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Api architectures for the modern enterprise

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Extend your legacy SOA/ESB infrastructure to Mobile & IoT

This webinar recording provides a use-case driven discussion around appropriate use of existing middleware infrastructure as well as its shortcomings. It dives deep into how APIs can not only complement an ESB or SOA infrastructure but also fill existing gaps.

Watch this webinar recording to learn about:

- Strengths and weaknesses of your existing ESB/SOA infrastructure
- Architecture strategy: extend and add value to legacy middleware with APIs
- Integration / API use cases in Retail, Manufacturing and Telecom
- The API360 approach to digital strategy

Api architectures for the modern enterprise

  1. 1. API  Architectures  for  the   Modern  Enterprise   Jaime  Ryan   Sr.  Director,  Technical  Strategy     Dinesh  Chandrasekhar   Director,  Product  Marke8ng   Extend  your  legacy  SOA/ESB  infrastructure  to  Mobile  &  IoT  
  3. 3. 3   ©  2014  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Welcome  to  the  Age  of  the  CUSTOMER  
  4. 4. 4   ©  2014  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.  
  5. 5. 5   ©  2014  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   4  Business  Drivers  idenRfied  for  an  Enterprise  to  be  successful  in  the  Age  of  the  Customer     They  are  also  referred  to  as  drivers  of  Business  Digital  TransformaIon  and  have  given  rise  to  the  APP  ECONOMY      
  6. 6. 6   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Delivering  New  Customer  Services  Over     Internet  Used  to  be  All  About  the  Browser   WEB  CONTENT  EXPOSED   THROUGH  PERIMETER   DMZ   DATA   Retailer  
  7. 7. 7   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   No  Longer  –  It’s  About  the  ApplicaRon   PHONES  AND  TABLETS   SOCIAL  NETWORKS   COMPUTERS   DEVICES   WEB   WEARABLE   COMPUTERS  
  8. 8. 8   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   The  ApplicaRon  Economy   New  Challenges  and  OpportuniRes   Customer   Engagement   Mobility   Cloud  Services   App   acceleraRon   Developer   Ecosystems   Social  login   Omni-­‐channel  access   Internet  of  Things/ Big  Data     ApplicaIons   IdenIIes   APIs  
  9. 9. 9   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   The  New  “ApplicaRon  Economy”   You  need  to  ensure   that  the  right   people  …using  the   device  of  their   choice   IDENTITIES   …to  obtain  data     DATA  APP   …to  securely  access   applicaRons   API   …thru  APIs  
  10. 10. 10   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Focus  on  APIs   Enable  Anything,  Everywhere  ApplicaRon  Access     OUTSIDE PARTNERS / DIVISIONS EXTERNAL DEVELOPERS MOBILE APPS CLOUD SERVICES INTERNET OF THINGS API  Server   Data  
  11. 11. 11   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   The  new  enterprise  architects  in  the  digital  enterprise   Digital  Customer  Experience  Architect   Digital  OperaIonal  Excellence  Architect   •  Create  architecture  strategy  focused   on  customer  life  cycle   •  Collaborate  on  digital  product  and   service  design   •  Guide  customer-­‐facing  technology   choices   •  Guide  integraRon  with  ecosystem   partners   •  Support  innovaRon  with  technology   and  prototyping   •  Co-­‐develop  holisRc  agility  strategy  
  12. 12. 12   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Key  Business  Drivers   §  Seamlessly  connect  key  apps   to  enterprise  data     §  Decouple  business  logic  from   the  mobile  app   §  Be  ready  to  connect  to   anything  that  processes  or   computes  (IoT)   §  Manage  the  API  and  developer   lifecycle  independently   §  End-­‐to-­‐end  security  from  the   client  to  the  backend  API   §  Flexible  delivery  models   meeRng  specific  business   needs   Reduce  the  risk  of   exposure  to  the   Open  Enterprise   OpImize  user   experience     on  the  device  of   their  choice   Accelerate  delivery   of  differenIated  services   Required  IniIaIves   Improve  business   agility   Capitalize  on  core   competencies  through   new  channels   Foster  relaIonships   through  developer   communiIes  
  13. 13. Weakness  of  legacy  integraRon  models  
  14. 14. 14   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Legacy  IntegraRon  architecture  challenges   Model  originally  developed  for  massive  on-­‐premises  systems   IntegraRon  soiware  in  a  state  of  flux  due  to  cloud,  mobile,  big  data  and  IoT   Unable  to  scale  at  the  speed  of  internet  and  needs  of  mobile  /  IoT   Explosion  of  SaaS  applicaRons  warrants  hundreds  of  connectors  –  not  scalable  or   maintainable   Lack  of  flexible  security  models  to  support  internal  /  external  threats  
  15. 15. 15   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   ESB  Architecture  diagram  showing  gaps   ESB   Connectors  /  Adapters   Mobile  /  Security  Gateway   API  Lifecycle  /  Governance   Mobile  /  IoT  enablement   Business  logic  
  16. 16. 16   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   API-­‐management  based  architecture   Enable  Anything,  Everywhere  ApplicaRon  Access     OUTSIDE PARTNERS / DIVISIONS EXTERNAL DEVELOPERS MOBILE APPS CLOUD SERVICES INTERNET OF THINGS API  Server   Data  
  17. 17. 17   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Enterprise  Architect’s  PerspecRve   “Customers”  are  not  just  end  users   CompeRRon  for  budget  is  a  real  concern   Agility  is  key  to  success   Security  requirements  are  unprecedented   One  soluRon  to  do  it  all?  
  18. 18. Use  cases  
  19. 19. 19   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Retail  use  cases   §  New  customer  channels   §  Mobile  apps  for  shopping   §  Consumer  info  security   §  Marketplaces   §  Store  integraRon   §  Store  replenishment  
  20. 20. 20   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Manufacturing  use  cases   §  Partner  onboarding   §  Order  visibility   §  Mobile  enablement   §  Supply  chain  automaRon   §  Parts  fulfilment   §  Inventory  
  21. 21. 21   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Telecom  use  cases   §  Increase  customer  loyalty   §  Enforce  contract  terms   §  Usage  tracking   §  Managing  SLAs   §  Billing   §  Partner  enablement  
  22. 22. 22   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Government  use  cases   §  InformaRon  security   §  Threat  protecRon   §  Central  management   §  Tying  down  informaRon   silos   §  API  lifecycle  management  
  23. 23. New  Strategies  
  24. 24. 24   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Top  EA  iniRaRves   § Extend  legacy  systems  such  as  ESB  and  SOA  to  support  cloud/ mobile   § Implement  a  single  architecture  that  supports  exisRng   infrastructure  and  embraces  the  new   § Integrate  all  of  your  digital  projects  with  one  planorm  for   manageability   § Have  a  flexible  future-­‐proof  planorm  to  integrate  with  new   technologies  and  standards  
  25. 25. 25   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   What  is  a  “NoESB”  architecture?   §  RelaRvely  new  term  coined  last  year   §  Oien  misunderstood,  but  a  useful  construct  when  clear   §  An  analysis  of  SOA-­‐  and  API-­‐centric  architectures   §  Service  gateway  is  most  essenRal  runRme  component   §  What  does  this  mean  for  exisRng  infrastructure?   §  What  if  I  don’t  have  an  exisRng  infrastructure?   §  What  does  this  mean  for  future  projects?  
  26. 26. 26   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   API  layers  across  the  enterprise   User  Experience  APIs   Business  APIs   ApplicaIon  and  IntegraIon  APIs   Infrastructure  APIs   UI  Layer   •  OpRmized  experience  delivery   •  Device-­‐independent  design   •  MulR-­‐channel  delivery   Business  Layer   •  Business  rules   •  Core  business  assets   •  SupporRng  business  funcRons   Backend  Layer   •  Connect  to  legacy  systems  &  data   •  Connect  to  SaaS  apps  &  data   •  Security   •  Technical  support  funcRons  
  27. 27. 27   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   How  do  APIs  help  the  EA  achieve  their  goals?   §  Bridge  legacy    architectures  (SOA/ESB)  with  emerging   technologies  and  digital  iniRaRves   §  Allow  digital  iniRaRves  to  access  data  faster,  and  reuse  of   exisRng  systems  without  complex  hardwired  coding   §  Requires  a  4  phased  approach  that  we  call  API360:     –  Alignment  with  Business  Strategy   –  Designing  APIs  to  Meet  Your  Customer  and  Developer  Need   –  ArchitecRng  sustainable  APIs  for  the  future,   –  SelecRng  the  right  API  Management  and  Security  soluRon  for    success  
  29. 29. 29   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   CA  Addresses  CriRcal  API  &  ApplicaRon  Economy  Needs   ENABLE  APP   DEVELOPERS   §  Accelerate  applicaRon  delivery    by   providing  flexible  access     §  Provide    ‘speed  tracks  with  guard   rails’  –  embed  security  into   mobile  app  APIs     §  Deliver  portal  to  to  define  and   easily  expose  a  set  of  APIs  for     development,  tesRng,   deployment,  security  runRme,   hosRng  and  delivery   PROTECT  APPs  &   APPLICATIONS   §  Enforce  authenRcaRon,  access   controls  and  authorizaRon   policies  for  APIs   §  Secure  API  inputs  and  API   outputs  and  provide   applicaRon  security,  eg  XSS   and  schema  validaRon   §  Simplify  SSO  and  federaRon  to   apps  and  services  through  API   brokering   INTEGRATE   EVERYTHING   §  Streamline  integraRon  of   cloud,  on-­‐premise  and  PaaS   services     §  Comprehensive,  extensive   mapping  and  protocol   transformaRons  –  anything   to  anything     §  Flexible  deployment  models   –  cloud  portal  and  on-­‐prem   gateway     MONETIZION  &  THE   BUSINESS  OF  APIS   §  Easy-­‐to-­‐use  and  flexible  way   to  generate  revenue  for  the   use  of    APIs   §  Provide  analyRcs  and   reporRng  on  API  acRvity     §  Deliver  billing  system   integraRon  to  facilitate  a   single  view  into  APIs  and   billing  
  30. 30. 30   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   Next  Steps   §  Visit  www.ca.com/api  for  more  product  informaRon   §  Download  the  soluRon  brief  -­‐   "An  Architect’s  guide  to  extending  your  ESB  and  SOA   environment  to  Mobile,  Cloud  and  IoT”   §  Download  our  new  eBook   "An  Architect’s  guide  to  API  integraRon  for  ESB  and  SOA"  
  31. 31. 31   ©  2015  CA.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED.   API  Days,  San  Francisco   §  CA  Technologies  is  a  Gold   sponsor   §  Scot  Morrison  –  Keynote   §  Booth   §  Demos  
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