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Fault Management System (OSS)

an overview of Fault Management System in the telco network environment.

One piece of OSS transformation puzzle.

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Fault Management System (OSS)

  1. 1. MobileIndonesia ( An Overview ) ( Riswan : kahfi24@yahoo.com ) 1
  2. 2. What is FMSystem ? 2
  3. 3. FM in Commoner’s Mind FM Transmission Transmission IN7/18/2011 VAS NSS IN VAS NSS & Datacom BSS & Datacom BSS Telco Network Telco Network 3
  4. 4. FM Function in eTOM 4
  5. 5. FM Function in TMN-FCAPS Model Fault Configuration Accounting Performance SecurityManagement Management Management Management Management Performance data Alarm Handling Auto discovery Service usage Prevention collection Performance Alarm filtering Provisioning Billing Authentication monitoring Performance System accessAlarm Correlation Backup & restore Audit reporting control PerformanceAlarm Forwarding Service activation Fraud reporting Detection analysisAlarm Generation Remote Containment Capacity planning & Thresholding configuration recovery Asset & inventoryLog Management managementAlarm Reporting & Change Analysis Management TMN-FCAPS model 5
  6. 6. The Process Flow Generate Information Process Collect Transmission IN7/18/2011 VAS NSS & Datacom BSS Telco Network 6
  7. 7. • Connect & Collect events/alarms from the Generate various network elements. Information • Collect source data for enrichment process. • Suppress un-necessary Process events/alarms. • Manage the retention of events/alarms Collect TransmissionIN 7/18/2011NSS VAS BSS & Datacom Telco Network 7
  8. 8. • Events/alarms filtering. • Events/alarms Generate thresholding. Information • Enrichment process. • Events/alarms correlation Process • Generate derivative alarms. • Events/alarms forwarding. Collect TransmissionIN 7/18/2011NSS VAS BSS & Datacom Telco Network 8
  9. 9. • Events/alarms reporting. Generate • Events/alarms analysis. Information • Maintain the events/alarms cycle by integrating with Service Process Management system. • Integrate with other OSS system to generate other information. • information forwarding. Collect TransmissionIN 7/18/2011NSS VAS BSS & Datacom Telco Network 9
  10. 10. Why We Need FM System ? 10
  11. 11. Limited of HumanResource 11
  12. 12. Various NE Vendors in The Same Network Environment Radio Sub System Core Sub System VAS-Billing Sub System 12
  13. 13. 1G 2G 3GTechnology& Network are More Complex 13
  14. 14. We Have Huge Number ofAlarms from Huge Number of Network Elements 14
  15. 15. Need to Find The Root Cause and Solve the Problems Faster 15
  16. 16. As a Part ofThe Service OrientedOSS Puzzle 16
  17. 17. Complete It With Integration 17
  18. 18. Only Collect & Process the Alarms are not Enough,Complete it with INTEGRATION to Other OSS/BSS Systems. Service Quality Management Knowledge Trouble TicketingManagement Management Performance Fault M anagement ManagementSubscriber Usage Rating System Telco Network Elements 18
  19. 19. Sample of Use Case 19
  20. 20. 10. The engineer insert the way how he solve the Knowledge problem in the KMS Management System 9. TTM log the 8. Notify the Engineer that the ticket 4. Assign the ticket to the is closed. problem related Engineer information to KMS Trouble Ticketing Management System 3. Open a trouble 7. FM system send information to TT 5. The Engineer solve ticket the related problem Management to close the ticket. in the network elements by using the FM System root cause (2. collect, and correlate the alarms, information from the find the root causes of the problems) FM system.1. Alarms that indicate a 6. Problem solved, the NE send clearance problem. alarm to the FM system. problem problem Telco Network Elements 20
  21. 21. www. MobileIndonesia .mobileindonesia.wordpress.com 21