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Radiate B2B - Getting started with ABM technology platforms

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Matching technology to your account based marketing maturity: Getting started, what's necessary - when

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Radiate B2B - Getting started with ABM technology platforms

  1. 1. Matching tech to your ABM maturity: Getting started, what’s necessary – when Riaz Kanani (@riazkanani) Founder/CEO Radiate B2B riaz@radiateb2b.com @radiateb2b radiateb2b.com
  2. 2. Questions Submit questions throughout your presentation from your device. Go to: glsr.live/ABM
  3. 3. What are we seeing?
  4. 4. ABM specific tech adoption still early. Traditional tools mostly in use. ABM tech adoption Source: B2B Marketing 2019
  5. 5. Half of companies at early stages of using ABM tech. But biggest group still at the beginning of their journey. ABM tech maturity Source: B2B Marketing 2019
  6. 6. ABM adoption challenges ABM tech is early… and everyone is building the best practice of tomorrow. Source: B2B Marketing 2019
  7. 7. Adopting ABM Technology
  8. 8. ABM Tech across the Pipeline CRM Marketing Automation Data Measurement
  9. 9. Riaz Kanani Founder, CEO • 20 years in marketing technology and services • Operations, Product and Marketing Geek • Built one of world’s largest video advertising platforms • Exited that business to Silverpop (became IBM’s marketing cloud) • Worked with FedEx, Microsoft, IBM and Sony Full-service sales and marketing platform • company ad targeting • ad retargeting • anonymous company identification on your website • account prioritisation Focused on scaling all ABM strategies for mid-market tech and manufacturing companies.
  10. 10. Content overload • Acquisition costs rising • Improving the buyer experience • This content overload was primarily happening early in the pipeline
  11. 11. ABM was niche for a reason
  12. 12. Getting ready • Alignment • Definition: ICPs and Personas • Data: clean, create and append • Research
  13. 13. Garbage in… …Garbage out • Beware data quality • CRM data • Low quality data can mean: • Missed visits • Invalid targeting • Invalid personalisation • What level of data quality do you need at each stage
  14. 14. The ABM Challenge How are you starting with ABM?
  15. 15. Which approach? Small number of accounts • Focus on mid-late stage of pipeline • Small number of accounts are high risk vs the effort at top of funnel • Limited benefit the further down the pipeline you go for most. Building an ABM led pipeline • Focus on early part of the pipeline • More accounts, more chance of success • Challenge to identify correct accounts • Increased opportunity for breakout successPilot timeframes are important and impact on tech decisions
  16. 16. First steps Focus on clear objectives for each piece of technology CRM Marketing Automation Tie in with sales, social selling, direct mail etc and/or
  17. 17. Account based advertising • Proactively reach clients you want to talk to or are already talking to. • Select the types of people at the account you want to target with messaging across the Internet • It is not retargeting Accelerates conversations Increases engagement across other channels Identifies prospects earlier
  18. 18. Intent (Identifying which accounts to focus on) • Found advertising was an early indicator of entering the buyer phase. • Understand quality of data for intent data. • How is the data being collected? • Website visitor behaviour
  19. 19. Most tools focus on quantity Abm is about quality
  20. 20. Then expand down the pipeline • Advertising retargeting • Site personalisation • Orchestration of ABM campaigns • Attribution modelling
  21. 21. …and ongoing processes • Account selection and prioritisation • Account research • Data cleansing
  22. 22. Riaz Kanani Founder/CEO Radiate B2B @riazkanani riaz@radiateb2b.com @radiateb2b radiateb2b.com