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Today's Turkey

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Today's Turkey

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Today's Turkey

  1. 1. 1923- 2014 TODAY’S TURKEY
  2. 2. Today Turkey is a modern democratic and secular country. Our country recovered from colonalism by Mustafa Kemal , thanks to him we live happily now.
  3. 3. Previously Turkey was groverned by sultanate for years but now Turkey is ruled by elected representatives of the people. So Turkey is a Republic now.
  4. 4. Turkish women were given the right to be elected in the absence of women’s rights in many countries in the world
  5. 5. Arabic alphabet was replaced by the Latin alphabet because Arabic alphabet was too diffucult to read and write.
  6. 6. Arabic alphabet Latin alphabet
  7. 7. And the education system was connected to religion but later modern and secular educational system has been introduced
  8. 8. İn order to regulate relations with Europe , the Gregorian Calendar was introduced in our country
  9. 9. In our country people from diffrent origins, religions and beliefs have been living together in peace for a long time.