 01[22:32] <Ofc-Wrath> everyone thought it was that way 01[22:32] <Ofc-Wrath> except you[22:32] <FaT_SmOkE> ill show you meeting now 01[22:32] <Ofc-Wrath> i know i was there 01[22:32] <Ofc-Wrath> finn to[22:32] <FaT_SmOkE> read what i say 01[22:33] <Ofc-Wrath> every SDS person finn,tuko,and everyone i havetalked to thought it was by level now[22:33] <FaT_SmOkE> why there a issue when all i do is give i didnt get lani
  4. 4. 01[22:33] <Ofc-Wrath> your the only one who seemed to be suprised byit[22:33] <FaT_SmOkE> not on lani 01[22:33] <Ofc-Wrath> yes on lani 01[22:33] <Ofc-Wrath> ask finn man[22:33] <FaT_SmOkE> lani was a long wait for those who once where bigger then youi[22:34] <FaT_SmOkE> ok fine[22:34] <FaT_SmOkE> i wont be the giver i have been anymore i guess, time to work[22:34] <FaT_SmOkE> tghen i cant be blamed 1[22:34] <Ofc-Wrath> i wasnt blaming you lol i was questioning whythings changed 01[22:35] <Ofc-Wrath> your the only one who thought it was ks still[22:35] <FaT_SmOkE> yea cause those the only ones who can get in[22:35] <FaT_SmOkE> i cant get on game and just do what i wanna do sometimes? 01[22:36] <Ofc-Wrath> it isnt about that it was about EVERYONEthought lani was by levels now... not just me and finn 01[22:36] <Ofc-Wrath> and you were on to get lani 01[22:36] <Ofc-Wrath> thats why i got on[22:36] <FaT_SmOkE> im the guild bitch or what get this get that? i was busy handleing mormart andwhat not 01[22:36] <Ofc-Wrath> and then boom its nans?[22:36] <FaT_SmOkE> i didnt give to no one[22:36] <FaT_SmOkE> i seen a issue fuck it let it rot 01[22:36] <Ofc-Wrath> no not at all... you left it to rot and only 1 personcould get it 01[22:37] <Ofc-Wrath> nan 01[22:37] <Ofc-Wrath> herc left and i didnt have ks 01[22:37] <Ofc-Wrath> so it was chosen either way
  5. 5. [22:37] <FaT_SmOkE> i cant be on when i have people waiting i took time out of my day and other daywaiting on me to go work just to kill i didnt know i was kill laz and lani when i got on or i wouldnt of goton[22:38] <FaT_SmOkE> i was in hurry[22:38] <FaT_SmOkE> but you still just see poor me poor me[22:38] <FaT_SmOkE> you will get yours 01[22:38] <Ofc-Wrath> poor me?[22:38] <FaT_SmOkE> but fuck man do i get a fucking hey fat thanks for str ignot 01[22:39] <Ofc-Wrath> i say thanks everytime man and you act like idont do anything? 01[22:39] <Ofc-Wrath> i help every chance i get 01[22:39] <Ofc-Wrath> im grinding a barb i hate so i can solo lairs tohelp others[22:39] <FaT_SmOkE> nvr say you dont do anything 01[22:39] <Ofc-Wrath> me and lust paid like 60 bucks to get nansaccount on to keep him with us[22:39] <FaT_SmOkE> you saying im not doing enough i guess[22:40] <FaT_SmOkE> and now its not a gift but something to throw in my face[22:40] <FaT_SmOkE> ? 01[22:40] <Ofc-Wrath> no just something to remind you how selfish iam not[22:40] <FaT_SmOkE> and i am? 01[22:40] <Ofc-Wrath> no but you act like iam 01[22:40] <Ofc-Wrath> i know you a cool dude but i give you thatrespect im still waiting for mine 01[22:41] <Ofc-Wrath> all i hear you is saying i say poor me and poorme> 01[22:41] <Ofc-Wrath> ?[22:41] <FaT_SmOkE> no im not i acting like im getting bitch at for helping people in guild but becauseit wasnt you i have to hear this
  6. 6. 01[22:41] <Ofc-Wrath> no the problem was everyone but you agreed onsomething but fat didnt so it didnt happen 01[22:41] <Ofc-Wrath> i say we should vote AS A GUILD on the thingswe do[22:41] <FaT_SmOkE> ok 01[22:41] <Ofc-Wrath> like ks or level[22:42] <FaT_SmOkE> njo 1 voted[22:42] <FaT_SmOkE> no 1[22:42] <FaT_SmOkE> you wanna run guild? 01[22:42] <Ofc-Wrath> its not a dictatorship fat we all agreed why elsedid me and everyone thing it was by level now? 01[22:42] <Ofc-Wrath> except you?[22:43] <FaT_SmOkE> because i said lani i do by KS 01[22:43] <Ofc-Wrath> yes see? thats alot of ( I )[22:43] <FaT_SmOkE> i said yea by lvls a good idea[22:43] <FaT_SmOkE> i do the kiling[22:43] <FaT_SmOkE> i take the time[22:43] <FaT_SmOkE> fuck im done you all can have your fun GUILd 01[22:44] <Ofc-Wrath> ok now i know how it is.. problem solved iunderstand how we do things now lol i wont ask no more 01[22:44] <Ofc-Wrath> its your guild man its cool 01[22:44] <Ofc-Wrath> ill wait[22:44] <FaT_SmOkE> you makeing it that way[22:44] <FaT_SmOkE> not me 01[22:45] <Ofc-Wrath> kk 01[22:45] <Ofc-Wrath> its all good man no problems[22:45] <FaT_SmOkE> no it isnt[22:46] <FaT_SmOkE> all good
  7. 7. 01[22:46] <Ofc-Wrath> whys that?[22:46] <FaT_SmOkE> cause i have tried to help everyone and you take what i do personal 01[22:47] <Ofc-Wrath> because i work alot on this game i play waymore than i should so i can get the things i want... and the people who dont care or play still get it beforeme... because they were here first and got that ks first 01[22:47] <Ofc-Wrath> and the funny thing is lol my turn came andwent ...you asked me if crazy could jump in front of me on a ks and i said yes[22:47] <FaT_SmOkE> and i dont play alot[22:47] <FaT_SmOkE> i didnt finn did 01[22:48] <Ofc-Wrath> and he wasnt even a guildie lol[22:48] <FaT_SmOkE> i said no to crazy i said MYTH can kill for him[22:48] <FaT_SmOkE> you got me confused 01[22:48] <Ofc-Wrath> you asked me if crazy could have ks[22:48] <FaT_SmOkE> i nvr asked you[22:48] <FaT_SmOkE> i diodnt 01[22:48] <Ofc-Wrath> to try and convert him to real[22:48] <FaT_SmOkE> not me 01[22:48] <Ofc-Wrath> one sec ugh...ill get the history[22:48] <FaT_SmOkE> finn said he asked you and you said was cool 01[22:48] <Ofc-Wrath> im for sure the name FAT asked me in mric 01[22:48] <Ofc-Wrath> FaT*[22:49] <FaT_SmOkE> nope[22:49] <FaT_SmOkE> but call me aliar 01[22:49] <Ofc-Wrath> either way finn or you i figured it was a guildchoice 01[22:49] <Ofc-Wrath> since finn couldnt do it[22:49] <FaT_SmOkE> nope 01[22:49] <Ofc-Wrath> i figured it be you killing
  8. 8. [22:49] <FaT_SmOkE> finn wanted to perswade i care less about a new big ma 01[22:50] <Ofc-Wrath> all im saying is how am i ever suppose to get onthe list if i am never taken to do it? 01[22:50] <Ofc-Wrath> thats why this list sucks for me?[22:50] <FaT_SmOkE> finn asked you if yo uwould i said na thats up to Crazys guild[22:50] <FaT_SmOkE> yea you jumped supper fasty 01[22:50] <Ofc-Wrath> i figured that would be a good thing?[22:50] <FaT_SmOkE> i cant always be like hey wrath big and lani may be in tommorow lets do laz[22:50] <FaT_SmOkE> it is[22:50] <FaT_SmOkE> but im only 1 man[22:51] <FaT_SmOkE> and i have a life[22:51] <FaT_SmOkE> i try to[22:51] <FaT_SmOkE> but fuck i play drakkar to get away from drama bull shit but yet here i am[22:51] <FaT_SmOkE> deffending what i do and yet i do nothing for myself[22:52] <FaT_SmOkE> so fuck off bro and cry on someone else shoulder im done with this shiy GL in allyour other wants and NEEDS 01[22:52] <Ofc-Wrath> fuck off? are you kidding me?[22:52] <FaT_SmOkE> nope 01[22:53] <Ofc-Wrath> someone disagrees with you? thats what you do? 01[22:53] No such nick online