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BYU-Idaho Career Development Webinar

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A simple presentation for students at BYU-Idaho that goes over points on career development and preparation during college

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BYU-Idaho Career Development Webinar

  1. 1. Preparing for Your Career @robkellas linkedin.com/in/robkellas
  2. 2. Intro (about me) From the UK Served an LDS mission in Ireland Studied Communication at BYU-I Graduated in April 2009Taught & developed New Media Strategies & Tactics class at BYU-I Product Manager at Deseret Digital Media for 2+ yrs
  3. 3. Networking (what helped you to network?)Internship Expeditions LinkedIn • Get a feel for the right fit for you* • The Facebook for professional networking • Find out what paths lead to what destinations** • The NYT of industry news • Know the culture behind your industryFollow up after initial contact • It’s an opportunity to make a great impression Twitter and develop a positive and memorable • Focus on building a spamless network relationship with someone in the industry • Use #hashtags at events or @mention company accounts to get noticedNetwork with your professors • If they can’t recommend you, you’re in trouble :/
  4. 4. Application (what has helped you most in your career?)Iterative application Attitude • Taking applicable assignments very seriously • There is a lot more to BYU-Idaho than just • Freelance work graduating • iComm/Alloy Agency • Applying the Learning Model • You receive in proportion to your preparationKeeping up-to-date on the industry • AdAge newsletters (https://adage.com/ Learn web publishing basics register.php) • Know how to publish with Wordpress • LinkedIn news • Know the basics of HTML • Twitter • Know at least the very basics front-end technologies*
  5. 5. Missing Pieces (what I wish I learned more of in college) Writing skillsYes, I know they are seemingly boring but they are really beneficial Statistics & AccountingYes, they have as much creativity as a Geo Metro but if you want to move on to do an MBA, you’ll likely need those classes
  6. 6. Pointers (some free, friendly advice)Leadership Use your Résumé as a vision document • Look at the leadership of the companies you are • Each semester write down what you want your interested in* resume to look like when you graduate and then • Do they lead well? work on reaching those goals • Do they foster innovation and autonomy? • Do they help direct/shape the industry?Maintain goals/focus • Chances are you’re not going to be at your first company for your entire career. • What experience/knowledge do you want to leave with? • Think experience first, compensation second
  7. 7. Questions
  8. 8. Internship Opportunity (Community Manager for OK.com)Become part of a growing team that owns one of the most valuable domains on the web Build and develop a Chief Trusted Reviewer Network that will review all types of mediaWork with several communities and incentivize ratings and reviews with prizes Candidate must be an excellent writer, be veryfamiliar with the mommy blogosphere and know how to publish on the web (HTML) Start next semester Paid
  9. 9. Preparing for Your Career @robkellas linkedin.com/in/robkellas