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  1. 1. smooth metal the professional way The natural rubber Expander Wheel conforms to slightly contoured pieces and leaves a bright, smooth, uniform finish. Can be used with Abrasive Bands, 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ or 3M™ 13014 Trizact™ band sizes 1-1/2”W x 18-15/16”L. Do not operate faster than 2,400 RPM! The Expander Wheel features push-out adapters for 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 1” dia. shaft sizes. 13079 Expander Wheel $49.99 take the buffer to your part Buff larger, heavier parts on or off the car. Kit includes a 1/3HP, 3,450 RPM motor, and 60” flexible shaft. Use with 6” or smaller buffs with 1/2” arbor hole. Requires wiring power 13127 cord with included switch. The Flex Shaft may Expander Wheel Kit be attached to any “D” profile, 3,600 RPM, Includes: Expander 1/2” motor shaft. Wheel and 5 general purpose abrasive bands 13014 Flexible Shaft Orig. $64.94 with Motor Kit $439.99* Save $4.95 $59.99 13015 Flexible Shaft without Motor $299.99 *Special shipping charges may apply metalworking bands for grinding and polishing Special long-lasting metalworking bands for gentle grinding and polishing. 1-1/2”W x 18-15/16”L. Use with Grinder’s Grease (13119) for a smoother cut on steel, or when leveling aluminum and soft metals. 5-pack. 13073 80 Grit (5-pack) $14.99 13081 320 Grit (5-pack) $14.99 Want to buff like a pro? 13078 120 Grit (5-pack) $14.99 Art of Buffing I, II, and III shows the how-to’s 13082 400 Grit (5-pack) $14.99 for buffing, how to determine metal type, trim 13083 220 Grit (5-pack) $14.99 repair, prep for plating, use of blast cabinets, 13072 Assorted Abrasive Bands 10-Pack (2 of each grit) tumblers, and much more. DVD. Orig. $34.90 Save $7.91 $26.99 13304 Art of Buffing 35 min. Learn the 13119 Grinders Grease $9.99 basics of how to buff aluminum, stainless steel and plastics as well as trim repair $24.99 3m™ trizact™ bands for precision metal working The Aluminium Oxide abrasive provides consistent cutting and resists 19310 Art of Buffing II 55 min. Covers advanced buffing techniques, metal loading-up with metal, for a uniform flat surface finish. $9.99 each identification, use of tumblers, engine turning 13115E Trizact A160 (100 grit) 21663 Trizact A6 (2500 grit) and more $24.99 13115B Trizact A45 (400 grit) 21725 Trizact A5 (3000 grit) 13115C Trizact A30 (700 grit) 21726 Trizact A3 (4000 grit) 21858 Art of Buffing III 17 min, takes 13115D Trizact A16 (1200 grit) you beyond buffing. Includes pot metal repair, powder coating and more $14.99 Mix or Match 5 or more $9.49 each 50313 Art of Buffing I, II, III, 3 DVD Set See more bands online – keyword: 3m scOtchbRite Orig. $64.97 Save $4.98 $59.99Professional buff motors from baldor®1-1/2hP baldor buff motor The 1-1/2 HP 3,600 RPM Motor has a7/8” shaft and a rugged pre-wired 115 VAC, 13.8 amp Motor. Cord andplug not included.13007 Buff Motor 1-1/2 HP, 7/8” Shaft $719.99*3/4hP baldor buff motor Choose this 3,600 RPM for metals,or the 1,800 RPM for plastics. The shaft is 28” long overall. Comeswith 110 VAC cord and plug installed.13006 Buff Motor 3/4 HP, 3/4” Shaft, 3600 RPM $599.99*13069 Buff Motor 3/4 HP, 3/4” Shaft, 1800 RPM $599.99*1/3hP baldor buff motor 3,600 RPM, 6”, is the perfect size forbuffing smaller trim pieces. 1/2” dia. shaft. Overall width approx.17-1/4”. Comes with 110 VAC cord and plug installed. *Special shipping13008 Buff Motor 1/3 HP, 1/2” Shaft $315.99* charges may apply13070 Buffer Cabinet* $219.99* More Baldor online – keyword: baldOR56 buffing and metal finishing Order 24/7 at eastwood.com