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The global championship of intelligence & technology.

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  1. 1. The future of Automotive – ELECTRIC, CONNECTED, DRIVERLESS
  2. 2. Roborace will accelerate the development of autonomous technologies
  3. 3. Bringing together entertainment, motorsports and gaming
  4. 4. Roborace is a competition of intelligence
  5. 5. Our Heroes are Engineers
  6. 6. Stages on Formula E tracks in major cities across the world
  7. 7. Long Beach, USA Mexico City, Mexico Putrajaya, Malaysia Beijing, China Moscow, Russia Punta del Este, Uruguay Buenos Aires, Argentina London, UK Paris, France Berlin, Germany
  8. 8. First show starts in season 2016/17
  9. 9. Design
  10. 10. Daniel Simon
  11. 11. Dimensions Gross Weight 1,000 kg 2,200 lbs Length 4.8 m 15‘ 9“ Width 2.0 m 6’ 7” Wheelbase 2.8 m 9’ 2”
  12. 12. 100% driven by API
  13. 13. DRIVE PX 2 is the brain
  14. 14. Ecosystem
  15. 15. Wireless Link Drive Train BodyTyres Simulation Race ControlAutonomous Driving Platform Vehicle Bus TelemetryECUs Driving Algorithms Robocar Track Signaling Network Positioning Media Network Race Visualization Control Hub Data Gateway Robocar Model Tyre Model Track Model Robocar Simulator Race Simulator R Data AudienceTeams Judging / Support FIA Race Control Team Portal Dev Simulator AppWeb Formula E Support Social TV Games Media Outfit Sensors Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Infographics T P P R R P R R P R P R P R PR P PPP PPPRR P R P P P R P R P P R P R P P TRTR API R R = Roborace, P = Partners, T = Teams
  16. 16. All teams have the same cars and the same sensors
  17. 17. The teams will compete in driving algorithms and artificial intelligence
  18. 18. Developers and technology enthusiasts have a great opportunity to participate
  19. 19. Virtual Qualification
  20. 20. Precise virtual model of real cars in real conditions
  21. 21. Comprehensive race simulation
  22. 22. The winners of Virtual Qualification will participate in real race
  23. 23. ENQUIRE roborace.com
  24. 24. Let’s have fun!