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Enterprise End To End Presentation

  1. We are not just another “local” communications company Confidential & Proprietary
  2. United States Coverage Map Confidential & Proprietary
  3. Evolve- A Cincinnati Bell Company Hosted Telephony + High Speed Internet : Replaces a premise-based phone system with a virtual phone system in the cloud. Delivers high speed internet over the same pipe. Premise Telephony + High Speed Internet : Designed to interface with a wide variety of premise-based phone systems – from legacy key systems to next-gen IPPBXs, also includes high speed Internet over the same pipe. Anywhere Telephony Solution : Can be added to either of the above solutions to apply VoIP network features to a wireless phone. The freedom to move your office beyond four walls, conduct business anytime, anywhere. Powerful • Flexible • Reliable Confidential & Proprietary
  4. © 2009 Cincinnati Bell – Confidential & Proprietary Why Evolve Business Solutions? The Evolve Advantage Evolve is the next generation of network and premises based VoIP service provided by Cincinnati Bell. We serve as an end-to-end single solutions provider for reliable and affordable integrated voice and data services. Our Evolve Business Solutions offer significant productivity gains while allowing complete end-user control of daily communications for the “always on” business customer.
  5. Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions CBTS focuses on managing and deploying a flexible technology infrastructure, allowing clients to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Notas do Editor

  1. Why should you partner with Cincinnati Bell? Because we have everything your business needs to meet your goals and objectives.
  2. We’ve been around a long time. We’re going to be Right Here, For You – now and in the future. YOU get the advantage of having one relationship & leveraging your telecom spend with one provider for maximum benefit We’re growing our business – making investments in IT, technology & expansion We have the resources to provide services: Installed on-time and the right way That keep working so your business isn’t disrupted And if something goes wrong? We’ll send a qualified, local technician to your business Have a billing question? Speak to a live, local, and experienced call center agent Need help making communications or IT decisions? Work with a dedicated local account team – Your free consultative experts
  3. Cincinnati Bell is the only company in the industry making the investments in networks & assets to deliver everything you need. All of the solutions we deliver are powered by our own networks, making us uniquely qualified to serve our customers. Including: Wireline – The only provider in town that can bundle voice, internet, wireless & entertainment Wireless – Unique voice & data applications that work where & when you need them – With the fewest dropped calls & most cell towers in Cincinnati & Dayton, fewest dropped calls in major public buildings (like local hospitals, Great American Ballpark and Greater Cincinnati Airport) VoIP – When you’re ready to consider converged voice & data technology for your business, come to the only place you can bundle world-class VoIP with hardwire, wireless, entertainment and disaster recovery Hardware– The only provider in town that has strategic relationships with Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and HP – so YOU don’t have to shop multiple vendors, we’ll do it for you Data Centers – The only company with five tier III data centers with availability today – I can protect your business in the same data centers as Kroger, 5/3 and GE AND YOU CAN DO IT ALL WITH ONE PROVIDER!
  4. To recap, our customers are the driving force of our business. We’ve made investments to ensure you: Can work with a single, full service provider Have local support & expertise when you need it Receive personalized, customer service Can meet your business objectives with a fast, flexible and innovative partner