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Sarah Frank - WTF is Social Video and How Is It Different From Web Video?

Learn about the evolution of web video to social video and how it's affected publishers trying to reach users on the platforms where they spend all their time. We'll break down WHAT content works for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, etc and, more importantly, WHY it works.

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Sarah Frank - WTF is Social Video and How Is It Different From Web Video?

  1. 1. Sarah Frank, @sarah_frank Executive Producer NowThis @nowthisnews WTF is Social Video? (And is it different from web video?)
  2. 2. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank Mobile Social People get news on social feeds, through video, and on mobile devices. 
 NowThis a distributed media company.
 We create content to live where the users live.
 We make consuming news easy AKA friction-less. 
 Video+ +
  3. 3. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank Facebook Facebook Seriously, this is our web site. We went from 1 million video views per month (July 2014) to nearly
 1 billion video views per month (Jan 2015) with virtually zero web traffic.
  4. 4. NowThis creates for social, not the traditional web.
  5. 5. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank
  6. 6. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank Facebook We Are Social. Mobile. Video. NowThis is the 2nd most-watched publisher on Facebook and the 5th most-watched publisher across all social platforms — and #1 amongst all news organizations.
  7. 7. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank Facebook FacebookWeb Video • On demand • You seek out content on portal • Discovery through search & related • You’ve decided to watch video • Fewer views, higher completion rates • Can be consumed in private (how-to) • Poor share features • Autoplay (increasingly) • Content finds you in feed • Discovery through friends, shares (no SEO) • Scrolling = harder to grab user’s attention • “Easy” views, lower completion rates • It’s social = reflects your personality & what you care about • Easy to share via re-post, message, comment Social Video
  8. 8. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank • Would I share this story on my personal feed? • Do I actually care about this story? • What’s the most compelling part? • What part is holding my attention? •What emotion am I trying to convey? •How will I get someone to finish and share? •Can I tailor it to multiple platforms?
 Social is you
  9. 9. • Facebook video defaults to mute • 70%+ users on mobile • Thumbnail + first 5 seconds are crucial • Post copy counts • Look at your completion rates • Emotion drives shares • Examine failures, think beyond “viral” hits What we know @nowthisnews @sarah_frank 11M views on Facebook 16.5M views on Facebook
  10. 10. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank What we know • Speed matters • Live events are great time to experiment • Diversify your feed • Optimize text for the retweet
  11. 11. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank What we know •15 second video •Visuals first, caption comes later •Default is mute •Would you “heart” it? •There is such thing as “too much of a good thing” •Think about share behavior •Use the loop •Experiment
  12. 12. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank •Content lasts only 10 seconds & disappears in 24 hours •Was not built for publishers, it’s a private messaging service •No content search or discovery •People like insight into things they have never & will never see •Ask for feedback, it’s an additional data point •Publishers now entering space through Discover product What we know Snapchat
  13. 13. •Time limit = 6 seconds •Character limit •Humorous nature of the platform, memes •Context, context, context (especially in breaking news) •Think about time of day @nowthisnews @sarah_frank What we know Vine
  14. 14. Always Think About The Platform • Platforms are not just traffic generators. They are complex personalities and deserve focused attention. • Platforms have a purpose. They were built for something before publishers entered the equation. • Platforms are about people. The users are the most vital part of the narrative. • Listen to your audience. They often tell you what they feel without explicitly telling you. • Find your voice. If people are going to follow you, what’s in it for them? • Look at your worst practices. That’s where there is the most room to improve. @nowthisnews @sarah_frank
  15. 15. Thank you!