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Martin pring's trading tactics and emotion control

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Trading tactics and emotion control techniques for traders, investors and students.

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Martin pring's trading tactics and emotion control

  1. 1. Martin Pring's Trading Tactics And Emotion Control Rishabh Surana
  2. 2. Don,t Trade at the Edge of the pendulum Swing.
  3. 3. Pring's Law. Pring's law states that , other thing being equal trading success is inversely related to emotional stimulation. The more excited you get, the less likely you are to make money.
  4. 4. Only Trade With a Balanced Mindset.
  5. 5. Patience and Discipline- Required Ingredients for Successful Trading.
  6. 6. Only Trade When You Feel Good, and There is an Obvious Opportunity.
  7. 7. Do Not Trade Merely Because You Want To.
  8. 8. If You Get in For a Good Reason, Get Out if it No Longer Remains Valid.
  9. 9. Do Not Penny Pinch.
  10. 10. Trade Smaller Positions When Things Go Wrong
  11. 11. Not Sure? Do Not Trade.
  12. 12. Take Time To Learn.
  13. 13. NOW you are ready to TRADE