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Google's Recruitment Strategies

Google's Recruitment Strategies Analysis

How Google recruits, their recruitment process, company culture, comparison with competitors, recommendations for Google

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Google's Recruitment Strategies

  2. Owns:
  3. 101 United States- headquartered, MNC Specializing in Internet related products and services Main product: Google.com Have branched into other products
  4. Google’s Corporate Culture
  5. google-­‐do-­‐cool-­‐things-­‐large.png  Fun Creative Stimulating People-centric Fortune’s Top Employer in 2014
  6. Getting a job at Google Google receives over one million resumes per year. Of this, they hire 4000 - 6000 people 0.01% - 0.04%
  7. Applying to Google Choose relevant field Choose geographic area, position of interest Job details, press APPLY Add information and documents
  8. Applying to Google 1)  Recruiter screen Recruiter screens every resume to look for a potential fit. 2) Phone screen Recruiter contacts you, explains process and lets you know what to expect. 3) On-site interview With 4 or 5 other people for 45 minutes each. May be asked to solve technical problems, and quizzed about unconventional topics.
  9. Applying to Google 4) Interview feedback Each interview submits their individual feedback (numerical) about the candidates. A search is done to match the candidate’s resume to employees’ resumes. 5) Hiring committee Consists of senior managers and employees. They review all feedback, resumes and work experience. 6) Executive review Senior executive reviews every offer.
  10. Applying to Google 7) Compensation committee Determines the appropriate total compensation for the offer. 8) Final executive review Makes final review of offer before extending to candidate. 9) The Offer Recruiter notifies candidate of offer, explains all details.
  11. The Ideal Candidate Smart, team oriented Open to change & challenges Leadership, ‘Googleyness’
  12. “We’re looking for people who are good for Google—and not just for right now, but for the long term.”
  13. Internal Identity of "Great work-life balance with adequate opportunity for career development" “Incredible working environment, incredible facilities. Food is the biggest perk.” “I got to meet many smart people, but he company towards the last part of my tenure has been way too political for my taste.” “Google takes amazing care of its employees - be it trainings for work, education program support, or free massages J”"You can feel that it's a really big company now – it’s difficult to advance & a lot of red tape"
  14. Core Values of Google Don’t be evil Innovation is our lifeblood Care for our community Working with great people
  15. Employer Branding Establish an image of the employment experience “What’s in it for me” Attract the right candidates Create a synergy with consumer brand: align promise to customer with promise to employees Development of an appealing image for current and potential employees External image Internal identity
  16. External Image Internal Identity
  17. External Image Internal Identity “I worked at Google for 3 years and it was very difficult to leave but there was one major factor that helped me make the decision - the impact I could ever have on the business as an individual was minimal.” Ample opportunities for growth All in all alignment between external image and internal identity, but some underlying contradictions Great work-life balance “There's a lot of peer pressure to spend a lot of time at the office because everyone else is spending time at the office.” “It’s really the people that make Google what it is. We encourage interactions between Googlers within and across teams.” “Management could use some brush up on interpersonal skills and how to effectively manage a team- and moreover, take the time to manage and develop a team.”
  18. Competitors’ Attraction Strategies VS
  19. Facebook’s Attraction Strategies Not purely grade- focused Open communication within the workplace Encourage employees to pursue their own interests
  20. Culture •  Authenticity •  Meritocracy •  Connection •  Talent-centricity The Talent Compact The Talent Compact Promises Made Promises Kept Brand •  Known for excellence •  Leading global company •  Inspirational leadership Purpose •  Guiding mission and values •  Global citizenship •  Committed to the region Opportunity •  Challenging work •  Accelerated career track •  Continual training/ development •  Competitive pay Framework for Attracting and Retaining Talent Instead of having inspirational leadership, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandburg were said to have an attitude of moral superiority Autonomous decision making implies lack of the communication within – contradicted the open communication strategy Difficult to work in teams as individuals are encouraged to “be themselves” Lack of focus; no clear directions
  21. Strong inclusive management style Employee participation in philanthropic activities Flexible work arrangement practices e.g. paternity leave Vibrant and passionate company culture
  22. The Talent Compact The Talent Compact Promises Made Promises Kept Culture •  Authenticity •  Meritocracy •  Connection •  Talent-centricity Purpose •  Guiding mission and values •  Global citizenship •  Committed to the region Brand •  Known for excellence •  Leading global company •  Inspirational leadership Opportunity •  Challenging work •  Accelerated career track •  Continual training/ development •  Competitive pay Bosses screamed and blamed employees for everything, whether it was their fault Instead of focusing on accomplishments, managers used a personality test to assign roles to create teams and projects Framework for Attracting and Retaining Talent
  23. Strong brand image Work opportunities from home and overseas Good salaries for many positions Substantial benefits like healthcare and 401k Excellent leadership
  24. The Talent Compact The Talent Compact Promises Made Promises Kept Purpose •  Guiding mission and values •  Global citizenship •  Committed to the region Brand •  Known for excellence •  Leading global company •  Inspirational leadership Culture •  Authenticity •  Meritocracy •  Connection •  Talent-centricity Opportunity •  Challenging work •  Accelerated career track •  Continual training/development •  Competitive pay A lot of frustration with the middle management Middle management filled with many inexperienced managers, making long term development difficult for the company Communication is one- directional (top-down) High secrecy level as employees cannot talk about Apple Raises are small or non- existent Close to zero opportunity to move up Framework for Attracting and Retaining Talent
  25. Oliver Molander Work Experiences: Key Account Manager, Google EMEA HQ (Dublin, Ireland) November 2013 – Present Education: Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki Strategic Marketing & Economics Class of 2013
  26. Oliver Molander Question: What attracted you to Google over their competitors? “ - Strong consumer brand - Asset on resume - Interesting job tasks ” Question: What was the recruitment process like? “ - Got contacted by Google directly - One month, 4 phone and 3 face-to-face interviews later, an offer was made ”
  27. Oliver Molander Question: Could the recruitment process be improved? “ - Generally fast and efficient - Many rounds involved - Interview was rescheduled twice at short notice ” Question: Do you see Google as a long-term employer? “ - More of an incubator - Strong contact network - Possibility to broaden knowledge - Might be short-term, but gained valuable experience”
  28. Oliver Molander Question: Is working at Google as you expected? “ - Great culture and colleagues - People with ambition, drive and ability to think in global scale - Google as employer gives credibility - Corporate processes a slight disappointment ”
  29. Recommendations Improve Strategic Alignment Balance between business and pleasure Clearer progression paths Improve middle management Incentives to retain workers as they get older Benefits for people with families
  31. Does Google attract you as an employer? QUESTION & ANSWER Do you think Google performs better in the aspect of attracting talent than its main competitors (Facebook, Microsoft, Apple etc)? In many ways the attraction of Google is already is top notch. Are there any ways to increase the attraction factor of Google even further for recent graduates? Do you think that Google’s recruiting process attracts only people with similar characteristics?   Any views on Google’s future? Do you think it will continue to be “the” place to work in? Have you ever applied to Google? What do you think about the recruiting process?