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Trade News 201606

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Trade News 201606

  1. 1. Trade Availability Forecast  Electricians  Marble Setters  Joinery Carpenters  Plumber Some of our Skilled Operatives (above tradesmen) may be availa- ble shortly, should you have any requirement, they could be availa- ble for Trade Testing and interview. Tradesmen Brentford Group Newsletter June 2016 TRADE NEWS Service Delivery  Exemplary track record  Competent and ethical team  Single Source provider  Legally compliant and licensed to provide la- bour supply services  Onshore and offshore including CICPA areas Advantages of Brentford Our organization, Brentford-EPIC provides skilled operatives & technical staff to clients within UAE on a temporary / contract hire basis for short & long term re- quirements. We provide our resources on an hourly / monthly basis & we are legally compliant and licensed to provide labour supply services within the UAE, including onshore and offshore areas in Abu Dhabi. I understand that your com- pany requires resources on temporary basis from time to time and could benefit from our service. Q: Who are our Clients? A: Dow Chemical, Schlumberger, Honeywell, Al-Futtaim Carillion, Etihad Air- ways, One & Only Royal Mirage, Meydan Hotel, Meydan Grandstand, Atlantis, Agility Logistics, PCE-JV, J&P Athena, Al Hassan, Emirates steel, Siemens, IMCC-Gulf Piping, Spark Building Contracting and many others. Q: What is the no of skilled resources we have? A: Above 1000. Exemplary track record: Over the last 8 years Brentford has managed over 20,000 resources and at peak has managed over 2500 resources on a single project. Since its inception, the company has never received a black mark from either the Labour Court or the Labour Ministry in any of its operational countries. References from key individuals at prominent companies are available upon request content as current as possible.