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Your browser can see and hear and ...

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New sensor based Web Standards developments have punched a hole in the web that is letting the real world leak into the browser. The getUserMedia API now lets us access cameras and microphones and JSARToolkit and javascript based Natural Feature Tracking like the examples from ICG Graz University have shown that browsers can now be taught to perceive the world around them. Combine this with the <canvas> and WebGL and you have a real working model for a Web Standards based Augmented Reality.

On top of this we also have OGCs Sensor Web Enablement and new developments like the Sensor API and the rapid spread of networked sensors and wireless Arduino-ised devices. Massively distributed dynamic immersive visualisation is now the new structural form for the modern web.

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Your browser can see and hear and ...

  1. 1. your browser can see and hear and ... by @nambor fromphoto credit
  2. 2. your brain is a sponge!photo credit
  3. 3. it soaks up data through your sensesphoto credit
  4. 4. but now we have digital sensors toophoto credit
  5. 5. they let our devices see, hear & feelphoto credit
  6. 6. camerasphoto credit
  7. 7. multi-touchphoto credit
  8. 8. global positioning systemphoto credit
  9. 9. digital compassesphoto credit
  10. 10. accelerometersphoto credit
  11. 11. near field communicationphoto credit
  12. 12. radiophoto credit
  13. 13. new combinations are possiblephoto credit
  14. 14. the internet of things is here!photo credit
  15. 15. audio perfumephoto credit
  16. 16. geoloqiphoto credit
  17. 17. chromaromaphoto credit
  18. 18. pachubephoto credit
  19. 19. html5 <video> & <canvas> demonstrationphoto credit
  20. 20. JSARToolkit fiducial tracking demonstrationphoto credit
  21. 21. Audio Visualiser in js & css demonstrationphoto credit
  22. 22. Javascript is getting fast demonstrationphoto credit
  23. 23. Javascript is getting threaded demonstrationphoto credit
  24. 24. getUserMedia = local camera access demonstrationphoto credit
  25. 25. Natural Feature Tracking in js demonstrationphoto credit
  26. 26. your browser can see and hear and ... by @nambor fromphoto credit