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The Power of Data, the Importance of Moments, and the Future of Storytelling

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At this year's INBOUND 2015 conference Robert Michael Murray discussed how data will shape the way we connect with one another, create contextual moments of engagement, and enable us to share the stories of our lives in ways never once imagined. Murray shared learnings from his time leading National Geographic's social media efforts. And tips from his new work leveraging the power of data, design, and technology to create experiences that deliver more meaningful and personalized moments. This work is associated with a new startup his company, Matchfire Co., is launching in the coming weeks: Mently (http://mently.co/).

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To extend this information, I wrote a companion piece exploring:

The Importance of Moments: Finding those points in time to deliver personalized, meaningful moments your community will love (https://medium.com/@rmm/the-power-of-moments-b8851f97efaa)

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The Power of Data, the Importance of Moments, and the Future of Storytelling

  1. INBOUND15 The Power of Data, the Importance of Moments and the Future of Storytelling Robert Michael Murray / @rmmageddon
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  3. 1 // Introduction 2 // Power of data 3 // Importance of moments 4 // Future of storytelling 5 // Bringing it all together 5 // Questions
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  11. INBOUND15 Power of data
  12. INBOUND15 “Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  13. INBOUND15 • Logistics and payment • Knowledge share • Information access • Customer service • Access control • Vital signs monitoring • Chronic disease management • Brain / eye movement • Physiological monitoring • Weight / energy monitoring • Gait and posture corrections • Sport performance • Fitness monitoring • Navigation / tracking • Data / media access • Reactive response • Proximity awareness • and much more …. Types / uses of data
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  22. INBOUND15 Importance of moments
  23. INBOUND15 “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”  — Rose Kennedy
  24. INBOUND15 • An accident is an unexpected event that changes one or more lives. It most affects a focal character, and the driving force of the incident is beyond that person’s control. • A discovery is a passage from ignorance to knowledge. It causes a change that arouses a person’s feelings and stimulates a change in attitude. • A decision is a commitment to take action. Jean Paul Sartre says we are the sum of our decisions, our choices. Decisions are of two sorts, expedient or ethical. • A deed means actually doing something. A character carries out a decision by taking action. Cinematic moments A genuinely useful cinematic moment always drives the action forward, increases the tension, or penetrates characters more deeply.
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  30. INBOUND15 Future of storytelling
  31. INBOUND15 “In the end, storytelling comes down to two things: connection and engagement.” — Ryan Mathews
  32. INBOUND15 • Explains origins • Define individual and group identity • Communicate tradition and delineate taboo • Simplify and provide perspective; reduce complex problems to a series of easily digested principles • Illustrate the natural order of things • Concisely communicate complex history • Communicate moral and ethical positions and the transference and preservation of values • Illustrate relationships, to and with, authority • Describe appropriate responses to life or model behaviors • Define reward and detail the paths to salvation and damnation The power of storytelling
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  38. INBOUND15 Bringing it all together
  39. INBOUND15 “I think the next generation of entertainment is experiential, where people go out of the house and go and get a unique experience.” — Mark Cuban
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  49. 1 // Pay attention to the actions, activities, and behaviors of your community—data shows patterns, patterns provide insights 2 // Insights illuminate moments of opportunity to provide the right types of engagement in the right ways to your community 3 // Enabling moments empowers the ability of community members to share stories which foster connections and engagement 4 // Delivering relevant, memorable experiences will enable brands to create greater value by enabling their community to create value Key takeaways
  50. INBOUND15 Thank you! Robert Michael Murray twitter.com/rmmageddon facebook.com/robertmichaelmurray linkedin.com/in/robertmichaelmurray robertmichaelmurray.com / matchfire.co