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Beyond social media monitoring v2.0

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Beyond social media monitoring v2.0

  1. 1. Beyond Social Media Monitoring Presented by: Roland Fiege Date: November 24th, 20111!
  2. 2. Social Media Maturity! Optimization Maturity level Monetization Social Media Marketing passive / listening Trial & Error •  t2!
  3. 3. Trends ! •  Social Media Management Systeme! •  Social CRM! •  Social Graph!3!
  4. 4. Social Media Management Systeme!4!
  5. 5. 5!
  6. 6. Social CRM !Integraton von Social Data in Enterprise IT Systeme!6!
  7. 7. Social CRM Process !7!
  8. 8. Social CRM According to Gartner | “The Concise Social CRM Vendor Guide, 2011” | Oct. 14 2010 Solution Map Social CRM for: E- Customer Marketing Sales Commerce Service New product or Sales Social Service Proposition Community Peer- Prospecting and Product Review Testing to-Peer Support Research New Product or Service launch to Sales Social Market Collaboration (Internal and Social Shopping Service Feedback Social-Network External, Proposals, Analysis Quotes, Bids, Pricing) Service Listen and Social Commerce Respond Social Campaigns Service Process Social Prospecting Brand Promotion Analysis Reputation Social- Media Monitoring Social Networking8!
  9. 9. Integration Social Graph!9!
  10. 10. Facebook is an Excellent Platform for Developing Applications! Facebook Applications! •  Over 100,000 Facebook applications! Games! Novelty Apps! •  More than 500 million people use an Personal Tools! app on Facebook every month 
 Facebook ! Graph API! •  Facebookʼs published APIs make it easy to connect to the Social Graph! Facebook! Social Graph! •  Most are simple apps that lack rich business-to-consumer functionality!10!
  11. 11. Facebook has Strict Policies and Technology That Protect User Privacy and Limit the Use of Facebook Information! Facebook •  Apps must be granted permission before Applications! they can access a userʼs Facebook data! •  A “Token” is used to communicate user Games! Novelty Apps! permissions
 Personal Tools! ! •  Apps can only access data permitted by Tokens ! the userʼs token
 ! •  Apps must use requested data to enhance the users experience
 Facebook! ! •  Apps can not share user data with other applications!11!
  12. 12. MicroStrategy Gateway Requires Certain Permissions to Collect All the Necessary Facebook Data Needed for Customer Analysis ! Required Permissions Recommended Permissions Nice to Have Permissions Access User’s Basic Access User’s Profile Access User’s Profile Information Information Information •  Name •  Hometown •  Religious views •  Gender •  Interests and Activities •  Friends, Friendlists •  Education and Work History Access User’s Profile •  Political Views, Orientation, Access User’s Family and Information Quotes Relationships •  Birthday •  Events, RSVP’s, and Groups •  Significant Other •  Languages •  Family member relationships •  Likes Check – ins •  Music, TV, Movies, Books, Application may read user Access User’s Friend’s •  Current City check-ins and friend’s Information Access User’s Family and check-ins •  Birthday Relationships •  Likes, Activities, and Interests •  Relationship Status Access Posts in the User’s •  Music, TV, Movies, Books, News Feed Games •  Links, Tags •  Hometown, Current City •  Notes, Posts •  Education and Work History •  Status •  Religious and Political Views, Quotes •  Events and Groups Access User data Anytime App may access user data even when not using the application.12!
  13. 13. Token Example of AMEX - Link, Like, Love Facebook App!13!
  14. 14. A Rich Facebook App Requires Deep Knowledge of Your Users! Typical Facebook apps can only Rich Facebook apps can support sophisticated questions that support simple data questions ! harness the many dimensions of Facebookʼs extensive data ! Typical Facebook Rich Facebook Applications! Applications! “Who are all the people of Age 25-35 who have High ! checked into the “When is your Bandwidth! Birthday?”! query! Commerzbank ! Simple query! Arena during the last soccer match of Eintracht Frankfurt! and donʼt live in the Frankfurt Metro Area?” ! Facebook! Facebook! Social Graph! Social Graph!14!
  15. 15. Rich Facebook Apps Employ This Deep Knowledge to Deliver a Relevant, Personalized Experience to Every User! Rich Facebook Applications! 30% Discount at FREE rock climbing VIP tickets to Coldplayʼs Media Markt! introductory training concert at LANXESS for Harry Potter DVDs! for 2 in Garmisch! Arena in Cologne! “Who are all the Movie “Who are all the “Who are all single Lovers in Germany Outdoor Enthusiasts in Party-goers in NRW with ages btw 13-21 the Munich Metro region that like the that like Harry Area?”! band Coldplay?” ! Potter?”! Facebook!15!
  16. 16. MicroStrategy Wisdom Enterprise! Converts Facebook Data into Consumer Intelligence for Marketers ! Typical Facebook Marketing! Next Generation
 Existing Enterprise Applications! Facebook Applications! Applications! Consumer Intelligence! eCommerce ! Campaigns ! MicroStrategy! Marketing ! Loyalty! CRM ! Wisdom! MicroStrategy! Facebook! Facebook Social Graph! Gateway! Data ! Relational Existing Databases! Enterprise IT Environment!16!
  17. 17. MicroStrategy Wisdom Enterprise
 Analytic Application that Builds On, Extends, and Enriches the Facebook Data Provided by MicroStrategy Gateway ! Facebook Rich Facebook
 Applications! Applications! Personalization
 ! Targeting! ! Intelligent ! MicroStrategy! MicroStrategy! •  Pre-packaged Analytics! Facebook! •  Powerful Interactive Social Graph! Dashboards! •  High Performance Data Gateway! Wisdom! Infrastructure! Data Enrichment!17!
  18. 18. Data Enrichment Algorithms Use External Data Sources Combined with User Analysis to Expand the Geographic Profile ! In Facebook Enrichment Examples Current Location! City: ! Declared! Urban / Rural! State: ! Declared! Country: ! Derived Zip Code: ! Derived Metro Area! Largest Metropolitan Cities Home Town! & Their Immediate Vicinities City: ! Declared! State: ! Declared! Latitude-Longitude for Mapping! Country: ! Derived Zip Code: ! Derived Check-Ins! City: ! Derived State: ! Derived Country: ! Derived Zip Code: ! Derived18!
  19. 19. Psychographic Profiles are Assigned to Facebook App Users Based on Enriched Page Classifications and Behavior!! Like ! Like ! 3+ Pages Tagged as “Brand! High-End Brands ! Conscious” ! Check-in! Check-in! Like ! Like ! 3+ Pages Tagged as
 Online Deals or Discount “Deal Hunter” ! Check-in! Stores ! Check-in!19!
  20. 20. MicroStrategy Wisdom Enterprise! Converting Facebook Data Into Consumer Intelligence! •  www.wisdom.com! ! •  Rich Analytics & Dashboards! •  Enriched Data! •  Psychographic Profiles! •  Segment Comparisons! •  Deep Personalization!20!
  21. 21. Fazit! •  Social wird erwachsen(er)! •  Integration in Enterprise! •  ! IT! •  ! Prozesse! •  ! Wertschöpfung! ! ! rfiege@microstrategy.com!21!