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City Circles - Where the Entrepreneur Movement Meets!

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Entrepreneur Social is a monthly networking event for entrepreneurs to engage, connect and collaborate with like-minded, purpose driven individuals who value collaboration and problem solving.
Entrepreneur Social is currently being launched in 30 cities around the globe, with plans to grow to 200 cities in the next year.The events are independently planned and organised by approved City Leaders, working with Genius U and Entrepreneurs Institute.
Each event will feature 1 inspiring social entrepreneur, who is impacting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sharing their story and best advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

Apply to be a City Leader and launch your own City Circle-

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City Circles - Where the Entrepreneur Movement Meets!

  1. 1. Where the Entrepreneur Movement Meets geniusU City Circles
  2. 2. THE 2017 LAUNCH OF CITY CIRCLES GeniusU currently has over 500,000 members and is growing by over 20,000 new entrepreneurs each month. To support our GU members, we are launching 200 City Circles around the world led by purpose driven City Leaders. These slides are for you to learn more about our City Circles and new Entrepreneur Social events.
  3. 3. OUR MISSION Our Mission is to help achieve the United Nations Global Goals by being the home to the Entrepreneur Movement, connecting purpose-driven entrepreneurs around the world to the right knowledge, network and opportunities. Read our Entrepreneur Blueprint 2030
  4. 4. OUR GROWTH By the end of 2017 we expect to have over 1,000,000 GeniusU members with over 50,000 new members joining each month.
  5. 5. OUR PURPOSE CIRCLES In August 2016 we launched GeniusU Circles around the 17 United Nations Global Goals and linked to the Purpose Test. We appointed Purpose Circle Leaders to support the members of each circle. In 2017 each of these circles will show measurable progress towards each of the 17 Global Goals, and the contribution of GeniusU members towards these goals in impacts and apprenticeships.
  6. 6. OUR CITY CIRCLES Each City Circle will include the same functions as other GeniusU purpose circles - with mentors, a members list and a genius stream. In addition each City Circle will make use of our events module to run Entrepreneur Socials each month and will have the opportunity to host a 2017 Fast Forward Satellite Summit. Visit GeniusU
  7. 7. MONTHLY ENTREPRENEUR SOCIALS Each City Leader will commit to host a monthly Entrepreneur Social, which will include a 20-minute talk + Q&A followed by a networking session. Speakers are social entrepreneurs who are impacting the UN Global Goals and will share their personal story and best advice for fellow entrepreneurs.
  8. 8. THE IDEAL CITY CIRCLE LEADER Aligned with our mission & culture: You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur that believes in collaboration and community. A mentor & student: You are committed to ongoing growth through entrepreneur education: As a mentor and a student. A team leader: You are seeking to build a team and grow a vibrant community of social entrepreneurs in your city. We are looking for individuals that fit the following criteria:
  9. 9. CITY LEADER ACCOUNTABILITIES Run monthly Entrepreneur Socials: Events should be value adding and fun for all who participate. You are responsible for building a connected, collaborative, purpose-driven community. Build team to support you in running events: We’ll suggest the roles needed and you find the players to make it happen Active in GeniusU City Circle: Create + promote your events on GU and regularly engage with your CC members Share Speakers’ Stories: Each talk will be recorded and shared locally and globally through the GU platform Attend monthly CL webinars + GU Annual Conference
  10. 10. THE BENEFITS OF BEING A CITY CIRCLE LEADER Be known as a local leader: The leaders we appoint will have a high profile with the entrepreneurs in their city Generate extra income: All CLs will be partners with referral earnings from GeniusU + EI programs (plus your own) Attract extra clients: All GeniusU members will be directed to their city circles (currently 5,000 new members each week) Be part of a global team: All leaders will be part of a global city leader community sharing their strategies and learning. Join our Global Conference: Each February leaders get to connect with each other at our GeniusU Global Conference. Host a Fast Forward Satellite Summit: The most active City Circles will be invited to host a satellite summit, to coincide with the London Fast Forward Summit.
  11. 11. CITY LEADERS MUST BE FC, EMC or VIP CLIENT Flow Consultant: Learn about the benefits of becoming a FC here: www.entrepreneursinstitute.com/flow-consultant Entrepreneur Mentor Certification: Learn about the program here: entrepreneurmovement.geniusu.com/enrol/#overview EMC will only be available for purchase until June 23. All City Leaders must be FC, EMC or an existing VIP client VIP Clients: CC/EM member, ilab/WDM grad, FC/PC/GP, 2017 FFS Platinum Ticket holder City Leaders can purchase FC or EMC as part of the application process, if they are not already a VIP Client.
  12. 12. THE NEXT STEPS 1. Check list of Cities that already have City Leaders here: www.geniusu.com/citycircles 2. If your City is NOT already listed, apply to be a City Leader today at: www.geniusu.com/citycircles
  13. 13. THANK YOU! Thank you for your interest in GeniusU City Circles and in supporting the growth of the Entrepreneur Movement.