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1000.02 T2 Brochure111

  2. 2. The Changing The world is changing, and the workplace along with it. In the last 20 years World of Talent we have witnessed an unprecedented evolution in the way we work. New technologies, emerging markets, At the same time, the skill sets our environmental and regulatory legislation, organisations require, the structures within new demographics and consumer trends which they operate, and the investments are just some of the factors that have needed to sustain a competitive edge changed the way we do our business. have all reshaped and transformed where and how we work today. How prepared is your organisation for this uncertainty, and Organisational capability does not just happen, it has to how ready are you to embrace opportunity? At Talent2, be created. There is a methodology to attracting the right we believe organisational readiness is the single biggest people, to managing them, developing them and having strength or competitive advantage for any enterprise them perform at their best, and Talent2 can contribute to in the 21st Century. By being ‘ready’ you can count on the process. having the resilience, agility and confidence necessary to defend market position whilst being well positioned to seize We have partnered with many organisations, large and opportunities when and where they arise. small to help them navigate through change, and build sustainable and scalable talent management platforms In a changing environment, a key constraint to achieving that identify the right people for their organisations. organisational readiness is organisational capability – We are inspired by the challenge of applying our expertise which simply put is the availability, quality and composition to making the workplace of the 21st Century work for of the talent at your disposal. people and organisations. We’d love to achieve this goal with you.Trends»»Changing demographics »»Global focus shifting »» ise of Multinational R »» obs for life no J »» hange in workforce C »»Increasing contingent »» teady increase in S »» apid growth in R »» ntroduction of multi- I around the world to the East Corporations (MNCs) longer exist dynamics workforce global outsourcing Multi-Process Human continent contracts in emerging markets and offshoring Resources Outsourcing (MPHRO) talent2.com
  3. 3. Talent Landscape In the new, pared down, ‘every-job-counts’ climate, the human realities have never been more important. The hectic pace of work has left many feeling burnt-out. From small partnerships to large multinationals, from front Talk of work-life balance is pervasive and urgent. People line staff to the back office, it’s the people in your business want connection, empathy and open communication. who make the difference. And so, in this new market They seek the opportunity to be more fulfilled at work landscape, everything we do is about making people at and to enjoy their life at every level. work feel happier, more secure and fulfilled. If we were to list the Key Performance Indicators for the new talent economy - happiness, a sense of worth and satisfaction would top the list. Your people are your greatest differentiator, and should be your greatest asset. New Drivers»» hina and India account C »»Global mobility is »»Demand outstrips »»More women »»Recruitment and »»Understanding local »» enerations X, Y G »»Nurturing and for more than 60% of more prominent the supply of tertiary are joining the retention issues are talent is becoming a and Z’s influence development of talent the global workforce than ever before qualified entrants to workforce in on the rise critical factor on the job market remains an issue the workforce emerging markets talent2.com
  4. 4. How We Can Benefit Your Business Talent2 is the only Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing (HR BPO) company that can provide an integrated offering to connect all the areas of your business from a people perspective. »» e align your HR with your W »» e reduce uncertainty around your W organisational goals. HR capabilities, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. »» e lower your costs, increase efficiency W and improve the quality of the »» e provide the peace of mind that goes W recruitment process. with reliable HR systems and processes that work. »» e help you identify, attract, engage W and retain the best people. »» e provide line-of-sight transparency W between your expenditure and theThe Gold Standard People First Our Promise »» e make your people, and W returns you receive from your HR consequently your organisation, moreAs the market leader in Asia By putting people first, we help With Talent2 you don’t just get processes and people. productive.Pacific, Talent2 is the recognised them to be happy and fulfilled in people; you get people to thegold standard for HR, Talent and their roles. We develop, motivate power of 2. And you don’t just getRecruitment. Our reputation and manage them so that they productivity; you get productivityhas been built on the quality of achieve extraordinary things for to the power of 2. We will help yourour services and their effective your organisation. organisation be more successfulimplementation. Above all we are by multiplying the power andknown for our ability to deliver. productivity of your people, enabling them to realise their full potential. talent2.com
  5. 5. What We Do We take a holistic approach that looks at your organisation through the lens of your people and provide you with the end-to-end talent management solutions and support you need to realise their potential. For us this starts with immersing ourselves in your business Once we have found your ideal candidates, we can work to pinpoint your people challenges and requirements. with you to provide them with all the support they need from induction to payroll services – all through world’s best We help you to identify the best people for your organisation. practice systems and processes. Whether they are the quiet achievers or the superstar, we believe everyone is empowered when they feel valued, Along the way we can assess them, train them and help you happy, self-expressed and fulfilled. in the management of their performance and the planning of their careers.HR Advisory Payroll ory What We Offer YouHR Review Audit Payroll PaWorkforce Planning Review vis y Time Attendance AdWorkforce Analytics HR Management Services ro ll HRWorkforce Strategy Other ServicesHR Consulting Talent ManagementLearning Solutions Recruitment Managed Services Proven methodologyConsulting Strategy Board ‘C’-Level Search t en LeLearning Development Executive Specialist Recruitment End-to-End Talent tm ni i Service quality arLearning Delivery ng ru Contracting Interim ManagementLearning Administration Re c Project Recruitment Associated Services Management SolutionsCareer Transition Redeployment Services Recruitment Managed ServicesTechnology Solutions Employer Marketing Innovative solutionsAssessment Products Training Assessment SelectionTalent Assessment Coaching Managed Service ProvisionAccredited Training Assessment Consultative engagement talent2.com
  6. 6. Our HR Advisory Solutions Talent2 looks at your organisation from every aspect to pinpoint your people challenges and requirements. We work with you to examine critical structural factors such as your organisation’s recruitment, performance management and HR policies and procedures. We then draw on our best practice Payroll, Recruitment Our point of difference is that we focus on your business and Learning resources to provide you with HR solutions objectives as the starting point for the analysis of your that cost-effectively multiply the power and productivity HR and people requirements. All our methodologiesTalent2’s HR Advisory of your people. are designed to help you deliver on these objectives byteam are thought creating and managing a work environment that achieves sustainable commercial growth.leaders; especially inthe areas of attractionand selection, workforceplanning, learning and A ll our processes are tailored to your specific organisational objectives across a broad range ofdevelopment and in people and recruitment issues including:HR standards. »» mproving the efficiency of work I »» earning and development consultancy. L arrangements to engage employees andDr Chris Andrews, Director Human Resources, »» anagement advice and support. MBond University encourage them to work at their best. »» earning, recruitment and HRIS audits. L »» dapting to rapid changes in the business. A »» orkforce analysis and salary surveys. W »» orkforce planning and restructures. W talent2.com talent2.com
  7. 7. Our Payroll Solutions We have the people, systems, processes, experience and local knowledge to deliver accurate, on-time, safe and compliant payroll services specifically tailored to your organisation.We wanted onesimple and accurate Whether you’re a small to medium enterprise, government department or large multi-national corporation, our greater employee / manager self-service capability. It is never our intention to impose a prescribed solution on yourpayroll and leave Payroll solutions offer you the flexibility to ‘mix and match’ organisation; our objective is to work with you to identifymanagement solution services, enabling you to realise cost efficiencies, improve functionality, implement global reporting and deliver the most appropriate services to meet your specific needs and achieve your desired outcomes.for a number ofcountries in the region.Mark Howes, Operations Excellence Manager,Ericsson »» e provide you with the largest coverage in W »» ur payroll and HRIS solutions are O Asia Pacific and the Middle East where we economically scalable from one to 100,000 currently service 29 countries through 10 employees. operational hubs. »» Our single contract and Service Level »» e provide you with unprecedented local W Agreement minimises your risk and relieves knowledge and invaluable local business your contracts administration burden. relationships. »» ur transition and testing process minimises O »» e already provide payroll services for 1.2 W project delays ensuring a smooth integration million client employees in Asia Pacific. and low business risk. »» ur unrivalled multi-currency and multi- O language capabilities simplify your invoicing and payments. talent2.com
  8. 8. Our Recruitment Solutions At Talent2 we offer you a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions that incorporate a broad suite of services from targeted search to end-to-end Recruitment Managed Services. We specialise in Executive Search and Selection (permanent According to Nelson Hall research, Talent2 commands the and contract / interim) to provide you with access to the major share of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing market very best candidates for your senior and middle leadership, in Asia Pacific (incorporating a 95% share of the market professional and technical positions. At the highest level, for MP HRO). The strength of our market presence enables our C-Level Search division, Talent Partners, specialises in us to effectively manage all your recruitment requirements,Talent2 is a true partner in the mission critical roles in your organisation, including the while you focus on getting on with your core business.providing strategic people Board, Chief Executive and all other C-Suite positions.development support intheir executive recruitmentprocesses. We look toTalent2 as a long term »» ur teams combine both experienced O »» ur Employer Marketing team is expert in O recruiters and industry experts. building your Employer Value Propositionspartner to our success. »» ur consultants are industry specialists with O and developing a strategic sourcing approach to attract and retain the very best candidatesRoger Young, Global Director, HR - Asia Pacific an intimate understanding of your market.PPG Industries International, Inc in the market. »» e provide consultants who specialise in W »» ur strategic partnership with Allegis O permanent, contract and interim placements. Group Services provides our clients with the »» ur Recruitment Managed Services footprint O expertise and geographic spread of two is truly global. market-leading entities. talent2.com
  9. 9. Our Learning SolutionsThe design is excellent We provide end-to-end learning and support solutions aimed at providing sustainableand completely within and tangible value to your organisation.brand, yet still interesting We can service your organisation wherever it is in the meeting your business goals. Our core focus is to developand fun to use. We need a world and provide localised content in whatever language the capabilities of your people and ensure their alignmentmodule like this for every is required. Our Learning professionals can help you to with the business processes and technology of your design, develop and deploy the sustainable learning and organisation.HR process we have. performance programmes that can play a vital role inKristen Lohr, Head of RecruitmentVodafone Hutchison Australia »» e design and develop learning and W »» e increase your productivity and help make W development strategies to deliver sustainable the administration of the entire process easy, and measureable business value. efficient and cost effective. »» e build and maintain leading edge learning W »» e help to identify, nurture and grow your W content for all formats on a global basis with existing talent through assessment and a focus on Asia Pacific. coaching. »» e deliver learning solutions in a range of W »» e combine our Talent2 services to provide W formats from classroom training, one on one a complete end-to-end service to support coaching and seminars through to virtual career transition and redeployment. classroom and video conferencing. talent2.com
  10. 10. Global reach, end-to-end Beijingcapability Korea Tokyo»» ,500 people in 47 offices across 1 Shanghai Kuwait 19 countries Bahrain Pakistan Guangzhou 47 offices Saudi Arabia Dubai Bangladesh Taipei Qatar Hong Kong»» he number one RPO provider in Asia T Abu Dhabi Muscat India (Nelson Hall), and joint entity with Macau Allegis ranked number five globally Makati Delivering services by HROA Bangkok Cambodia City in 31 countries»» ne of the largest learning O Sri Lanka Ho Chi Minh City Cebu City providers in Australia with Brunei Petaling Jaya Kuala Lumpur Fiji 500,000 training interventions conducted each year Singapore»» hird largest provider of Learning T Jakarta Solomon Islands Business Process Outsourcing Edinburgh Port Moresby (LBPO) in Asia Pacific London USA UK Fiji»» umber one Payroll Outsourcing N provider in Asia Pacific with 14% Edinburgh market share (Nelson Hall) Connecticut Brisbane»» 0,000 people hired every year by 5 London Gold Coast our recruitment consultants Perth Kuwait SydneyPakistan Canberra Bahrain Dubai Bangladesh Guan Adelaide Arabia Saudi Qatar»» isted on the ASX: TWO L Abu Dhabi Muscat India Auckland Ho Melbourne»» aunched in 2003 by industry icons Connecticut L Wellington Bangkok Cambodia Geoff Morgan and Andrew Banks   Office location Christchurch Lanka Sri Ho  Capability Petaling Jaya Kua Si
  11. 11. talent2.com