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DIY SEO Audits - Give Your Site a Check-Up

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Have your own site? Are you an online marketer that doesn't do SEO? This shows you how to do a high level SEO audit on your site, fix simple issues and tells you when to get a pro involved.

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DIY SEO Audits - Give Your Site a Check-Up

  1. 1. SEMPO Canada SearchSummit 2013DIY SEO Audits - Give Your Site a Check-UpRob Woods
  2. 2. Who Am I? 13 years of online marketing and product merchandizingexperience in e-commerce and affiliate marketing Worked in all facets of online marketing with a focus on SEO,Social, and Content 2 years with Reinvent an in-house incubator for one of thelargest domainers in the world (blackfriday.com) Technical Editor of two upcoming search books from O’Reilly Run my own SEO consulting business (3 years)
  3. 3. Why Do Your Own SEOAudit? Diagnose issues that might be holding you back Professional audits from great auditors can have a wait list Professional audits can be expensive (esp. if they aregood) - $1,500 to $35,000 Uncover simple to correct problems Tell you when to get a pro involved
  4. 4. Limits of DIY Audits Problems may be very complex Indicate problems but not solutions Solutions may be complex It takes experience to prioritize problems and solutions Generally limited to on-site issues
  5. 5. Getting Started – HomePage Duplicate versions of home page (50% of small sites) Try clicking on your logo. Does it link to the “right” version? Remove (or add) www. Does site resolve to “right” version? .Net tends to have duplicate at /default.aspx Can be a pain to fix with some CMS Creates dupe content and dilutes link equity Fix and 301 redirect
  6. 6. Getting Started – HomePage
  7. 7. Getting Started – HighLevel Pages Home, Major Sections, Major Categories Navigation (Where and how much) Number of outgoing links Copy and internal links View Google Cache / Text Cache View without Java and Images
  8. 8. View Google Cache / TextCache Does the saved version of the page look right? When was it last cached?
  9. 9. View Google Cache / TextCache
  10. 10. View Google Cache / TextCache
  11. 11. View Bing Cache
  12. 12. View Bing Cache
  13. 13. Cached Pages Shortcut SEOBook Toolbar
  14. 14. View without Javascript andImages This is how the bots will generally see your pages Do they still make sense? Can link be followed? Can youget to all the content Easiest way to set this is using SEOMoz Toolbar
  15. 15. View without Javascript andImages
  16. 16. Getting Started – Titlesand Meta Descriptions Check your title tags and meta descriptions for top pages Titles affect SEO Meta Descriptions only affect CTR from SERPs Lots of tools (below) for getting titles Quick check: Look at your SERP listings or in the top bar ofyour browser Titles like:domain.com, keyword1, keword2, keyword3, keyword4, keyword5 from domain.comdomain.com are not optimal
  17. 17. Title Tag Best Practices◦ Use your brand name at the end of every title tag, if at all,although it should be tested.◦ Place most important keywords prominently – at the beginningof the tag◦ Limit length – should be somewhere around 60-70 characters◦ Be focused on appropriate keyword targets – “every keywordpossibly related to the page” approach won’t work.◦ Limit superfluous text – use a divider to separate terms◦ Incorporate keywords and phrases◦ Try to make them compelling with a call to action◦ Every tag on the site should be unique
  18. 18. Meta Description Tag BestPractices◦ Each page should use a unique meta description thatreflects the theme of the page and ideally, conveys avalue proposition.◦ Meta description tags have limits. Currently Googledisplays up to 156 characters, Yahoo! up to 161 and Bingup to 150+◦ Keywords in the description do not affect rankings butcan affect CTR as they get bolded
  19. 19. Webmaster Tools Bing Webmaster Toolshttp://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster Google Webmaster Toolshttps://www.google.com/webmasters/tools Set these up and wait a few days File upload, Meta tags, DNS, WordPress Plugins
  20. 20. Google Webmaster Tools
  21. 21. Google Webmaster Tools -Health Crawl Errors
  22. 22. Google Webmaster Tools -Health
  23. 23. Google Webmaster Tools -Health
  24. 24. Google Webmaster Tools -Health Crawl Stats
  25. 25. Google Webmaster Tools –Optimization Sitemaps
  26. 26. Google Webmaster Tools –Optimization Go back and check – Index Status
  27. 27. Index Status and DuplicateContent 156, 938 pages in sitemaps (how many you think youhave) 3,012,391 indexed by Google (how many they think youhave) Possible duplicate content issue The reverse indicates crawling access issues To see which pages are indexed search site:domain.com inGoogle Tip you can exclude via site:example.com –example.com/search=
  28. 28. Google Webmaster Tools –HTML Improvements
  29. 29. Bing Webmaster Tools –Configure My Site
  30. 30. Bing Webmaster Tools –Reports & Data
  31. 31. Bing Webmaster Tools –Diagnostics & Tools
  32. 32. The Search Engines Search for your brand. Are you ranking #1?
  33. 33. SEOMOZ Pro Dashboard http://www.seomoz.org/ Free for 30 days then $99 / mo for 5 sites Lots of good tools for diagnosing problems Other good tools included – Site Explorer (links), FollowerWonk, Rank Tracking, Social tracking One caveat is SEOMoz will crawl pages the search enginebots don’t Limit ourselves to the Crawl Diagnostic tool
  34. 34. SEOMOZ CrawlDiagnostics
  35. 35. SEOMOZ CrawlDiagnostics
  36. 36. SEOMOZ – Duplicate Titles
  37. 37. SEOMOZ – Duplicate Titles
  38. 38. SEOMOZ – On Page Links
  39. 39. SEOMOZ – On Page Links
  40. 40. SEOMOZ – On PageOptimization
  41. 41. Screaming Frog http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/ Crawls your site from an SEO perspective Up to 500 pages is free (over that 99 pounds / year)Errors | Redirects | External Links | URI Issue | Duplicate Pages | MetaDescription | H1 / H2 |Meta Robots | Canonical link element & canonicalHTTP headers | File Size | Page Depth Level | Inlinks – All pages linking toa URI | Outlinks – All pages a URI links out to | Anchor Text | Follow &Nofollow | Images – Images over 100kb, missing alt text, alt text over100 characters
  42. 42. Screaming Frog
  43. 43. URIVALET.com Great for testing redirects / server codes (301, 404) Overview of meta tags and title tag Direct link to W3C HTML Validation tool Good for diagnosing page speed issues
  44. 44. URIVALET.com
  45. 45. URIVALET.com
  46. 46. URIVALET.com
  47. 47. HTML Validation http://validator.w3.org Doesn’t always affect ranking but it could Can affect browser compatibility and accessibility Facebook markup is not valid
  48. 48. Page Speed Page speed IS now a ranking factor Page speed has ALWAYS been a conversion factor
  49. 49. Page Speed
  50. 50. Page Speed Firebug https://getfirebug.com/ Yslow http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ Google Analytics: Content > Site Speed Most page speed issues are not DIY fixes
  51. 51. Penalties and Algo Updates Lots of talk about penalties lately Understand the difference between a penalty and anupdate Penalties can be recovered from by specific actions Algo updates usually take sitewide changes and a longtime
  52. 52. Panda First appeared Feb 2011 Built in to constant updates now Affects sites with thin content, lots of pages, few deeplinks
  53. 53. Penguin First appeared Apr 2012 Caused by off-site factors Affects sites with obvious link building
  54. 54. Penalties Usually Google based Manual penalties “usually” also get a WMT message Good source of diagnosing http://panguintool.com/
  55. 55. Images Can be a good source of organic traffic Optimize your alt attributes and title attributes Make them as small a file as still looks good Don’t resize big pics, shrink before you use them Include width and height attributes if possible For lots of pics create and upload an image site maphttp://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=178636
  56. 56. Link Audit Lots of good backlink tools incl. SEOMoz Site Explorer,Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Google WMT, Bing WMT If doing SEOMoz anyway, use it Top reports to run: Inbound Links, Compare Domains,Anchor Text, Top Pages
  57. 57. Next Steps Don’t Panic! Start with easy steps Check your home page for duplicates Configure Bing and Google Webmaster Tools Download Screaming Frog Sign up for free month of SEOMoz If necessary, consult a specialist
  58. 58. Educational Resources Bing Blogshttp://www.bing.com/blogs/webmaster/default.aspxGoogle Webmaster Centralhttp://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ca/ SEOMoz Blog http://www.seomoz.org/blog Webmaster Worldhttp://www.webmasterworld.com/home.htm SEMPO Learning Centerhttp://www.sempo.org/?page=learning_center Search Engine Land http://searchengineland.com/
  59. 59. Thank You!Rob WoodsFollow Me on Twitter: @robdwoodsEmail me for this deck: rob@robwoods.orgSkype: rob.d.woods604.374.5312http://www.linkedin.com/in/robwoods