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Balanced Product Leadership

Being an effective product leader is not easy: It requires embracing people’s ideas as well as saying no, being neither too accommodating, nor too assertive. This talk discusses two common but ineffective leadership styles, feature broker and product dictator, and shares techniques for developing a balanced, successful leadership approach. For more information, please refer to: https://www.romanpichler.com/blog/be-a-balanced-product-leader-not-a-feature-broker-or-product-dictator/

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Balanced Product Leadership

  1. 1. Roman Pichler romanpichler.com
  2. 2. What is Product Leadership? Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash
  3. 3. 3 © 2018 Pichler Consulting Limited Stakeholders Leader Followers Influence Shared Goal Collaboration Product Success Product Person Development Team
  4. 4. A Product Leadership Continuum Photo by David Straight on Unsplash
  5. 5. 5 © 2018 Pichler Consulting Limited Others know best, and I facilitate I know best and I decide Leadership Continuum Feature Broker Product Dictator Balanced Product Leader • Limited authority, focus on tactics • Limited knowledge and skills • Imposter syndrome, people pleaser • Most senior person, founder or boss • Only person with the relevant knowledge • Perfectionist, control freak Empower Yourself Empower Others Risk of creating a product with weak value prop and poor UX, design by committee Risk of making wrong decisions, lack of buy-in, unhealthy work environment
  6. 6. Leading Through Shared Goals Photo by Sacha Verheij on Unsplash
  7. 7. 7 © 2018 Pichler Consulting Limited Product Goal Sprint Goal Vision Ultimate purpose, positive change, brief statement or slogan Value proposition and business benefits, captured in the product strategy Benefit of a major release, product version, stated on the product roadmap Benefit of a sprint, shown on the sprint backlog User and Business Goals Visionary Strategic Tactical ~5 years Product life cycle stage 2-6 months 1-4 weeks
  8. 8. Collaboration and Leadership Photo by Rhand McCoy on Unsplash
  9. 9. 9 © 2018 Pichler Consulting Limited Scrum MasterDevelopment Team Product Person Trust and Respect Product Leadership Process & People Leadership Design & Technology Leadership • Process and method coaching • Collaboration catalyst • Organisational change • UX design • Development incl. architecture and Q&A • Self-organisation • Vision, product strategy and roadmap • Product backlog prioritisation • Stakeholder management • User research • Sprint goal selection • Product backlog refinement Shared Product Responsibilities
  10. 10. Power Sources for Product People Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash
  11. 11. 11 © 2018 Pichler Consulting Limited Referent Power Expert Power Management Support Empowered Product Leader Vision Empathy & kindness Mindfulness Transparency Respect Humbleness Patience Product strategy & KPIs Product roadmapping Business modelling Market & user research Product backlog management Effective product management org Authority to make strategic product decisions Empowered to say no
  12. 12. Summary Photo courtesy of Pexels
  13. 13. 13 © 2018 Pichler Consulting Limited There is no one right way to lead others. Leadership starts with yourself. Make regular reflection part of your life. “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde
  14. 14. You can find more information at: romanpichler.com Thank You for Listening Please send questions & feedback to: info@romanpichler.com @romanpichler