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Wing Commander Alison MacCarthy Brief

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In this briefing by Wing Commander Alison MacCarthy, the CO of the Heavy Air Lift SPO looks at how the RAAF works with industry to maintain its air platforms.

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Wing Commander Alison MacCarthy Brief

  1. 1. Platform Stewardship – a CASG perspective Wing Commander Alison MacCarthy – CO, Heavy Air Lift SPO 11 April 2019
  2. 2. Scope •  HALSPO Overview •  How did we get here? •  Stewardship concept –  Definition –  Stewardship in practice •  TLS Contractor Challenges •  Commonwealth Challenges
  3. 3. How did we get here?
  4. 4. How did we get here?
  5. 5. How did we get here? Air Force IndustryCASG
  6. 6. Evolution, not revolution Contract management Weapon System Integration Platform Stewardship
  7. 7. Stewardship concept •  Definition: “… means the performing and influencing of all services required to optimise, on an enduring basis, the sustainment of the platform to achieve CASG-agreed operational requirements, capability expectations, and fleet life expectations.” •  Shared responsibility – Commonwealth retains ultimate decision making authority •  What do we expect of our stewards? –  Do everything necessary to make the jet fly – today, tomorrow, until PWD. Not just those things explicitly described in the contract! –  Coordinate and integrate all the stakeholders to achieve a common goal –  Provide the SPO with information and recommendations that appropriately resource the LOT management of the platform
  8. 8. Single Management Framework -  Common principles, processes, tools and forums for maximising value of the capability. -  Industry Role: -  Manage -  Execute -  Advise -  CASG Role: -  Govern -  Assure -  Plan -  Align
  9. 9. Stewardship in Practice Over-arching Strategy Weapon System Strategy and Plans Plans and Projects Complex Issues Routine Transactions Wing SPO SPO 100% Industry 0% SPO 50% Industry 50% SPO 40% Industry 60% SPO 30% Industry 70% SPO 5% Industry 95%
  10. 10. TLS Contractor Challenges •  Risk levels •  Platform steward vs. OEM •  Business vs. planning acumen •  Transparency – including financial management •  Educating CASG and Air Force personnel •  Working with operators (Squadrons / Wings) •  Commonwealth productivity expectations •  Managing enterprise tradeoffs
  11. 11. Commonwealth Challenges •  Thought leadership – clarity and narrative •  Resources vs. desired complexity •  Staff transition – owner, assurance, governance •  Major upgrade planning and expectations •  International Partners •  Building a culture of trust for everyone •  Sustainability