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Digitale Transformation - so verändert sie Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Einführende Folien zu den treibenden Kräften und aktuellen Trends. #Digitale #Transformation #Marketing.
Gehalten im Rahmen der IHK Veranstaltung "Forum Versicherungswirtschaft Digitalisierung –
Herausforderung und Chance" in Mannheim.

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Digitale Transformation - so verändert sie Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

  1. 1. Digitale Transformation So verändert sie Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
  2. 2. Für Zahlenfreunde 1978 107 13,7 17. 1gegründet festangestellte Mitarbeiter Millionen Honorarumsatz in 2016 Platz im Ranking der inhabergeführten Werbeagenturen Deutschlands Villa Wasserturm Neubau 2
  3. 3. About Roland Core Competencies Marketing + Data + Consulting
  4. 4. 4 Digital Transformation? What? How? Who?
  5. 5. Adapt or die! It is more like digital darwinism.
  6. 6. „Digitaler Darwinism happens, when technologies and society change faster than brands´ abilities to adapt to these changes“
  7. 7. „Anything that can be digitized and stored in datasets WILL BE digitized and stored in data sets.!“ „Anything that can be connected to a network WILL BE connected to a network.!“ „Anything that can be automated WILL BE automated!“
  8. 8. In the year 2020, the "Internet of Things" will contribute $1.9 trillion to the economic value added. Over 30 billion networked devices will be used in 2020. Half of these activities are driven by start ups, 80 percent will come from the service area rather than from the product area. „The way we build cars and machines today - we have to think service & software in the future.“ Source: (Gartner November 2013) Karl-Heinz Land No boundaries, global competition.
  9. 9. New client mentality (sounds familiar?) Me Everything ImmediatelyEverywhere Appreciation as a must Correct personalization Customized offers Contact only with permission Great variety High quality Low prices Good service Independence of time Independence of space Independence of time Independence of Technologies, channels, devices Immediate contact Fast transaction Short reaction times
  10. 10. App economy enables new business models, dematerializes old economies
  11. 11. Example of dematerialization
  12. 12. Three examples for radical disruption of classical industries • Likeable brands, hip (PR) • Thrive for monopoly (winner takes it all) • Product & Service 10x better than #2 comp. • Regulation, legal boundaries: we don´t care • Recurring revenue streams (profitable!) • “take no prisoners“ attitude
  13. 13. How to identify the right Digital Transformation Strategy: 3 pillars RelevanceDigital business model How can a company benefit from the digital opportunities? Sales and profit Strategy and vision Brand Organization and processes What does the digital fingerprint look like? Which products and services provide the necessary innovation impulses? How relevant ist your brand and your offering in the digital economy? Who and where is tomorrow's competition? How can a company use the possibilities of digitalization in order to generate new sales? How can an organization use the efficiency of digital value creation? Innovative impulses?
  14. 14. Let´s take a look at the marketing & advertising industry
  15. 15. Minefields • Chaos and disruption in the Marketing Ecosystem • Creativity vs. Data driven • Business goals and marketing strategies often disconnected • Measurement of success often with arbitrary metrics • The fox is guarding the henhouse • Transparency vs. intransparent contracts
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. Advertiser Media Agency Ad Network /Exchange Sales House Publisher Classic Advertising Value Chain 100% 1,5% 98,5% $$$ $$$ EBIT 10-30%
  18. 18. Advertiser Media Agency RTB Tool /Campaign Mgmt Publisher Realtime Advertising Value Chain what agencies want 100% Ca. 40% Ca. 10% 50%
  19. 19. Demands from big advertisers
  20. 20. Advertiser Inhouse Team RTB Tool /Campaign Mgmt Publisher Future Realtime Advertising Value Chain (what big advertisers will do) 100% Ca. 10% Ca. 10% 80%
  21. 21. Create value from data Strategy Consulting Marketing (Creation, Media, Campaign Mgmt.) Marketing 2017
  22. 22. Analytics Goal Setting Creation Audits, Analysis Strategy Media Buying, Campaigns Interpretation & Advice Reporting Data driven workflow
  23. 23. Complexity! Creativity vs. efficiency Little data literacy Ego & Vanity Speed of innovation IT does not understand marketing processes Biggest Challenges
  24. 24. Solution Cultural change needed One process – end to end, step by step Reduce complexity Create value Simplify
  25. 25. Wir freuen uns auf den weiteren Austausch 27 Roland Fiege Head of Digital Tel: +49 (0) 621/76271-528 E-Mail: fiege@schaller-werbung.de